Ahmadinejad and the UN Summit


Khodadad Rezakhani
by Khodadad Rezakhani

The walk out of the representatives of the France, Great Britain, and the previously announced boycott of Ahmadinejad’s talk in the Geneva anti-Racism conference on 20 April 2009 has been on top of the news during the last two days. Ahmadinejad apparently called Israel a racist regime and suggested that by sending European and American immigrants to Palestine, the European powers had tried to create a racist power in the Near East. This caused the aforementioned walk-out of the representatives of European powers and their disgust at Ahmadinejad’s words, going as far as M. Nicholas Sarkozy, the French president, suggesting that Ahmadinejad should be stopped.

I am no fan of Ahmadinejad, nor am I a fan of people who disrupt important conferences to advance political agendas. However, it made me wonder how it was that only representatives of those powers who have a track record of racism were the ones who walked out or boycotted the conference. Germany, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, USA and Canada did not even go to the conference, alongside Israel, while France and Britain walked out. Now, just think of the countries that come to mind when thinking of racism in the past 200 years and see how many of the above names you encounter!

It has often been pointed out that racism is an essentially Western problem. Numerous works by authors such as Eric Wolf, James Blaut, Andre Gunder Frank, Jack Goody, and many others have pointed out that racism as we know it, the idea that a group is superior to another simply because of their skin colour or national origin, is a problem born out of 18th and 19th century European colonialism. The process is quite simple: European economy expanded exponentially as result of the age of discovery, allowing also for a scientific revolution. These achievements drove Europeans, who already lived in quite territorially limited and rather isolated western edge of the Eurasian landmass, to contemplate on what had made them exceptional (hence the overused term Western Exceptionalism). A feeling of superiority, a sense of uniqueness of these achievements then became prominent, necessitating “research” into why other populations never achieved such success (hence the birth of Anthropology as a field). Of course, one of the easiest, and sadly most pervasive, conclusions was the idea that Europeans are and have always been intellectually superior to others, that there essentially is something exceptional and ingenious in the European race. The most prominent outcomes of this were American slavery and the Holocaust catastrophe.

So, at least as we know it, racism is a European phenomenon, limited and defined by the context of Europe and its extensions in Americas and beyond. However, Europeans have also been excellent in suggesting that their concerns are the concerns of the rest of the world as well. Marx studied European economic history and then wrote disastrous recipes for the rest of the world based on criteria developed from the European models. The essentially European wars of 1914-1917 and 1938-1945 are called “World” Wars. When one talks about the Ancient or Classical or Medieval “World”, one is essentially talking about European phenomena. We are so used to this that we even teach a European version of history in schools outside Europe. Open any history book even in India and look at the amount of space dedicated to Greece and Rome!

So, we get back to my point. Racism is a phenomenon born out of the European experience. The rest of the world has suffered many things, from religious wars to draughts and starvations. Human rights abuses of all kinds have existed, but the closer you look, the less you find these to have been based on skin colour and race. Right now, many of my readers would tell me that I am being biased, since we have evidence that Middle Easterners took black Africans as slaves. True, one easily thinks of this as an example of racism and equates it with the Americas in the 18th century. But you would be entertained to know that the Arabic-Persian word for slave in the medieval Middle East was Saqlāb, coming from Slav, since most slaves in the Middle East were imported from not Africa, but Russia! So, if we manage to separate slavery from racism (which is hard for many people since the American context is so prominent in everyone’s mind) we realize that yes, slavery existed, but it was not race based!

So, if we accept that this problem is a European one, we should then try to see it from a non-European point of view. For whatever reason, I promise it is not because non-Europeans were more open minded, many Middle Easterners have been quite used to living with people of other colours and appearances. When racism comes along, and it is presented purely in term of skin colour and “race” per se, the Middle Easterners think of their own experiences. The fact is, despite all discrimination against Turks in Iran, against Kurds in Iraq and Turkey, against Armenians in Turkey, against Berbers in North Africa, or against god knows whomever around the Middle East, these discriminated people seldom look any different from the discriminators.

