Mullahs’ Whim in Lebanon


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

The recent violence across Lebanon started when Lebanon's government was to take legal action against a private communication network established by Hezbollah in the country.

Hezbollah has escalated violence by seizing control of mostly Muslim west Beirut and routed rivals. The Lebanese army was left observing from the sidelines. The army is formed by, among others, many Shiite soldiers and officers close to Hezbollah. Armed militants in the streets can spark the violence.

Hezbollah, a proxy organisation of Iranian Mullahs, now pushes Lebanon into another civil war; a new regional war which reflects the IRI's defiant policy to destabilise the region and to postpone any peaceful solution in the region.

Hezbollah was formed with financial backing from the IRI after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. It was organised to fight back Islam's arch-enemy, Israel or "Zionism" and in the same time expand the "Islamic" revolution of Iran in the region. Its militias became training and military helps from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Hezbollah's ideology is based on the Shiite Islam, specifically in the concept of absolute power of supreme leader or "Welayat-e-Faqih" put forth by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme Leader of the IRI.

The armed group is also a political pole; Hezbollah is a mighty political party in Lebanon with a heavy weight in the cabinet, parliament, and power structure of the country.

Terror remains its principal method. According to Mr. Abbassi, an Iranian theorist of Islamist violence, their jihadi militants have been trained by him or the IRI's special brigades for terror and suicide attacks. The militias are believed to be used by the IRI to repress Iranians inside or outside the country: a number of IRI's outside assassinations have been written on their account.

A part from, Syria, traitor to the eyes of most Arab nations, Arab foreign ministers holding last week talks in Cairo, condemned Hezbollah for deadly clashes in Lebanon. However, six Arab countries, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have failed to draw a draft resolution to force Hezbollah to withdraw from the streets. IRI's only Arab friend, Syria apart, no Sunnite Arab country supports Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Lebanon with 40% Shiites is another arena of muscle-flexing for Mullahs' whim to sow seeds of violence. This policy in Lebanon however brings more isolation and animosity of the region toward the IRI.

In this sense, a faction of IRI recently expressed worried about the situation in the region which may put in the danger the whole IRI. Khatami's remarks represented this faction. He warned the hardliners not to export violence in the region. This reminder provoked such a hard reaction by the hardliners of the IRI that members of Iran's parliament (Majlis) have made a formal complaint to the intelligence minister over Khatami's remarks accusing him of "jeopardizing national security".

Khatami, opportunistically, alleged that the Islamic republic's founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, had not wanted to export the revolution by armed force--actually he is another Islamist liar: the most hideous crimes inside and outside the country were committed by Khomeini's orders beginning with Khomeini's announcement of the Ghods Day, dead fatwa for British writer, Salman Rushdie and etc.--Khatami's remarks might have hinted the at IRI's role in Lebanon.

After Iraq and Afghanistan, the IRI expands its devastating policy in the region. This is now a new defiance which may haste economic sanctions or military intervention on Iran.

Arab states of the Persian Gulf have repeatedly called for a peaceful solution between the IRI and the international community instead of economic sanctions or military strikes on Iran. IRI's fermentation of Lebanese new civil war can change their position. This is the reason that "reformist" "outside" factions of the IRI rebuked their "inside" brothers.


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by tripoli (not verified) on

Below essay is from a comment section on

It parallels what happened in Iran. Poor Lebanese have to look forward to the Islamic Republic of Lebanoan. Many educated and other minorities are leaving Lebanon.

"The events in Beirut which culminated by total Shiites "victories!" are not and will not be the last chapter in a war than has been going on between Al-Nawasib,a degrading term used by Shiites to designate Sunnis,and Rawafid,a degrading term used by Sunnis to describe Shiites], for the past 1400 years.Almost overnight,the Shiite Raiders succeeded in making Sunni males in the capital feel emasculated and Sunni females feel raped and violated.For as is commonly known,emasculation and rape do not have to be physical to be devastating.In fact,the psychological scars are perhaps the worst part of the nightmarish experience.Almost,overnight,Sunni Beirut fell in the grip of armed hordes of what were until recently the errand boys,the garbage collectors,and the shoe shiners in that same area!Suddenly,all these "gentlemen!" were rounding up Sunni families and laying down the law to them.And since the laws can be nothing more than a reflection of what the occupying rifraf, a collection of peasant and menial labor stock,are brought up to uphold and taught to obey,one can imagine the tragic situation that Sunni Beirutis find themselves in.Those of us who are not able to imagine are reminded of what went on and still goes on right now in Iraq.Whether it is Iraq or Lebanon or anywhere else,rifraf do have common references,abide by the same rules,and extol upon their betters the same vengeful torture and humiliation.Yet,in spite of all of that,we,who are safe from it all,do have the luxury to ask,what lays ahead for the "conquerors" as well as the "vanguished".

Observers of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,an organization reported to have more members than the whole population of Lebanon,do tell us about a meeting which Leader Sheikh Hasan Al-Banna,not to be confused with Shiite Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah,held with the zealots in his organization who were calling for a coup d'etat against the Egyptian State.Al-Banna told his zealots,assume that we DID succeed in "conquering" all of Cairo and its main cities.Assume also that we conquered all broadcasting facilities,and that we wanted to communicate to the population our reasons for the coup as well as our plans for the future.Now,I want you to come up with a list of what we should say and how do we say it.No one in that meeting,except Al-Banna of course,was ready for the havoc created by that simple command.A lengthy deliberation about what is permissible by religious law to say and do and what is not followed.
This eventually led to a discussion about what parts of religious law are valid and which are not .It also led to a discussion
about what is urgent and what can be delayed,and so on and so forth.Finally,the zealots agreed to form a committee to discuss
all these issues.A week later,the zealots reported to Sheikh Al-Banna that they have not yet AGREED on what to say and what to do.They asked him for an extension and he granted them one.As the story goes,by the time Al-Banna passed away,few yeras later,the zealots have not agreed on a plan yet! Sunni Beirut is only a part of Beirut which is in turn part of Lebanon which in turn is part of the Middle East which in turn is part of the International Community and the World.As such,Sheikh Hasan Nasrallh would have been
well served had he been told about Hasan Al-Banna's experience.And,he would have served himself and his cause had he followed in
Al-Banna's footsteps.And I will leave you with another thought.In the Islamic tradition,it is reported that when Angel Gabriel descended with the revelation proclaiming God's will that all fates can be changed through God's own will,Mohammad said
"bashshiro ro'ata al-ghanam/take the good news to the shepherds",implying that their fate can be overturned easily.But Islamic history tells us that NO SHEPHERD has been able to RULE.Those who did succeed,did not live to enjoy it for any appreciable amount of time.God has his strange ways.


How where what who howcome

by Abarmard on

"After Iraq and Afghanistan, the IRI expands its devastating policy in the region."

chi shod? ki bood? az koja? chera?

I understand and get your hate for the Islamic Republic regime, but you do make a lot of unfair analysis that tend to be bias against Iran as a country and pro US' wrong policies! That bothers me.

How about this approach: you could criticise Iran and the US, when they do wrong. It doesn't have to be black or white.

Finally, while the world media demonize a reactionary group Hezbullah, they seem to have more support than Israeli or Saudi or any other pro western regimes in the region. Why is that?

Therefore "
After Iraq and Afghanistan, the IRI expands its devastating policy in the region." is a wrong statement to make. Specially if you believe in Democracy!

Sometimes na ghom khubeh na kashun... 


Great analysis

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Another great analysis and instructive piece.



by Anonymous b (not verified) on

Lebanon will be this time the Mullahs' grave. When they are buried freedom will be budded.