Ahmadinejad and the UN Summit


Khodadad Rezakhani
by Khodadad Rezakhani

The walk out of the representatives of the France, Great Britain, and the previously announced boycott of Ahmadinejad’s talk in the Geneva anti-Racism conference on 20 April 2009 has been on top of the news during the last two days. Ahmadinejad apparently called Israel a racist regime and suggested that by sending European and American immigrants to Palestine, the European powers had tried to create a racist power in the Near East. This caused the aforementioned walk-out of the representatives of European powers and their disgust at Ahmadinejad’s words, going as far as M. Nicholas Sarkozy, the French president, suggesting that Ahmadinejad should be stopped.

I am no fan of Ahmadinejad, nor am I a fan of people who disrupt important conferences to advance political agendas. However, it made me wonder how it was that only representatives of those powers who have a track record of racism were the ones who walked out or boycotted the conference. Germany, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, USA and Canada did not even go to the conference, alongside Israel, while France and Britain walked out. Now, just think of the countries that come to mind when thinking of racism in the past 200 years and see how many of the above names you encounter!

It has often been pointed out that racism is an essentially Western problem. Numerous works by authors such as Eric Wolf, James Blaut, Andre Gunder Frank, Jack Goody, and many others have pointed out that racism as we know it, the idea that a group is superior to another simply because of their skin colour or national origin, is a problem born out of 18th and 19th century European colonialism. The process is quite simple: European economy expanded exponentially as result of the age of discovery, allowing also for a scientific revolution. These achievements drove Europeans, who already lived in quite territorially limited and rather isolated western edge of the Eurasian landmass, to contemplate on what had made them exceptional (hence the overused term Western Exceptionalism). A feeling of superiority, a sense of uniqueness of these achievements then became prominent, necessitating “research” into why other populations never achieved such success (hence the birth of Anthropology as a field). Of course, one of the easiest, and sadly most pervasive, conclusions was the idea that Europeans are and have always been intellectually superior to others, that there essentially is something exceptional and ingenious in the European race. The most prominent outcomes of this were American slavery and the Holocaust catastrophe.

So, at least as we know it, racism is a European phenomenon, limited and defined by the context of Europe and its extensions in Americas and beyond. However, Europeans have also been excellent in suggesting that their concerns are the concerns of the rest of the world as well. Marx studied European economic history and then wrote disastrous recipes for the rest of the world based on criteria developed from the European models. The essentially European wars of 1914-1917 and 1938-1945 are called “World” Wars. When one talks about the Ancient or Classical or Medieval “World”, one is essentially talking about European phenomena. We are so used to this that we even teach a European version of history in schools outside Europe. Open any history book even in India and look at the amount of space dedicated to Greece and Rome!

So, we get back to my point. Racism is a phenomenon born out of the European experience. The rest of the world has suffered many things, from religious wars to draughts and starvations. Human rights abuses of all kinds have existed, but the closer you look, the less you find these to have been based on skin colour and race. Right now, many of my readers would tell me that I am being biased, since we have evidence that Middle Easterners took black Africans as slaves. True, one easily thinks of this as an example of racism and equates it with the Americas in the 18th century. But you would be entertained to know that the Arabic-Persian word for slave in the medieval Middle East was Saqlāb, coming from Slav, since most slaves in the Middle East were imported from not Africa, but Russia! So, if we manage to separate slavery from racism (which is hard for many people since the American context is so prominent in everyone’s mind) we realize that yes, slavery existed, but it was not race based!

So, if we accept that this problem is a European one, we should then try to see it from a non-European point of view. For whatever reason, I promise it is not because non-Europeans were more open minded, many Middle Easterners have been quite used to living with people of other colours and appearances. When racism comes along, and it is presented purely in term of skin colour and “race” per se, the Middle Easterners think of their own experiences. The fact is, despite all discrimination against Turks in Iran, against Kurds in Iraq and Turkey, against Armenians in Turkey, against Berbers in North Africa, or against god knows whomever around the Middle East, these discriminated people seldom look any different from the discriminators.

