Who Cares about Lotfollahi’s Death


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

In the meanwhile, the attention of the international community is focusing on the third round of UN sanctions on Iran and the disqualification of reformist candidates from the next March parliamentary elections in Iran, the IRI apparently committed another crime by killing a dissident under suspicious circumstances.

Mr. Ebrahimi Lotfallahi, an Iranian law student of Kurdish descent detained by the Ministry of Intelligence on January 6”, died in the prison of Sanandaj, in Iran’s Kurdish north-western region, on January 15th.2008.

According to the local authorities, Mr. Lotfollahi committed suicide in prison. He was buried without the authorisation from his family who had requested in vain for an autopsy to be conducted. The family suspects his suicide and request an official investigation over the reasons of his death.

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Iranian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LDDHI), Ligue de Droits de l’Homes en Iran, also urge the regime to investigate the Ebrahim Lotfollahi’s death.

Mr. Ebrahim Lotfollahi’s death recalls the other cases of suspicious death committed in IRI’s prisons:

-- Ms. Zahra Bani-Ameri, a physician, died in prison in the city of Hamedan, on October 13th, 2007 in what was also claimed to be a suicide. Ms. Bani-Ameri was arrested, with her fiancé, on October 12th, 2007, for having an «illegal relationship» --according to Islamic law, Sharia, relationships between men and women out of marriage are subject to criminal punishment.

-- The other case is that of Mrs. Zahra Kazemi, an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist who was raped and killed by Islamic authorities in July 11, 2003, almost three weeks after she was arrested for taking pictures outside evin prison during a student protest in Tehran. Her death was severely condemned by Canada.

In the case of Mr. Loftollahi's death, no government in the West has already condemned the crime or at least requested an official investigation over the circumstances of his death.

FIDH and LDDHI have recently urged the IRI to put an immediate end to the current increasing repression against civil society and political activists, especially the student and the women’s right movement, in conformity with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

FIDH and LDDHI’s requests have been usually ignored by the IRI. The fact is that the IRI’s human rights records are not the decisive factors for the West in its détente or standoff with the IRI. The IRI knows and uses this western apathy as a carte blanche to further repress the civil society and opposition in Iran.

While bargaining with the West over its nuclear programme, the IRI knows that no government in the West cares about Mr. Lofftollahi’s death or such crimes.


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Aryan Pride

by Surna (not verified) on

Good job JR for your articles. I hope one day we clean our home-land (the land of Aryan, the great Pan-Persian Empire) from these sub-human Arabs. See you in LA


Sick and Tired... Really...

by Another Anonymous (not verified) on

I am sick and tired of these imported IRI bastards killing sons and daughters of our sacred land on a continuous basis on behalf of their murderous god and atrocious religion.

I don't see any bright light on the horizon either, while I am pressing on my teeth.

The sad think is that there are still so many providing support for IRI.

What should we do?
What should we do to stop this?
What should we do?

Why do we need this atrocious religion?
Why do we need this murderous god?


sounds fishy or Ok?

by AnonymousExecution (not verified) on

عامل فريب و آزار جنسي 17 كودك پسر 7 تا 11ساله اصفهاني با حكم ديوانعالي كشور، سحرگاه امروز در اصفهان اجرا شد.

به گزارش فارس، رضا شريفي فرزند قربانعلي، اهل و ساكن شهرستان نجف آباد اصفهان متهم است كه در سال 84 سوار بر موتورسيكلت در جلوي مدارس ابتدايي پسرانه تردد مي‌كرده و منتظر تعطيلي آنها مي‌شد، سپس با شگردهاي خاص و به بهانه رساندن دانش آموزان به منزل، كودكان معصوم را فريب داده و پس از بردن آنها به باغ‌هاي اطراف نجف‌آباد به انجام عمل لواط با آنان مي‌پرداخته است.

اين متهم 21 ساله پس از به انجام رساندن نيت شوم خود كودكان ربوده شده را در خيابان‌هاي اطراف رها كرده است.