However, in Israel, whether we like it or not, the majority of the Jewish population is markedly non-Middle Eastern. Whatever you do, Shimon Perez and Bibi Natanyahou do not look Middle Eastern. David ben Gurion was born David Grün and Golda Meier had blue eyes. They do look different, they have European last names, they have made cities that look more like Nice and Rome than Baghdad or Damascus. Yes, they are progressive and have done an amazing job making the tiny land of Israel fertile, but it is undeniable that they are not Middle Eastern. They have come to the Middle East, and as a historian I am glad that they have, but they are living a European life, naturally, since their ancestors were from Prague and Berlin and Vienna and Paris.

Muslims who go to Paris and London and Vienna and create “Muslim Ghettos” are often discriminated against because they are changing the face of the cities, distorting the Classical characteristics of the cities, making it into “Eurabia” as many European intellectuals like Oriana Fallaci suggested (without being called racists, amazingly!!). They are often told to either become Austrian/German/Swiss/English/ French by removing their veils and not acting like Muslims or are told to “go home if you don’t want to live like us.” But the European immigrants to the Middle East have done the same thing, changing the face of Middle Eastern cities and living like Europeans and acting like Europeans, making it into Eurisrael. So, from the Middle Eastern point of view, they are as alien as Muslims are in Berlin. Of course, since they have had the economic upper hand, no one can discriminate against them (although Muhammad al-Fayad still does not get the respect that one expects the owner of Harrod’s to get, nor is he given the citizenship of the land), but they are seen as a foreign population indeed.

This leads me to re-think the whole idea of the Conference on Anti-Racism in Geneva. What was there to be discussed? If the agenda was dictated by Europeans and based on European issues, then why are all the other people there? Why were the rest of the attendants staying put and applauding for what Bernard Kutchner called “vile”? Why was it that when charges were brought against exactly those European powers who have a track record of racism that the powers left? On the other hand, we notice that issues such as human trafficking and religious discrimination were to be discussed in this conference. Neither one really have anything to do with racism, rather general forms of discrimination, based on religion (as the name suggests) and disregard for human condition (many prostitutes in Europe are actually from racially similar eastern European countries, so the problem is barely a race issue). So, if one is going to make the conference on anti-racism into a conference against all sorts of discrimination (in which case Feminist issues and similar should have also been present), then a speech about Israeli policies against the non-Israeli population of the country is also quite valid. This is besides the fact that it is always polite to listen to what everyone, including your enemies, say.


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Ahmadinejad, a man with balls and guts

by YesSir (not verified) on

He got up in front of the whole world and declard the Europeans and Israel the most racist nations in the world. Now here is a man with balls. Down with racisms in all its forms. Down with Israel. Long live Iran and Iranians!


Ahmadinejad and his cohorts have no shame

by Balah Tar Az Khata (not verified) on

Just look at how (see link below) an "official IRI" delegate behaved at the conference the other day. These are the people who are trying to teach us about race and racism. No thanks! Shame on the IRI!


All I could say is that Taneh een hezbolahiha michareh and they picked on the wrong people (Jews and Israelis) as their scapegoats. When its going to hit them, its going to hit them hard.

David ET

by the way

by David ET on

the day before ahmadinejads speech at the opening of racism conference in geneva :

Iranian-Canadian human rights activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam of the Iran-focused campaign Stop Child Executions said that when Ahmadinejad prepares to speak, representatives of countries that believe in freedom and democracy should stand up, in solidarity with the people of Iran, and walk out



by Iranian 88 (not verified) on

Iranian are the most racist people on this planet earth. First look at yourself in the mirror before writing blogs about racist west. Come on. I bet you would not marry a black African woman and would not want to associate with black family. Even if you say you would I bet your relatives wont support that because almost all Iranian are racists. Racist about Arabs racist about Afghanis, racist about blacks, Chinese, hendies, Jews, Mexicans, about other ethnicity groups in Iran, you name it. Israelis are not racist they just want to be left alone in that little piece of land. Just leave them aloneeee go away. Persia was half the world one day we lost lands we are not fighting to get it back. China lost lands Mexican lost lands American Indian lost lands so what it is done go find another place to live in peace stop killing and terrorizing. Down with Antarinejad and down with Islamic Republic. Hala in goh ha (IR) deleshoon bara Pelestiniha misozeh berid bemirid madar sagha.