However, in Israel, whether we like it or not, the majority of the Jewish population is markedly non-Middle Eastern. Whatever you do, Shimon Perez and Bibi Natanyahou do not look Middle Eastern. David ben Gurion was born David Grün and Golda Meier had blue eyes. They do look different, they have European last names, they have made cities that look more like Nice and Rome than Baghdad or Damascus. Yes, they are progressive and have done an amazing job making the tiny land of Israel fertile, but it is undeniable that they are not Middle Eastern. They have come to the Middle East, and as a historian I am glad that they have, but they are living a European life, naturally, since their ancestors were from Prague and Berlin and Vienna and Paris.

Muslims who go to Paris and London and Vienna and create “Muslim Ghettos” are often discriminated against because they are changing the face of the cities, distorting the Classical characteristics of the cities, making it into “Eurabia” as many European intellectuals like Oriana Fallaci suggested (without being called racists, amazingly!!). They are often told to either become Austrian/German/Swiss/English/ French by removing their veils and not acting like Muslims or are told to “go home if you don’t want to live like us.” But the European immigrants to the Middle East have done the same thing, changing the face of Middle Eastern cities and living like Europeans and acting like Europeans, making it into Eurisrael. So, from the Middle Eastern point of view, they are as alien as Muslims are in Berlin. Of course, since they have had the economic upper hand, no one can discriminate against them (although Muhammad al-Fayad still does not get the respect that one expects the owner of Harrod’s to get, nor is he given the citizenship of the land), but they are seen as a foreign population indeed.

This leads me to re-think the whole idea of the Conference on Anti-Racism in Geneva. What was there to be discussed? If the agenda was dictated by Europeans and based on European issues, then why are all the other people there? Why were the rest of the attendants staying put and applauding for what Bernard Kutchner called “vile”? Why was it that when charges were brought against exactly those European powers who have a track record of racism that the powers left? On the other hand, we notice that issues such as human trafficking and religious discrimination were to be discussed in this conference. Neither one really have anything to do with racism, rather general forms of discrimination, based on religion (as the name suggests) and disregard for human condition (many prostitutes in Europe are actually from racially similar eastern European countries, so the problem is barely a race issue). So, if one is going to make the conference on anti-racism into a conference against all sorts of discrimination (in which case Feminist issues and similar should have also been present), then a speech about Israeli policies against the non-Israeli population of the country is also quite valid. This is besides the fact that it is always polite to listen to what everyone, including your enemies, say.


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MEHRNAZ, what are you saying?

by Anonymous-again (not verified) on

I have hard time understanding your point and bottom line. Would I be wrong to assume that you advocate your hero’s slogan to “wipe Israel off the map”? If you are so proud of him and share his degree of hatred for Israel, then I’m not far off in my assumption.

Can you really call yourself intelligent when you subscribe to the notion of wiping Israel off the map? Let’s for a second forget about what’s right or what’s wrong. How realistic and peaceful do you (and your idol) think that notion is? If unrealistic, then, why all these provocations? What’s wrong with peace?

Would you seat idle if you were in constant fear of annihilation? Wouldn’t you put safeguards to protect yourself and your family? Wouldn’t it be too late to react after you are wiped out? So, you can’t be serious about wiping Israel out. If not, then you must be suggesting the world should force Israel to have certain form of government but that same world has no business forcing Iran to have a certain form of government. There is something wrong with this logic.

Mehrnaz, I’ll ask you a few questions and then shutup….

Who do you think would be more supportive of their government:
1- A Bahai Iranian citizen or a Muslim Israeli citizen?
2- A Kurd / a Baluch Iranian citizen or an Arab Israeli citizen?
3-A randomly picked Iranian citizen or randomly picked Israli citizen?

It is always easy to blame others for your plight, however, you will never see the end of it until you accept your share of responsibility.

babak pirouzian

Q: just for the record....

by babak pirouzian on


 The professor's name and his quote with "  remarks were clearly stated, here again you play with word and using Akhound mentality and methodology, but remember, here is not mosque and your audiences are much smarter.

