Who belongs to IRI regime?


by Kamangir

Every now and then I watch this interesting program called 'Mosalase Shisheyi' which has a large audience in Iran. The host or interviewer is Reza Rashidpour, in my opinion a very professional fellow. Last summer a similar programe hosted by Rashidpour was titled 'Shabe shisheyi'.  One of the reasons this programe has such a large audience was due to its unique style (in Iran) and the known and famous personalities invited to the programe, actors, artists, politicians as well as professionals such as doctors and pilots, etc...

Being very open and honest and straight forward on a live TV programe is a difficult task, specially in Iran, bearing in mind our cultural and social codes of behavior, specially when it comes to our personal life. However; the programe seems interesting even to many of us living abroad. Nevertheless; the common denominator in such prohrames in Iran, is the constant religious and pro-religious comments and statments by the host as well as 'some' of the interviewd. This summer while watching the 'Mosalase shisheyi' I realize that there's a very visible effort by the makers, to mix popular cultural characters with very unpopular individuals such as some clerigs and 'politicians' trying to give the mediocre impresion that everything is good and we're all the same in Iran.

One of the invited characters weeks ago was 'Sardar Radan' the police chief of the greater Tehran, who happens to be the face behind the 'dress code' crackdown as well as other very harsh measures that sofocate the daily life on Iranians (at least the vast majority of Iranians) While watching the programe, once I thought, well; this host (Reza Rashidpur) is somehow making a favor to the IRI stablishment by being the interviewr of such programe by treating people like radan and other hezbolahis with respect and his famous smile. He should be part of the regime, I thought. It needs to be mentioned that last year another interviwer (Farzad Hassani) was fired upon questioning and ridiculing Sardar Radan on his live TV show called 'koole poshti' Then I recalled that years ago, a friend of mine got a job offer from Iran Air in Germany. He turned it down because the wage was very low, but later told me that another friend had told him that by working for Iran Air he'd be working for the IRI and that he should really think about it.

Now, I cannot stop wondering, where do we draw the red line? the border? How do we decide who works for the IRI and who doesn't?  Do all Iran Air pilots work for the IRI? What about the artists such as Reza Kianian or Parviz Parastooyi among many other acors and directors that make films about the Iran-Iraq war and martyrdom... aren't they making a favor to the IRI by helping them spread their brainwashing ideology? What about the bank directors, civil servants, military men, factories, the police, etc...

Aren't they by working and getting paid for and by the state, being indirectly part of the IRI stablishment? The day the IRI collapses, should Iranians go after Reza Rashidpour, the TV presenter? or after many artists that have participated in making pro-IRI and pro-Hezbolahi films?

Where is the red line to be drwan?  Another question would be, are  Iranians living abroad, many of whom have left Iran as political refugees and still use the IRI passport and ID to travel back and forth, are they qulified to judge and say who does or doesn't belong to the IRI?  Aren't they by their constant trips to Iran, with the money they spend there giving any legitimacy to the IRI?  In such situation, who is the hypocrite? Reza Rashidpour the TV presenter or the milions of Iranians who despite oposing the IRI still use its documents and passport to travel back and forth, like tourists?

Because, then someone can come and say, all Iranians are part of the IRI for having stayed and worked for or under the regime and obviously such view cannot sustain itself. But the question remains, who is part of the IRI stablishment and therefore guilty? (assuming that the IRI is gulty of many things)



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Re: PinoQ

by Anonymous Bug (not verified) on

PinoQ, I agree with your reply to Mahmoud. I think he is going way beyond levels of sanity by saying what he said.


"Do you have the "orzeh" to actually practice what you preach?"

What about you? Do you have it? Do you have the orzeh to go and live in the hell that the regime has created for others? Or do you still prefer to live abroad?

It seems that whenever you speak, your nose grows a tad longer.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Intelligence?! hahaha

Intelligence has nothing to do with it.



What does IRI stand for?

by Lecanardroti (not verified) on

What does IRI stand for? Iranian Regime Intelligence (just a guess)? The term is used ubiquitously on this site, and there is a false assumption that all the readers are Iranian and know what it means.

I should point out that I also tried to Google "IRI" for a definition -- no luck whatsoever.


Iranian government and the

by An x-Irania (not verified) on

Iranian government and the elite Iranian people owe the Iranian people who came to the USA in late 1970's...we took on their burden, we were blamed for their mischief, and we paid for it with our dignity and our lives....Iranian elite owe us. The now Iranian elite living you are put on notice now and here...you kicked us all out so you could take bigger share of the country's wealth and now you are wealthy but at our expense...we paid dearly for your actions and your sins.