در جريان اين عمل مجرمانه، جان هيچ يك از كودكان مورد تهديد قرار نگرفته است.

در اين رابطه از ميان خانواده‌هاي 17 كودك پسر 7 تا 11 ساله، 6 خانواده به عنوان شاكي خصوصي در پرونده متهم ثبت شكايت و بقيه خانواده‌ها به دليل حفظ آبروي خود از شكايت صرف نظر كرده اند.

متهم پس از مواجهه با شاكيان پرونده به گناه خود اعتراف كرد و براساس اعتراف وي و فرجام شعبه 27 ديوان عالي كشور و شعبه 15 تشخيص ديوان عالي كشور محكوم عليه به جرم انجام عمل لواط به اعدام با گلوله محكوم شده و اجراي حكم وي به عنوان اجراي نخستين حكم تير باران (اعدام با گلوله) پس از انقلاب اسلامي در اصفهان سحرگاه 6 بهمن 1386 در اردوگاه اسدآباد شهرستان مباركه صورت گرفت.

متهم، فرزند چهارم يك خانواده 13 نفري است و در زمان وقوع جرم به شغل ريخته‌گري مشغول بوده است.

Jahanshah Rashidian

R. Rosie / NR / Naazokbin

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

 Thanhs for your support for one of the IRI's victims   

The abuse of human rights is IRI’s Achilles heel because it points to the fact that a totalitarian regime like the IRI can hold on power. Those how are part of the system have no shame to condone IRI's repression in the name of Allah, and those who are Muslims or have sympathy for the regime never highlight the humanrights records of the IRI. They ignore human rights problems, twist the facts and finally recommend a submissive attitude of our oppressed people towards the regime.

Although, the IRI is based on intimidation and fear, and not on the legitimate support of its citizenry, these supporters on this site present the regime as if it were legitimate and representative of iranian culture and values. The different supporters have never seen presenting concrete facts and records to justify the legitimacy and representiblity of the IRI.   Killing dissidents like Lotfallohi is one of the examples which will never be mentioned by IRI’s supporters.

Rosie T.

Who cares?

by Rosie T. on

You care, JR. It speaks so highly of your hunanity.  It's inspiring. Thank you so much.

And your English gets better and better every day....


Murder In Cold Blood!

by Naazokbin (not verified) on

Mr. Rashidian,

Your article reminds us once again that with the mullahs ruling Iran innocent people could be murdered for no obvious reasons.

Iranian people's rights will be respected both domestically and globally when the mullahs and their bedfellows are removed from power and a democratically elected government takes over.

Let's hope that day will come soon!

In the meantime, keep up the good work of exposing the criminal regime in Tehran.


To: Fariborz Maleknazri - Where do I sign up?

by Mehdi on

I am convinced! I see the light now. I need one of those MD titles right away. Actually, maybe not. Because if I am going to get 72 X 72 X 72 virgins, why would I need an MD title? All I needed an MD for was to impress the girls. So now I don't have to bother. Please, please, please, where do I sign up?


Do Not Be Deceived

by Fariborz Maleknazri, M.D., R.N., OBGYN (not verified) on

The glories of the glorious ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN has come to your shores. In 1979 Emam KHOMEINI ended 2500 years of rule by PERSIS KAISERS, from CHAISH-PESH HAKHAMANESHI to MOHAMMAD REZA PAHLAVI son of REZA Khan Mir-Panj. They were the only source of ALL of our problems and are now removed. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, according to a recent report from UN, is now the best place to live among 191 nations of the world. This report was subdued by none but the imperialists, leftists, and monarchists. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN under the guidance of AYATOLLAHS KHOMEINI and KHAMENEI has turned into the most progressive and prosperous country on the face of the earth. ALL the corruption, poverty, executions, and tortures by THE PERSIS KAISER have ended. People of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN will defend it since they are the strongest and most prosperous than anytime in the last 2500 years of KAISER rules. They live in total freedom and there is NO SIGN of poverty, corruption, prostitution, imprisonment, execution, or lack of freedom. What you hear is ALL propaganda from jealous people. ALL of those ended with the end of PERSIS KAISER.