 -You said "...majority of Egyptians do identify with Arab label..." therefore you take this as proof of your argument? that Egyptians are Arabs?  If Quebecois speak French, if French colonies speak french or other colonies speak other European languages, including Hong Kong citizen speak English are they French, Italian and British?

Falsification to what extend Mr. Q.

You also talked about there are 3 different philosophies. Please remember , philosophy 401 says, "the leg of philosopher is wooden", that means they are shaky, untested and is very similar to theories. Example of above defeat your shaky theory.

Also remember Arabization of some countries, like Lebanon, Syria and a few in North Africa are based through process and not the descent.

Q; I am sure you have a good knowledge about many subjects, but in this particular one, you need to read and study more, and try to be more humble , where you can be more proud of yourself.

Finally: It's shameful for a Iranian/Persian president to start his official UN statement with Arabic verses, where NO Arab will understand what he says, and NO Iranian understand or care what the hell he is talking about, therefore his act is pure propaganda and nothing else.    

God bless Iran and Iranian    






Iran expels 13,000

by khodagov (not verified) on



by Q on

This is an excellent piece and I'm sorry if I diverted some attention away from it by getting into specific arguments with people.

Two other articles that made some of the same arguments are here.

This is from a Gay Muslim who was there live during the Ahmadinejad speech, and he made the interesting observation that UN aids who were in the hallway "hissed" at Ahmadinejad while he was walking by on his way to the podium, but they were all White. He was spat on by two Israelis in the same conference. Good read:


Second one is this other piece from Worksers World which I will submite as a contributed news.

Racist states walk out of Geneva meeting


babak, better arrogant than ignorant any day of the week...

by Q on

One opinion from a University professor does not make reality.

What is increadibly dishonest of you is repeating just one part of a Wikipedia page that you copied the quote from:

First, in your hurry to try to prove my "arrogance" you actually copied an important phrase:

"historian H. S. Deighton was still writing:"

This is because the pragraph before and the one after explained that Arab Nationalism became popular in post World War II Egypt. Someone was still writing the contrary opinion. The quote is offered as an anomoly. The paragraph after goes on to explain who Egypt changed it's name to United Arab Republic and this happened 20 years AFTER the "Oxford Historian" worte his quote.

Second, you miss the big giant sign on top of the page that reads:

This section's factual accuracy is disputed. Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page. (October 2008)

There is obviously some contrary sentiments and not everyone is in agreement. However, it is clear that the majority of Egyptians do identify with Arab label. The correct Wiki page on this issue is here and it is not disputed. It states 3 seperate philosophies for who is considered Arab: Geneological, Linguistic and Political.

It specifically says:

In the modern era, defining who is an Arab is done on the grounds of one or more of the following three criteria

As you can clearly see most Egyptians fall into two of the three categories: Linguistic and Political.

So please... spare me your faux "scholarship" on this question and stop acting like a child. Nationalist movements aside, Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, all call themselves Arabs, and have historically.

You continue with:

Some how you are playing with words, and bottom of your heart you know you are wrong.

You know there's a name for this. It's called "Argument from Desperation." Your appeal to the "bottom of my heart" is neither logical nor presents any evidence. It does not negate the fact that you were wrong on the language assertion you made. An adult would accept when he/she has been proven wrong.

There are reasons why some languages get used. French and English have had 19th century political influence. Latin the example you ignored completely (it's not even the only example) has religious influence in Europe, exactly the same way that Arabic does in the greater world of Islam.

Your point on "Egyptians converted to Christianity" is both wrong and irrelevent. Since only 10% of Egyptians are Christian, and the type of Christianity they practice is older than Roman Catholicism you are clearly wrong on the speculated "reasons", but even if we accept your rediculous notion, the fact that only 10% of the population "converted" means 90% did not convert.

I am ashmed of it and I stand for my statement

I really don't care if you are ashamed, I just want to make sure people know that this is an emotional response, not based on any of the "arguments" you tried to make in vain.