Mahmoudg: you are a traitor by your own definition

by Q on

Mahmoud jan,

Let us take you seriously for just a second. This website features the writings of some people whom you and others have called "IRI agents" and propagandists, not to mention just about 90% of visitors who have gone back to Iran at least once. The editor of this site was on the payroll of IRIB for years.

If we are to believe you that means, they are traitors.

You, however, come to this site and add your opinion. You are helping this site make money by simply viewing the advertisements and making comments that make some topics look exciting for others to join. So, you are helping to promote this site, which you say facilitates many "traitors".

Do you have the "orzeh" to actually practice what you preach, go away from this site and never come back to it? Do you have the sincerety and the "balls" to stop supporting IRI?

We all know you don't. Therefore you are a traitor by your own definition.

(FYI: If you are reading this post, you are a traitor)

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

As a tourist wannabe of Iran.........

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I really don't see myself as contributing to the IRI rather a contributor to the economical stimulus category in Iran. What money I would spend as a tourist would help the businesses,  their employees, street vendors and their families.

Maybe I could even find an orphanage or organization that was in charge of an orphanage and stay a month or two. Kind of my version of the  peace corps volunteering effort.

Now, would these wishes and efforts deem me the label of traitor? I am not even an Iranian. I am simply a "Humanitarian".....people come first. :o) Especially, the children........for they are the future of tomorrow.

Heaven scent  There are many more of this stories in the old archives of iranian.com.

Solh va Doosti




by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I totally understand your position on those who keep going back n forth to Iran. However i don't think they are all traitors. Most of us left the country because we had too, based on our religion, ethnicity and political views. So I would def support the other countries governments to take away their citizenship if they decided to go back to the country they seek asylum at the first place. Because they don't deserve it and should be replaced with those who is on the run from IRI.
As for Xerxes...
What the hell are you talking about...chera cherto pert migi (I said this time in Farsi so you get) What has mahmoudg to do with LA people..Relax, take deep breath...



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

It's reading posts like this that prompt me to reassess my loyalties to my people. If these blithering (for lack of a better word) idiots are my compatriots, then I don't want anything to with them or my country of birth. Just put the whole thing in the toilet and flush. Twice for good measure.



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

I was wondering Mahmoud, what grand contribution have you made to the cause of Iranian democracy and freedom? What have you done besides expressing your holier than thou attitude? Who are you to call me a traitor? Where have you been and done for the last 30 years? The sanctions of the last 30 years have done nothing for the cause of democracy and freedom in Iran. In fact it has been instrumental in suffocating all movements. The sanctions have served as a perfect excuse for all that ails Iran. It has benefited the Iranian Government the most. There have been sanctions against Cuba for the past 50 years. Yet Fidel Castro has outlived most US Presidents. SANCTIONS DON'T WORK, PERIOD! All it does is give an excuse to the government in question to crush dissent more harshly, to view those seeking freedom as traitors, and stifle all opportunities for ordinary citizens. You think my going to Iran spending money to buy food at a restaurant, riding a cab, an occasional soghati makes me a traitor and an instrument of the IRI? Then fine, I'm a traitor. I say it loud and I'm proud. If that's the definition of treason, then I am a bona fide traitor, and you are an idiot.



by XerXes (not verified) on

Those of you that live in the west and are as uneducated and arrogant are the traitors not those who go back. Those who want Iran bombed are traitors not those who visit their homeland.
When you go to Iran, you pay the Baghaali on the street, you pay for Hotel and taxi, you pay for restaurant, none of those have anything to do with the government you dimwit. Go get some education and brain before opening your mouth. Iranian LA at its best.



by AnonymousJPN (not verified) on

Right on mahmoudg! Couldn't express it any better.


good question

by mahmoudg on

My position has always been those who travel back to iran and spend money there are traitors to humanity.  Once you had the chance to flee to the West then there is no need to keep going back.  The same argument I had when i wrote the article against Goli Ameri who travelled to iran spent money there, bribed officials to get her property back and yet comes back to the US to run for a seat in the Congress and fight for the rights of iranians; my ass.  Any one who travels back regardless of the resoning is a traitor.  most of us have the exact same reason to want to go back but decided to forego them in the interest of fighting against injustice, social backwardeness, economic mayhem, etc. etc. etc.