Peace on Earth


Ahmadi is my hero!!

by Anonymous777 (not verified) on

Let me say, I have never been his fan until now...I just saw his live speech in persian discussing his view from the Geneva convention during the conference of Islamicprosecutors and his speech was fantastic. He reasoned very well and defended his views very well. He is truely a genius and you should really get a copy of this speech He is amazing man!!..I never thought I would say this about him. The sad truth is that he is absolutly right about this subject.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

should tell Ahmadinejad to start to look at their own racist/fascist government for the way they treat religious and ethnic minorities before pointing at another country. This man is full of .......


Mazloom I just had it man and

by Mulla ass kicker (not verified) on

I am with you man! Long Live Israel down with Islamic Republic, Hamas and Hezbollah and all Muslim fanatics all over the world. I hope all of them and their supporters burn in hell. I really do. World will so beautiful without them. No more hejab no more sineh zani no more zangir zani no more ghameh zani no more nemaz e jamaat no more nareh zani no more dirty rishoooooooooooo. F---k them all. If Antarinejhad has balls (ageh khayeh dareh) why doesn't he order to attack israel and wiped them out and stop BS ing. All he does with his big f--ing mouth get some innocent Palestinians killed and create more suicide bombers. Majority of Palestinians want peace and want to live and have their own state side by side with Israel but this MF Islamic republic don't let them have it. You know what is sad? We are going to have this ugly looking monkey's name in our great Persian history as our president forever for generations to see. Vaghean ke khak bar saremon. O God please tell me I am dreaming please. I really have never hate anybody but I HATE Ahmadinejad from the bottom of my heart may God forgive me.


If you disagree with the writer

by MN (not verified) on

Come on 'PEOPLE'.... why don't you discuss this intelligently instead of hurling baseless mindless accusations at each other?
If you disagree with the writer say so and give your reasons - valid or not - it is your opinion vs. his.


Akhe maa kay mikhahim yaad begirim? Kay?

Taa yaad nagirim o'za hamineh keh hast!

Taa yaad nagereftim, Kourosh va Dariush va mellat chandin hezaar saaleh raa faramoosh konid.

Gozasht doraan-e anha.

Maa saaliyan-e ziaadist keh digar az oon mardoman nistim.

Pas begzaarid dobareh maa yaad begirim.

Let us reconsider!



Rabbis for Ahmadinejad!

by erooni (not verified) on



Mahmoud has courage!

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

I am no fan of him,but he has the courage to say what is in the minds of many Arab and Muslim people.He may not be popular in the West or in Iran,but he is sure popular on the Arab and Muslim streets.


Khodada: You don't even know

by khodagov (not verified) on

Khodada: You don't even know the meaning of Racism. Racism and discrimination are two different things. You probably don't know what hard wire means in genetics.

I have no idea how you could ever study at UCLA and continue your studies without being on probation. If you ever wrote an idiotic essay like this one for a social psychology or evolutionary biology class you would have failed. I guess UCLA has lowered its standards in choosing candidates..

It's sad to see my alma mater being infested with Islamists.

Mola Nasredeen

Zionist racism you say? lets see what their founders say:

by Mola Nasredeen on

Israeli General Moshe Dayan advised Israel's leadership that it should 'make it clear to Palestinian refugees that "we have no solution, you shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wishes may leave"'.


And the British, oh yes this "superior race", lets see what their national hero said about other races: Sir Winston Churchill, a staunch defender of the Zionist project, was equally forthright when testifying before a Parliamentary Commission on Palestine he compared them to dogs too:

"I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place."


Now, who is racist? Moshe Dayan and Churchill sound like Hitler, don't they? But like all other "Superior Races" they think they are smarter than others and they can deny their outright racist actions against other races. 

Farhad Kashani

So typical, these leftists

by Farhad Kashani on

So typical, these leftists resort to Carl Marx to explain political phenomenon!!