This is perhaps the final proof that your points are not logical but instead comes from a place of personal emotion and prejudice. You should thank me for making your realize this rather than continuing to go through life thinking you made "sense" with this crap of an argument. It's obvoius to anyone reading that you are deeply troubled by the Arabic language outside of any logical meaning.

The proof is this: Ask yourself why it has never bothered you that any Iranian leader has spoken other foreign languages (Shah frequently spoke both and Khatami spoke English and German in official capacity before.) You obviously have some kind of double standard on these languages. Why is that? No need to tell me, just think about it yourself in silence.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You're not convincing in the least.

In order or you to take a stand, an actual or potential belligerent must threaten Iran?

Therefore we can conclude that you are anti-IRI, as a result of the plethora of human rights abuses attributed to them, right?

Of course, not, since you have praised that hirsute dwarf.

Mehrnaz, you have more than adequately demonstrated that the sole motivation for your stance on this matter is that you harbor negative opinions about Jewish people.

Having a "Jewish friend" may assuage some twisted sense of inner guilt you might have (although I doubt it), but you're just another one of those Iranians who look at Jews as lesser people.

So, you think I have shocking preconceptions about people? No, Mehrnaz, I just have this uncanny ability to be able to see through a person's bullshit. What's shocking is that when I catch someone at it, they deny it vehemently, yet they display more examples of their prejudices as they try to prove that they're not prejudiced.

babak pirouzian

Q: I did not know you are arrogant,

by babak pirouzian on

 Oxford University historian H. S. Deighton was still writing:

“ The Egyptians are not Arabs, and both they and the Arabs are aware of this fact. They are Arabic-speaking, and they are Muslim —indeed religion plays a greater part in their lives than it does in those either of the Syrians or the Iraqi. But the Egyptian, during the first thirty years of the [twentieth] century, was not aware of any particular bond with the Arab East... Egypt sees in the Arab cause a worthy object of real and active sympathy and, at the same time, a great and proper opportunity for the exercise of leadership, as well as for the enjoyment of its fruits. But she is still Egyptian first and Arab only in consequence, and her main interests are still domestic.[27]


Egyptian converted to Christianity due to Islamic takeover, their language was a Northern Afro-Asiatic , a close reltaion to Berber and Semitic. You can study a bit more if interested in North African/Mediterranian region.

As for Stateman speaking other languages: Some how you are playing with words, and bottom of your heart you know you are wrong. English, THE major International Language is a choice of language that Statemen use it if they are confortable expressing themselves,  but you never see Turkey, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, etc use other languages except English or very rarely French when they are in International arena. I thought you are a sensible, logical person ....  Regardless , I do not see the president of my country starts his speech with Arabic language, I am ashmed of it and I stand for my statement; if you differ from this statement, SHAME ON YOU TOO.   



Check this out

by IRANdokht on


I receive regular notifications for Jewish Voice for Peace. I've found the group very progressive and peace oriented. Here's the latest email they sent me. Please do check it out and subscribe too:

Earlier today, delegates from across the globe came together in Geneva, Switzerland for the 2009 Durban Review Conference, also known as Durban II. The goal of the conference is to see how far countries have come in implementing goals set by the World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001. Even before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's incredibly inflammatory speech just hours ago, controversies over Israel and Palestinian human rights threatened to overshadow the entire conference and the critical work of thousands of anti-racism advocates and change-makers.
Already the United States and several other countries announced a boycott. The European delegates walked out over Ahmadinejad's attacks on Israel. Alan Dershowitz, Elie Wiesel, and yes, even actor and born-again Israeli government advocate Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie's dad, are all talking here, while Palestinian human rights groups like Al Haq have been banned from holding side-events at the conference. And of all people, Israel's racist foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman is issuing public condemnations of the conference on behalf of Israel.
Over the years, we've learned the hard way that you can't always believe what you read, so we decided to go there ourselves and give you a unique and more complex view of what's happening, from a Jewish peace and justice perspective.
We sent Jewish Voice for Peace communications director and Muzzlewatch blog editor Cecilie Surasky to cover the conference so we could provide an alternative to Israel's recently announced Durban Review Conference publicity campaign (you can read about that too at Muzzlewatch.com).
You can follow Cecilie and Muzzlewatch on Twitter, or you can go directly to the end of Muzzlewatch posts and subscribe to daily emails from the conference. She's already got a number of posts up, and plans on adding more today about her new hero of the conference, what made her terrified during the Ahmadinejad speech, and the Israel Project's use of human rights imagery and language to undermine human rights. So make sure you read them all, pass them on, and then follow along this week.
Sydney Levy
Director of Campaigns



