What Paralyses Mullahs

Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

There has been always a strong correlation between the structure of power in Iran and oil. Not only industry and services are heavily dependent on oil revenue, but also in a larger scale all repressive forces and institutions of dictatorial regimes rely on oil. Oil production in Iran is not only at the service of development of country, but mainly at the interests of the corrupt ruling elite and especially survival of their regime. In the case of the IRI, it is a source of state mafia to capitalise on the repressive instituions to safeguard the Mullahs in power. The regime also spends a part of this national resource to help Islamist terrorist groups in the region.  

The U.N. Security Council resolutions and EU have already mentioned the possibility of oil sanctions on the IRI due to its nuclear ambitions and its strategy to export violence in the region. In the light of such resolutions and added to them the ongoing brutalities of the regime against the people of Iran, the world must timely step up: sanction on fuel supplies to Iran is the first step and is now expected. 

The domestic consume of gasoline is estimated 75 million litres a day, of which 36 million is imported from India. If the import is stopped, Iran's domestic consummation, including that of the repressive machine, of the regime, can be paralysed within a week. 

India supplies a great part of the needed gasoline which helps the Mullahs' regime to survive. India imports Iranian crude oil and exports to Iran gasoline after refining. In a perspective of an international solidarity with the oppressed people in struggle and in a fair protest action against the ongoing brutalities of the IRI after the coup d'etat, India as the biggest democracy of the world can play a curtail factor to side with the freedom-loving people of Iran in their struggle against the illegitimate regime in Iran.  


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IRI misinformation!

by Sassan (not verified) on

The IRI lackey, Shirazie, writes:

"Iran's GDP is 800 billion a year.. 18 to 20th largest economy and oil income is only 80 billion..."

Who the hell are you trying to fool?! Iran's GDP is a mere $150 Billion, of which $140 Billion comes from the sale of oil! Those are the facts, I don't know from what hole you pulled out your misinformation from!

Everybody (including you, Shirazie) knows that oil is the key to the mullah regime, i.e., cut off the oil money to Iran, and the mullahs would be finished in a week! In fact, that is why for a very long time I have wished and prayed for the death of oil as a valued commodity, period.

By the way, in 1978 Iran and Spain had the exact same GDP, but today Spain's GDP is $1.3 trillion while Iran's GDP is stagnant at $150 Billion -- AND SPAIN HAS NO OIL!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the biggest indictment on the mullahs -- they are not only thieves, but they are unpatriotic, incompetent thieves!

David ET

my view

by David ET on


Guys all it needs is further American Pressure

by fozolie on

Reliance Industries the biggest Indian export refiner, who needs  access to the US Markets for its giant plant to be viable, has already said that it would stop supplying Iran with Gasoline in fear of a US boycott.   In a recent blog someone went through the steps we can take outside. One important action is to get foreign governments to take action against the regime: a complete boycott, freeze on personal assets of the regime's officials' assets and indictment of the leaders for crimes against humanity. 

Please write to your representatives.

Mr. Fozolie


Re: Jahanshah

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

This requires massive organization and activities among Iranians abroad as well as support voiced from within Iran.

The problem is:

We don't have organization. All this energy, all these willing people, is getting wasted if they are not organized and focused.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Dear Maryam

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

A strong and resolute opposition can force Oil Companies to give up their lucrative interests in the interests of people in iran, so acheived the opposition to topple Apartheid. 

Remember also the influence of Tibetian opposition that isolated China in the international community.

If the Iranian huge and strong community really opposes the IRI and its lobby groups in the West, it will force the Oil Companies to give up their lucrative intersts in the favour of the oppressed people in Iran who are in struggle with their oppressors.

Maryam Hojjat

I agrree with you JR

by Maryam Hojjat on

The sanction on the import of Gasoline paralyses IRI but I doubt great corporations leave their interest for IRanian people. 

Payandeh Iran & Iranians

Down with IRI


not buy the oil thing anymore

by shirazie (not verified) on

the mullah's ran Iran before Oil and before Islam, Zoroastrian priests ran the king courts.

Iran's GDP is 800 billion a year.. 18 to 20th largest economy and oil income is only 80 billion...

So there is more to it than Oil only..