This leads to one important point. That point is that there is something about how Westerners categorizes things. The left has abused that so much over the last 50 years or so. If the West acted like these Leftist dictatorships such as USSR or China or Cuba, then, public opinion would’ve been very different. The point is here that democratic countries such as USA and France openly talk about issues; where as Leftist dictatorships absolutely deny the existence of any wrongdoing. So U.S comes out and acknowledges “segregation” and talks about it and deals with it. However, the fiercely anti “Westerners” don’t. So because issues such as Racism, which exists in all countries around and the world, and in most, if not all, cultures, are discussed in open, it looks like it’s only the West that has this problem, and others don’t!!! That’s just outrageous double standard. So for example: Egyptian thousands years ago enslaving Africans is not a sign of racism, Stalin abolishing and “Russianizing” minorities in Central Asia through systematic migration and other means, is not sign of racism, and what China does to Tibet is not racism, or what Idi Ameen (who was fiercely anti “Imperialist” like the author), did by deporting Indians and Pakistanis from Uganda solely based on the color of their skin is not a racism and off course the list goes on and on!!!!!


This is the mentality that has caused this clash of civilization we see right now. The double standard, the hypocrisy, the running away from responsibility, the denying of any wrongdoings, these have contributed greatly to what we see in the world today.


Racism is not a “Western” problem, its humanity problem. With the exception of few isolated cultures, all have done it, White, Black, Persian, Arab, Russian, Chinese, Japanese,,,everyone! Unfortunately, it can never be fully eliminated, but it can be reduced, and that’s what the world need to do.


The author’s logic is absurd.




by Farideh2003 (not verified) on

To the ones that do not see Iranian's as Racists:
How do you justify the fact that Afghan refugees, currently residing in Iran, are not given the option of sending their children to school?
How do you explain the verbal abuse inflicted by most of us Iranians in the form of jokes regarding Turks, Arabs, Rashtis, etc...?
Shame on the ones of us who are enjoying equal treatment in Western countries and have the audacity to defend blatant untruths professed by the Iranian officials.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Lawyers in Norway? NORWAY?

You are such a dreamer, Mola.

1) The lawyers represent Palestinian families who live in Norway.

2) Neither Olmert or Livini are subject to Norwegian law.

Lawyers in Spain have been throwing so much poop at the walls trying to get any case against Israel to stick, yet they are always thrown out in court as frivolous. They have tried the same thing with Henry Kissinger, Silvio Berlusconi, and Augusto Pinochet.

Mola...if lawyers in another country were to indict, try and prosecute ranking members of the IR government, for supplying and funding Hamas and Hezbollah, and for human rights abuses inside Iran, would you be as supportive?

Answer that before you say anything else.

If you can.

Mola Nasredeen

Israeli racism; how much more racist can you get?

by Mola Nasredeen on

Zionist racism has nothing to do with what Ahmadinejad says or doesn't. Today, lawyers in Norway announced they'll plan to file complain against the racist criminal leaders of Israel. 

Israel's former prime minister Ehud Olmert and other top officials could face legal action in Norway over the Gaza offensive after six Norwegian lawyers said Tuesday they would accuse them of war crimes.

The lawyers, who plan to file their complaint with Norway's chief prosecutor on Wednesday, said they will call for the arrest and extradition of Olmert as well as former foreign affairs minister Tzipi Livni, Defence Minister Ehud Barak and seven senior Israeli army officers.

Under the Norwegian penal code, courts may hear cases involving war crimes and other major violations of human rights.

The lawyers released a statement accusing Israel of "massive terrorist attacks" in the Gaza Strip from December 27 last year to January 25, killing civilians, illegally using weapons against civilian targets and deliberately attacking hospitals and medical staff.

"There can be no doubt that these subjects knew about, ordered or approved the actions in Gaza and that they had considered the consequences of these actions," the lawyers' statement said.

It also said the lawyers were representing a number of people living in Norway. Lawyers in Spain have already filed their complaint against the Israeli leaders.

Who is racist now? Weren't Nazi charged with the same crimes?

Khodadad Rezakhani


by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Answering some of the comments is useless really and elongates a pointless discussion, since people who do not read are often those who argue points already argued.