Mehdi Mazloom

MEHRNAZ SHAHABI - Losing control?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

As I had written to Joe-L. When an Iranian calls you "Jaan". WATCHOUT!!!(btw, did I tell you I am an Israeli?)

Now, you are just a pussycat, easy to handle. Lets go over some of your garbage and reply to them.

You wrote:

In a World Conference on Racism where the racists have forced their dirty agenda such that ISRAEL

This conference was NOT about singling out one state, or one religious, and label it "racists". However, considering that absolute majority of participants were from Arab & Islamic state, what else do you expect from the "herd of sheep" following the newly found "leader" from Tehran.

Quote:  the apartheid state founded on race.

If you promise to keep it just between us, I have a starling revelation for you. Pakistan and Bangladesh, also were founded on the same principals as Israel - Religious sovereignty. Pakistan also expelled 8M Hindus and now occupying their homes and land in Pakistan. Hindus living in Pakistan are also being discriminated against.

In  term of religious diversity, Jewish people are as diverse as Christians and Muslims. Nationality?. I haven't heard anyone label nationality as "race". Zionism. lady, you are barking on the wrong tree. This was a movement. It objective was to secure a homeland for Jews, to stop the 1900 year of senseless persecution. It accomplished it objective, and gave way to Israeli identity.

You couldn't distinguish between true racism, and the pollow keshmesh, even if it hit you in the face.

Quote: victims of its occupation. 

Of Gaza?. Hamas is very good at inventing "occupation", to manufacture "resistance". Every time Israel gave back land to Pals, they transformed it into base of terrorism against Israel.

Quote: concentrations camps.

Who keeps them in concentration camps in Lebanon, Syria?. Isn't those heart bleeding Arab countries (Except Jordan) and Iran which turn away the Palestinian refugees when they come knowing on their doors asking for help.

The fact is, those (Palestinian) concentration camp exist throughout Arab & Islamic states.NOT in Israel.

How many Palestinian have been granted citizenship by the Mullahs.

Quote: Thanks to the genocide in Gaza.

Had it been ture, today there would not have been a single Palestinian standing. Beside, don't you think, 8 years and 8000 rockets launched on the Israeli cities and town, DELIBERATELY AND INTENTIONALLY targeting civilian, are enough for Israel to take the appropraite steps to stop it.

Since August 2005, there is no single Israeli occupying Gaza. Hamas has it all. The whole world had offred them with generous economic assistance to get themselves on their feet. Why do you blame Israel when Hamas plays right into the right wing elements in Israel, by giving them the perfect excuse to not let the Palestinians have their state.?

Trust me, you are way out of your league on this topic of Arab_Israeli conflict. 


Keep in mind

by Abarmard on

There  seems to be a mistake about the definition here:

One of the major ingredients of racism is discrimination that is based on hate.

Discrimination however is not always racist. Keep this in mind when you want to develop your argument here.

This conference was based on Hate, racist attitude, that you may include discrimination to it but not limit it to only discrimination. I am not sure if some commenter here are clear about the meaning of racism. For example, religious laws could discriminate but it's not based on race. Although they can easily become vague, I believe that this conference was meant to discuss the racism that are world wide and not exclusive to the "Muslim World" and their discriminatory behavior! (as an example)

Most probably this is why the Western world did not show too much interest about this gathering.What's there to gain? besides being criticized? Change it to why Muslims are horrible people, then they all would be there, loud and clear.