Not only that but once THE people of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN depart this world for the heaven, they are assured that they will be welcomed by no less than 72 BEAUTIFUL VIRGINS.

People, don't be deceived by the propaganda. We live in the most exciting time: End of KAISER rule and revelations of EMAM KHOMEINI that arrival of the 12th Emam is very near. I assure you that we will see that event in our life time.

Whoever follows the glory of the 12th Emam, will be welcomed in heaven, not by 72 virgins, but with 72 rows of 72 beautiful virgins each. That is an astonishing total of 5148 virgins for each iranian shia. Not only that, but once those virgins are taken care of to be virgin no more, an endless new supply of virgins will be provided, courtesy of EMAM KHOMEINI, for eternity.

I see AYATOLLAHS KHOMEINI and KHALKHALI in my dreams every night. I see them with my own eyes that they are awfully busy with their virgins and ask me to give you this message.

They both have assured me that upon arrival of all practicing shia islam iranians in heaven, there will be a drawing first thing every morning. The winner will be given a beautiful mansion, with 72 floors, each floor with 72 hallways, and each hallway with 72 rooms, with one hot beautiful virgin in every room anxiously waiting for you. Every morning the whole array of rooms are replenished with new even more beautiful virgins. Wow! People that is a joyful 72 x 72 x 72 virgins per each single day. Or 8.64 virgins for every second of each day for you to consort and copulate. What else do you want people?

People, I, like LEADERS of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN, was nothing and nobody, with no education and no job. The glorious ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN gave me my M.D. title with no trouble at all, and all I have to do in return is to spread their glorious words on how to have a very comfortable after-life. In fact, all minorities of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN are now turning to SHIA ISLAM by thousands every day since they see the glorious glories of the glorious ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN and want to participate in that GLORY.



Thank you for highligting

by NR (not verified) on

Thank you for highligting this story. Among IRanian expats, there seems to be no 'moral urgency or outrage' voiced at numerous and daily killings and maiming of Iranians by the immoral thugs in power. Do we care anymore?? Why do we choose not to be outraged and appalled? Why do we pretend everything is all well?


Oh, I don't know

by Mehdi on

I think it has a lot to do with viewpoint. If you have already set your goals and defined you renemy and decided on your plans, then from that point on, you have that viewpoint and everything that happens does nothig but solidify your viewpoint. It is difficult to engage in a plan and at the same time maintain an open mind. I personally think there is a lot that can be done without having your hand cut off. Again, that's a viewpoint. If I were to do anything, I would put restoring Iran-US relations as my top priority. Doing that is very safe. You will even appear to be supporting the IRI. Yet that would be a devestating blow to the tyrany. Don't be surprised if all of a sudden even the most hardliner mullahs joined in! The apparent fight between Iran and US was staged by CIA and their friends in order to profit he imperialists. There are traitors on both side that fuel this animosity. It gives tyrany in Iran and in the US a leg to stand on. It is not dangerous to restore that relationship. I think that we will find at least 80% of people on both sides will support such an effort if it was strong enough. Instead of attacking the "regime" which is a generality with no specific, and only helps raising the support of the masses for that regime (because they feel that their religion is under attack), one should attack individuals who fuel this fight. That plan can work.

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Your remedy "Kas nakhaarad posht-e man joz naakhon-e angosht-e man" is too late as the fingers with hands will be chopped off.


Old Saying

by Mehdi on

Kas nakhaarad posht-e man joz naakhon-e angosht-e man.


Killing the opposition one by one

by an observer (not verified) on

Mr Rashidian

Thank you very much for the article.

There are only a small number of people who care about the unjust and untimely loss of such young and intelligent lives and unfortunately none of us is in any position to matter one way or another.

But it's necessary to write about them, to tell others about these criminal actions of the government and to repeat these names and their cases until some day, somehow, someone who matters hear it and care...

thanks again