My dears, this was a conference on RACISM. As I pointed out, if it was a conference on discrimination in general, then it should have included Women's issues as well. It was about Racism per se. Now, the obvious discrimination against Baha'is in Iran, a point that many of you raised, is NOT BASED ON RACISM! As long as I know, Iranian Baha'is do not belong to another race...

The point on racism being hard-wired I shall let pass, since it is nonsensical to the point of ridicule. No, believe you me, racism is NOT hard-wired. I never knew about racism until I saw the movie "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"! It never occured to me that people who were darker than me might be dumber and those whiter than me are smarter. No, racism is learnt, not "hard-wired" whatever that might mean.

My article did not discriminate against anyone because of the way they look. It just pointed out what is obvious. No one calls university applications racist for asking what ethnicity you belong to. If you mention the existence of differences, it does not constitute racism. Yes, unlike what the other quite idiotic comment said, I do live in an ethnically mixed area, I go to one of the most ethnically divers universities in the world, I have Black, Asian, Jewish, Spanish, German, and Ethiopian friends, and they have been to my house for tea and dinner many times, and I have been to theirs and no, racism is not hard-wired to me. I actually love them more than a lot of my Iranian friends. So, can it!

Kaveh Nouraee

Those Who Support The Monkey's Statements

by Kaveh Nouraee on

are simply certifiable idiots.

It seems to be lost on all of you that out of all the countries who participated, this wretched organism was the only so-called "head of state" in attendance.

The 33 countries who either walked out or boycotted the whole thing sent a clear message: That this foul-minded imbecile is illegitimate as a head of state, a diplomat, a leader of any kind, and as a human being.

Among the topics that were to be discussed was the subject of Islamophobia, very relevant given today's social climate.

However, since this clown decided to take the opportunity to single out one particular country for which he has a perpetual hardon, he hijacked the entire conference.

Of course, that is lost entirely on the likes of many of you, some of whom are the biggest hypocrites to walk on two legs.

I wonder how many of you live in ethincally mixed neighborhoods, with significant populations of blacks, or Hispanics, or Asians. No doubt some do, but how many times have you had them over for coffee or tea?

Or when you see a someone in your neighborhood who isn't a familiar face that isn't "white", how long do you look in their direction, or just plain stare at them to see what they're up to?

Go ahead and deny that you have ever done that. It just makes you an even bigger phony that I pegged you to be.


Nice Article

by capt_ayhab on

Although i do not agree with all the points, but I command the writer on a very concise and well thought article.

Before I migrated to the so called civilized west, the closest I ever came to experiencing racism was in the text books and literature. Yes there was and still is discrimination in Iran, more so today than years ago. But as history is witness, racism is a gift that so called western civilized countries bestowed upon world. and for them to walk out of a conference and or boycott it just to feed and CONDONE all the atrocities committed by in their own countries is proof of the statement.

I have said this a million times, you have a right to free speech as long as west and Israel like it, otherwise you are an anti this and anti that.

Is Ahmadinejad a babbling buffoon, damn right, is Israel the worst kind of racist country? you bet your booty she is.



Mehdi Mazloom

Racist state ha?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Khodadad Rezakhani wrote:

it made me wonder how it was that only representatives of those powers who have a track record of racism were the ones who walked out or
boycotted the conference. Germany, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands,
USA and Canada did not even go to the conference, alongside Israel,
while France and Britain walked out. Now, just think of the countries
that come to mind when thinking of racism in the past 200 years and see
how many of the above names you encounter!

The answer is simple. These countries have had their share in the institutionalize racism and slavery. Headed by Germany itself, they are the ones who had seen the ugliness of racial incitement, and aftermath of which a Holocaust brings to innocent people. These are the ones who wanted to express to the world that, if left unchecked, speeches like Akh-mage' nejad will permeate another holocaust.

Instead, Why don't you tell this pathetic leader to read you some of those "facts" inscribed as holy passages from his Quran, and hadith where "trees and rocks call him to come over and kill the Jew hiding behind them". And you call that A HOLY BOOK WRITTEN BY GOD?. can it get anymore uglier and more racist then that.?