Thanks again for this interesting piece.


babak, you're mistaken

by Q on

Egyptian are not Arabs, but they speak Arabic.

Egyptians are not Arab? So the secretary General of the Arab League is himself not Arab? Or is the Arab league really all about linguistics?

Don't be silly. Citizens of Egypt are considered Arab and Egyptian.

I think you are trying too hard to dismiss Mola's point which is valid and not at all a "waist" of time.

by the way:

I have not seen any head of States anywhere NOT to speak their own native/official language in international ceremonies,

This is clearly not true. World leaders address the United Nations in English all the time. There are many world leaders (probably the majority or close to it) who have chosen to speak English or French in other international ceremonies, and many Euro-American leaders repeat phrases in Latin to make points in speeches. Catholic Monarchs and statesmen all over Europe take part in elaborate religious ceremonies almost entirely in Latin.

babak pirouzian

Mr Mola, you did not get it....

by babak pirouzian on

1- Egyptian are not Arabs, but they speak Arabic.

2-Your BBC 2007 Quote has nothing to do with my writing.

3-Is this how you exchange ideas here? among many issues, you pick up unrelated subject, just to threw something in middle?

Read the article once again and comment on the issue, if you can, otherwise do not waist time.     

Farhad Kashani

Khodagov,   In

by Farhad Kashani on



In today’s American universities and colleges, ultra Socialist professors are heavily engaged in brainwashing of the young generation. They brainwash you to become self loathing, anti American, pro Islamo Scoailsm ideology and Islamist and Socialist governments.


It’s a tragedy, and can become a threat in the future if the trend is not reversed, and by that I mean fairness in teaching should take place. California schools are obviously famous for promoting the Socialist agenda.


If you are an ultra socialist professor but have high credentials to teach, great, this is a free country, and you have all the right to do so, but do not shove your ideology down our throat. That’s all we’re asking.



Kaveh, No a regular friend actually!


Kaveh, firstly, yes I do care about racism everywhere in the world, including in Iran!  But Sudan is not threatening my country!  It has not instigated a devastating war (Iraq) that has killed millions and is not possessing the deadliest of weapons that it uses ruthlessly, intentionally and remorselessly.  Are you then suggesting that all these people in the world that oppose Israeli violence and apartheid are anti-Semites or somehow misled by Ahmadi-Nedjad?  Israel plays victim whilst it is a cruel bully threatening the world peace.  Ahmadi-Nedjad is not the cause of opposition to Israeli actions.  Israel is the cause. More importantly, opposition to Zionist atrocities is not anti-Semitism, Zionist racism is anti-Semitism, against Jews and other Semites. 

I am actually quite shocked by the way you see hate where there is none. You are an intelligent man, I can tell, but are just blind by prejudice.  I am really sorry.  Since you asked, no, my friend is not a 'Jewish' friend as against a 'regular' friend, but is a very close regular Jewish friend.  I mentioned the fact of being Jewish because my friend always makes a point of the connection between the Jewish experience of suffering and the suffering of Palestinian, that it is part of the same continuum. 

You have such shocking preconceptions about people.  Yes, my family do know and are not bothered one way or the other!   I have many Jewish friends and my children's godparents are also Jewish, a decision based not on race and religion but on enduring friendship and love.  


Mola Nasredeen

Wrong again!

by Mola Nasredeen on

BBC Poll about what Egyptions think of Iranians:

"When it came to Iran Egyptian opinion differed notably from that of other countries. The numbers were reversed in Egypt with 51 percent positive ratings and 18 percent negative."


babak pirouzian

Mehrnaz: Speaking Arabic !!!!

by babak pirouzian on

-I have been told by Arabs the way we speak Arabic as if we are insulting in every word we pronounce, therefore, most if not all he said is insult to Arab people and to Qouran. 

