Failure to Address Apple: Holding Iranian-American Organizations Accountable

Failure to Address Apple: Holding Iranian-American Organizations Accountable
by Kabriat

It's been over two days since news broke about Apple employees racially profiling and discriminating against Iranian-Americans.  And yet despite these manifest acts of discrimination, only two Iranian-American organizations have publicly condemned them: the National Iranian American Council and the Iranian Alliances Across Borders

There are at least four organizations which have it within their mandate to address these issues, but have failed to do so.  Those organizations are the following:

- The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA): See my prior post here.

- The Iranian American Lawyers Association

- The Iranian American Bar Association

- The Pars Equality Center

All four of these organizations claim that their mission is to advance Iranian-Americans in the US.  So far, on this issue, all four have failed by not publicly coming out against Apple for its employees' acts of discrimination.

The Iranian-American community expects and deserves more and we will hold you accountable for your failures.


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Mohammad Ala

Thanks for this blog.

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for your time for posting this blog.  I am proud of Iranians who protested against this act.  ACLU always complains that they do not have enough resources to address all the issues including this Apple case.

Iranian organizations mentioned in this blog will not be the first time that they have kept quiet.  Many Iranians or Western Iranians worry about their jobs and their houses and cars than cases like this.

Sanctions have hurt Iranians and slowly the negative results of sanctions are being revealed.


Tel Aviv Apple Store has announced it loves to sell iPads


to Iranians who shop at its location! The Israeli government has announced that it would grant visa to Iranian applicants to travel to Israel. There are no per-conditions for the sales just as long as Iranians state that they love Israel!

Shlomo the Apple Advocate


It's official - PAAIA is incompetent

by Kabriat on

PAAIA is incompetent as an organization.  Jahanshah, you defended them before when I criticized them.  Defend them now.


The necessity of confronting sources of misinformation

by CIM on

We submitted a brief article, that never appeared here, the text of which is as follows:

<< has published a well-written article that shows that funding for the webpage “PBS/Tehran Bureau” comes from the Donner Foundation.  The article also reveals the other groups that the Donner Foundation pays for, which may surprise many of you, given that the groups funded by the Donner Foundation have been roundly criticized by civil rights groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. The article goes on to show an instance of photographic forgery published as news by “PBS/Tehran Bureau.”  >>

If you determine that misperceptions of the Iranian community are contributing to acts of discrimination (like discrimination in the sale of Apple products to Iranians), then it would seem that you have to tackle the SOURCES of misinformation about Iranians.   


Does Apple Actually Understand The Export Restriction Laws?

by sobh on


Protest today in New York- "Flash mob" protest at a Apple store

by Zendanian on

Iranian Americans are going to have a "Flash mob" protest today at a Apple store in NY, according to "Democracy Now." 


News for Thursday June 21, 2012

See the portion from from 12:05 to 12:45, about this protest.


We ought to note....

by Bavafa on

who is our friends when it comes to support and defend the rights of Iranian-Americans.

Shame on those who stay indifferent to such discrimination against our friends and family.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



We are waiting

by Kabriat on

To the organizations I mentioned above: we are waiting.  Help us.  Say something.



by jmyt17 on

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