Some of you pundits, are cowered enough not have the courage to tell your garbage directly to an Israeli's face, would you?. Instead you are hiding behind the anonymity of this forum where you found a fertile ground to spew your blind hatred against Jews. The problem is, you couldn't distinguish between "racists" and Ghorme Sabzi, even if someone spread them on your face?.

Take a look at these numbers below and compare them to the rest of those "non-racist" Arab & Islamic states, to realize the degree to which some of you are out of reality.


Population: 7M

Jews: 79%

Arab & Muslims: 18%

Number of Arab Judges in Israeli supreme Court: 1

Number of represettative in Knessts (parlament). 10 of 120

per capita, Muslims citizens of Israel are the heighest educated then any other country in the region.

Non-Jews have the absolute freedom of expression, where no one is above the law.

NOW, go ahead an match that with the fate of non_Muslims living throughout the Arab & Islamic states.

How many Bahia, Zoroastrian, Jewish, or Christian judges, members of majless and other high office holders exist in Iran. (Oh, yeh, one Jewish fugue head member in the Majless.

And to those anti-Israelis hip shooters, I would suggest you that, instead of throwing mud over the fence onto your neighbors backyard, perhaps you should make sure your backyard is clean,


Playing to the gallery

by Fred on

Ad hoc intellectualization of bigoted views is almost as old as the world’s oldest profession.


Amazing, for an article that claims to be antiracist

by Anonymous Jew (not verified) on

the author justifies discriminating against Jews because they "look different".

This is the type of thinking that is going to end up getting your country nuked.


Are you kidding me???

by Terry (not verified) on

President Ahmadinejad does not want to discuss his treatment of the Baha’i community in Iran yet he believes that he is morally qualified to discuss racism???..

That would be as ridiculous as the Imperial wizard of the KKK deciding to discuss civil rights in Birmingham Alabama...Or King Henry the VIII discussing the merits of a happy marriage....

Next time you write do not insult my intelligence


Rahman Javanmardi

by IRANdokht on

تبعیض نژادی یکی‌ از انواع مختلف تبعیض است. این کنفرانس
در مورد حقوق زنان یا اقلیت‌های مذهبی‌ نبود. شما وقتی‌ دولت ایران را
محکوم می‌کنید برای اعمال ضد بشری، سرکوبی مخالفین، بازداشت و محاکمه
اقلیت‌های مذهبی‌ و دیگر خلافکاریهایی  که مخصوص جمهوری اسلامیست بگویید،
ولی‌ وقتی‌ صحبت نژاد پرستی‌ باشد هم حقیقت را قبول کنید که اروپایی‌‌ها
آمریکایی‌‌ها و اسرائیل از این جهت از تمامی‌ کشوران دنیا بدتر عمل کردند،
و حت
ی باعث و بانی‌ جنگ‌هایی‌ نژادی در آفریقا و آسیا هم بوده ا‌ند که
برای  فروختن اسلحه و تجهیزات نظامی راه انداختند. اسرائل هم که با غصب
زمین‌های اعراب و حمله‌های نظامی به غیر نظامیان کشور‌های همسایه و قوانین
جداگانه و رفتاری که با اعراب دارن کاملا نشان میدهند که خود ، دین خود و
نژاد خود را برتر از اعراب میدانند.

موضوع صحبت و کنفرانس تبعیض نژادیست



LOL, Racism's root are human

by how? (not verified) on

LOL, Racism's root are human and almost hard wired. I think your belabored attempt at convincing others is a testemant to that.

Why don't you contact the department of cognitive sciences and social science including evolutionary biology at UCLA and read empirical studies regarding the roots of racism.

You suffer from deep inferiority complex and it colors all your analysis and renders them irrelevant.


I’m not sure if your

by Someone (not verified) on

I’m not sure if your analysis o the roots of racism are historically valid. They seem logical but incomplete. It goes deeper than etymology, slavery or colonialism. I don't think development of racism has a geographical limit unless you are specifically talking about modern Western civilizations. As for who defines the world some of these leaders live in, it’s helpful to remember that these powerful countries who walked out define the world in different terms than Ahmadinejad, you or I. Here’s an article you may want to read on this subject.