-I do not know if you understood what he said in Arabic, but based on my experience majority of Iranian do not understand Arabic, unless they have studied Arabic as a second language.( people in this site should comment about their Arabic knowledge and if they understood what he said) Therefore, the Arabs are insulted, Iranian do not understand, what should we call this act? What is the point using it??.  
 -I have not seen any head of States anywhere NOT to speak their own native/official language in international ceremonies,  What's wrong with our beautiful Persian/Farsi language? How could you be proud of him speaking Arabic and not our own sweet verses?, there is nothing wrong with Arabic but that's not our official language. Why can't he read the translation? or even better read some of our beautiful poem from Saadi , Hafez, etc?  

-Do yourself a big favor and ask any Arab national if they would like to live in Iran. My unscientific survey shows Zero, Nada, zilch, sefr people want to come to Iran and live there.   

-Did you follow what Arab people said after Saudi football team beat us in quarter final game? you would be ashamed of yourself hearing their insult.

Do you remember who helped Saddam during 8 years war ? I give you a clue: Palestinian..  and, I ma sure you know the rest of them ??? and I bet you as soon as there is another war between Iran and an Arab country, Palestinian  and the rest of Arab world will support them against us. Let me give you an example: In last latter to UN all Arab countries including Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi, all were supporting Arabian Gulf instead of  our Persian Gulf water way and all are lobbying for occupation of our three Islands. Now let him read Arabic!!.
I do not know what you call him, but I call him a traitor. 
Do you think God almightily is deaf and cannot comprehend Farsi or any other language?

Do you think 1.3 billion Sunni Muslim are happy with this Shia "cult " style religion?   Do you really think they are happy with Shia Ali and Mehdi and all these stuff?. But I know that all  Sunni Arab men would be delighted, if they were allowed ,like Shia to engage in Sigha (temporary marriage) which I call it legal Shariat prostitution.        

Mola Nasredeen

"Jews gone wild"

by Mola Nasredeen on

My camel whispered in my ears: "pssst...they are losing it"

I asked him "but Haj agha may I ask why?"

He responded: "by sighting Ahmadi, remember what happened when he went to New York a couple of years ago? they lost it then too" 


There is something sexy about him though

by secretlover (not verified) on

I am embarrassed but I think he is a sexy man and I I'm not talking about looks but the way he carries himself and his assertiveness. I can't exactly put my finger on it why I have this ...feeling about him. Sorry but it's the truth.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You seem to "understand" many things.

Except for the truth.

Talking to a Jewish friend of yours? As opposed to what, a regular friend?

Does your family know of this dirty secret you have? Be careful, or ze SS vill come and zey have vays of making you talk.

You clearly take issue with what you call "racism" being practiced in Israel. OK, that's admirable.

So tell us then, what do you feel about the racism and genocide that is practiced in the Balkans?

What was your reaction to the deportation of 150,000 Arabs living in the Diffa region of eastern Niger to Chad in 2006?

How did you feel about the concentration camps in Cambodia?

The persecution of the Hmong in Laos?

What about the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks?

What about the ethinic cleansing of Arabs and Indians in Zanzibar in 1964?

What about the Iraqi Christians who were persecuted by Moslems?

I don't hear one word about any of this from any of you lowlife racists....WHY?

Is it because none of the people doing the killing are Jewish?

Hava nagila day.


Kaveh, and if they were speaking Hebrew, you asked!


Funny you are saying this Kaveh!  I told what you had said previously, about Ahmadi-Nedjad talking in Arabic, to my Jewish friend tonight and he immediately said, "Oh, what if he talked in Hebrew, would that be a cause for pride or shame?" And we had a good laugh about that.  Of course, that would have been fine with me but funny because Quran is not written in Hebrew!!  And the delegates who were overwhelmingly from Muslim and African countries would have found it odd, they would not have had a clue what he was saying!   I hope though some day with good will from all those who aspire to peace it becomes possible, Kaveh, that Iranian President could send a message of peace in Hebrew.  But that would only be possible when Israeli racism ends.


Mazloom Jaan, There is a world beyond victimhood!