Great question for all

by Iran First (not verified) on

Great question for all Iranians having a life of our own under a brutal religious system. This is a good movie to watch:

The Lives of Others -



who Bleongs to the IRI regime?

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) "7ty" million Iranians support the IRI and the rest of us, may be "dota wo nesfi" Irani in diaspora are against this regime, according to one Mr. Malekansari. This is called "analysis" when your "tokhm" jumps in front of the microphone and starts singing in Abuata!!

Think for a moment, when Khomeini was in the height of his pesudo popularity in the early 1980s, there were those brave Iranians by the hundreds of thousnads who poured into the streets of Tehran calling "Emrooz roozeh khooneh, Khomeini sarngooneh" and yet in 2008, we have "7ty" million Iranians who support this pile of GOH, the international bank of terrorism, called the IRI according to one MD, Mr. Malekansari.

Please, speake for yourself and don't bring our people into your delusional counting of whoever supports this regime; it could be a certain percentage of the Hezbollah, but hardly "7ty" million.


Outside the box....

by Iranian Muslim (not verified) on

A.) Being a member of an organization is not, and never should be, considered a crime. Killing, torturing and the likes are crimes. Working for the same organization that a torturer also happens to be working for does not make one, in the slightest measure, party to his crimes. As for the torturers themselves, history (with South Africa as the clearest example) shows that societies that focus on reconciliation make healthier transitions than those focusing on retribution.
B.) Should Iranians of all stripes speak out against Human Rights abuse in Iran? Yes. Do we all have the guts to do so while living and working in Iran? No. We should applaud the Iranians who speak out, but we should not condemn the Iranians who don't.
C.) A people cannot change their surroundings if they are economically weak and politically uninformed. I thus oppose politically or economically isolating Iran through sanctions. The more businesses thrive in Iran, the more the pressures of globalization will work their magic on the society. China, with its massive resources, may be able to sustain an unrepresentative government in the face of rapid economic growth. The IRI will not.
D.) True democracy cannot come to Iran when a third of our people are functionally illiterate and most must work two jobs to make ends meet. One cannot expand literacy without working with the IRI. Iranians must learn to turn the IRI into an unwitting ally in the fight for pluralist democracy, not try to impose a solution from the outside. We must also remember that an independent middle class is the most important prerequisite for change.


Thanks abarmard!

by Kamangir on

Thanks Abarmard!

Your reply is very interesting. I do agree with it completely.



good question

by Abarmard on

People are people and they need to live. When a government owns 80% of the economy, it's hard not to be a part of the establishment. So the better question is who ideologically supports the regime.

There are many who benefit from the IR not only economically but ideologically, and they are willing to risk their lives for the regime. Those are the ones who are pro IR.

There are another group, who are willing to compromise with the IR as long as they get what they have been asking for. I would say the majority would fall under this category. They want less social restrictions, better economy and would be OK with the system.

And then there are those who can't stand the IR. Mostly the well to do production sect of the society. Among them are also many artists, intellectuals and so on who can not stand the regime.

Although it's more complicated than this, I believe this should give you an idea.

Thanks for the interesting question.


Who belongs to IRI regime? Good question?!

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

I think the correct wording of the question is: Whom belongs the Islamic regime of Iranians living in the Islamic Republic of Iran? The answer then comes promptly and sarrowly and very clearly: The Islamic Regime in Iran belongs to those iranians who heroically founded their Republic 1979 by sacrificing Life and Blood.
Questions as formulated hier are in fact good for "IRANIAN"s and other enemies of Iran and Iranians. This kind of questions, the regular answers and comments which then come in help the depressed and frustrated individuals who have forgotten why they left home after the Revolution. They help themselves now with repeating the virtual crimes, killing innocents, plundering wealth of OUR(!!!) country, things which happend before 1979. The fact is that 7ty million real Iranians are Protecting their Regime. That is why the enemies, on top of all of them, the greate satan does not dare to come near to that country yet. They all stand behind a sure distance barking and grunting and that is all what they are able to do yet. Soon they will not be able even to do so. The greate satan lays allready in its death bed snapping his last air drops. Greeting

Maryam Hojjat

Good question!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Not all Iranians work for IRI are Pro IRI.  Majority of people need to work for this system for  survival despite the  oppostion to IRI.

I consider people who participate in crime of IRI such as killing innocents, plundering wealth of our country, harrassing women and etc..... are part of IRI.