تبعیض را در خانه خود هم متر کنیم

Rahman Javanmardi (not verified)

در انتخابات ایران زنان حق انتخاب شدن ندارند.در ایران اهل سنت حق داشتن مسجد در تهران ندارند. در ایران بهاییان حق تحصیل ندارند. در ایران افغانها از ابتدایی‌ترین حقوق برخوردار نیستند. در ایران به مردمان حاشیه مرکز، زنان، کودکان و مردم کم درآمد و بسیاری از گروههای دیگر اجحافات و تبعیضات بی شماری اعمال میشود. در ایران انسان دگراندیش نه تنها مورد تبعیض مدام است، بلکه زیر درفش و شکنجه بقتل می رسد. این کدام منادی رفع تبعیض است که خود کارنامه اش از همه جهان سیاه تر است.


I can help with this, Khodadad.

by KNassery (not verified) on

I can't look at your photo without seeing a twin, my son, Kevin. That's only part of the reason that I always read your informed articles. LOL...

Well, the reason that those people living in countries with historical records of racism walked out it....They at present time, have laws that prevent such atrocities from happening. These people like present day Europeans have evolved and racism is against public policy.

Look at how Canada, the US, and Europe welcomes students from all over the world. They welcome people of all faiths and races. Yes, there are individuals that are racist, but that takes time. There are still some people that dislike Catholics. I heard recently about that happening in California online.

When theocracies and dictatorships rule, respect for the individual and Human rights decline. In those countries cheering President Ahmadinejad, you will find diplomats who think it is preferable to kill gays or minorities.

Look at present trends, that is more important that the misdeeds of people who lived one hundred and fifty years ago.

This is off topic, but one person on some other thread said that Iran has had no slavery. I think that a man servant living in a closet and raising my husband 24/7 when that man had a family to support is close to slavery. I have school teacher realives in Birjand who have full time help. They can't be paying those people fair wages. They don't have that kind of income.

I had read that slavery became illegal in Saudi Arabia in 1962. They Emerites were kidnapping little boys and using them as jockies just recently. Slavery has many definitions. There are women in the Middle East being sold into marriage at 8 years old and a Saudi judge said it was ok. That's slavery and pedophilia...

There are men working long hours in Dubai for 8 dollars a day. They live in close quarters with no families. Because they are not Arabs, they don't have any rights. "60 Minutes" had information on this.

How equal are the darker Sudanese to the Arab leaders and their sects. In my opinion, genocide is happening in Darfur and the Arab Countries and China are interested.

Thanks for this post. I hope your degree program is going and I know you will be a wonderful teacher.


Great piece

by IRANdokht on

Thank you for a very well written article. I agree with Rabbi, it makes perfect sense for the notoriously racist nations to boycott or leave the UN anti-racism conference.



Persians/Kurds/Afghans are Aryans

by futurist2012 (not verified) on

Mr. Rezakhani,

If they call Ahmadinejad the "new Hitler", people are misunderstood. Hitler did not have blue-eyes. He was half-Jewish. I found out that the president of Iran's real name is Saborjian with Jewish roots. Now, Persian, Afghans, and Kurds are Aryans of the region and are not Arabs or Jews. They look more Caucasian in physical feature than other ethnicities in the region. The issue is not ISRAEL but is ZIONISM. They have put him in IRAN inorder to create a One World Government which was planned 20 years ago by GH Bush. Most of the Western Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, and US are members of the team. The Illuminati is taking so much power that now they are dominating Iranian state. AHMADINEJAD is unique and wants IRAN to be part of the world police state. These are just propagandas. Do you think GW BUSH left the oval office with a good reputation? IRAN is GERMANY and is not different than World War 2 scenerio. Hitler was backed by Illuminati and British Masons. In fact, Khomeini was funded by Jimmy Carter with $150 million to topple the Shah of Iran. I suggest you to read Mike Evan's new book called Jimmy Carter and Liberal Left:World Chaos. Hamas, Hezbollah, and Muslim Brotherhood were funded by the West. They could mock Iranian leader but we do not know what is happening behind the scenes. Are they negotiating? Or Israeli Air Force going to take out the nuclear sites? Who Know?