In a World Conference on Racism where the racists have forced their dirty agenda such that ISRAEL, the apartheid state founded on race, and the victims of its occupation, concentrations camps and phosphorus bombs, cannot be discussed by names, you are expecting Ahmadi-Nedjad to talk about unemployment and inflation in Iran???? What in your little mind is more appropriate in a World Conference on Racism to be discussed?  Racist Apartheid or unemployment?  

For you information, I was talking to a Jewish friend of mine from the UK who is in Geneva as part of an NGO who told me tonight on the phone  not just of the excellent support for  Ahmadi-Nedjad's speech amongst the delegates but also of the EXTREMELY lively and PRODUCTIVE meetings on the fringes of the conference where Israel and Palestine are being widely and openly discussed by INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES AND NGOs!   Thanks to the genocide in Gaza, there is such a wave of awareness regarding the racist nature of Israel, even amongst Israeli delegates.  I understand that this has been the most successful conference in relation to awareness of Israeli racist crimes and lots of contacts amongst activists of many nations have been made.  So mull over it and change your ways.  



Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

you write:

He was actually, if you did not know, reciting verses of Quran which
resonated with many of the Muslim delegates there, as you saw from the

Reading this comments, it brings few thoughts in mind.

1. How backward and primitive this man is.

2. Those Sunni Arabs throughout the world who listened to him, were also murmuring to each other. "who this idiots is trying to fool"? Only himself.

3. was he also reciting the massive unemployment, inflation, and lower standard of living to which this man had wroth on Iran. How about bringing Iran down on its knees, all because he and his bunch of thugs failed policy of religious fundamentalism.

anonymous fish


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well said my man, well said...LOL

to others:  

for all the hoopla about racism being a western "thang"... who currently has an african-american president?   :-)))

not denying the US' dreadful history of racism, but isn't it just a wee bit blind to deny the progress we have made?  instead you just like to harp on our past.  however, past is exactly what it is.  current is exactly what racism in the IRI is all about NOW.  please don't start in on current racism in the US... we all know it exists in some form or fashion.  but it exists EVERYWHERE.  please don't make it a US trait only.


Abu Mahmood ,the Ommatie mid-level

by SamSamIIII on


foot soldier  of khallifate & all the Ommatie cultural pimps & sidekicks of the   Qadesiyeh regime are themselves temporary occupation army denying  Iran the right to practice her true culture, language & icons .  Ommaties are the real Pan-Arab kkk of the occupied land .



Kaveh Nouraee


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And if he were speaking Hebrew?


Racism .. speaking Arabic ... you don't get it, do you?!


Yes, I am actually proud of him speaking Arabic too.  It makes him more able to communicate with the Arab world, to your obvious chagrin. He was actually, if you did not know, reciting verses of Quran which resonated with many of the Muslim delegates there, as you saw from the applause!  As for speaking Arabic, funny and telling, isn't it, that we are talking of racism and you still make racist comments.  This is called blind spot, kaveh!


CASMII lobbyist comes out

by Fred on

News falsh of known old news, the pro-Islamist republic CASMII lobbyist comes out of closet and publically declares;' I am proud of Ahmadi-Nedjad's speech, performance and composure, and I am proud of the brave Iranian delegation.  ZioNazis is the term!  Deal with it, you murderers. '

Kaveh Nouraee

Proud To Be Iranian?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Are you proud of him speaking Arabic, too?

There's a term for people like you, too, but it would get deleted.


I am proud to be an Iranian


The more I hear and see of the Conference on Racism, the more I feel proud to be an Iranian.  I am proud of Ahmadi-Nedjad's speech, performance and composure, and I am proud of the brave Iranian delegation.  


ZioNazis is the term!  Deal with it, you murderers. 

Maryam Hojjat

Mehdi Mazloom!

by Maryam Hojjat on

My view is as same as Mazloom & his supporters.  You wrote your blog very elquently but your view is not right.

This conference was not about past but what all nations must learn from the past and implement it. 

Ahmadinejad is the last person who should have talked in this conference.  He is a sick man and cause of embarrassment of Iranians around the world.

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians