Honest Genocide


Khodadad Rezakhani
by Khodadad Rezakhani

Three years ago, I was sitting at the Starbucks in Westwood, Los Angeles, having a cup of tea and doing my readings. Next to me was sitting a small, elderly lady who was obviously waiting for someone. I guessed she might be Iranian, and then turned my attention to ancient economy.

A few minutes later, an elderly gentleman arrived and sat at the lady’s table. They started talking, and surely enough, they were Iranian. The gentleman was angry, he was talking fast and with an angry tone, so I missed the first part of what he was saying. The lady was just saying “yes, yes…” and leaving him to his anger. After less than a minute, I could not avoid eavesdropping. He was talking about the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. He was angry. He was angry that Israel had decided to leave Gaza and give Palestinian statehood a chance. He said many things that clearly showed his unhappiness with the decision and his lack of compassion for Palestinians. But one particular sentence practically petrified me. He said: “well, we should just round all of them up and kill them. That is something Israel has failed to do. Before this, we had no power and so something like that happened to us, but now that we have the power, I don’t understand why we don’t do this. How many of them are there anyway? Three, four million? It should take the Israeli Army about a week to finish them off. Can you tell me why they don’t do it?” to which the lady just answered “yes, yes…”

I have wondered ever since about the sort of conscience which is both aware of the terrible crime that was the holocaust and at the same time advocates doing the exact thing to another population. I am not sure how he thought or felt, other than the fact that it is obvious that the elderly man was thinking of his kind as certainly being exceptional and special.

Now, these days when I am reading, thanks to the internet, about the Israeli attack on Gaza and killing of over 250 people, and the fact that it is going almost completely unnoticed in the CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, it makes me wonder even more. The same thing happened when Israelis attacked Lebanon. Experts came to the TV and said that the Lebanese people are responsible for their own death since they have “harboured” Hezbollah (the members of the Hezbollah are Lebanese, a fact that seems to escape people). The same total silence of the news was noticed by many when Israel attacked a Syrian military base. At the time, the silence was even appreciated by the experts and was clearly assigned to Israel’s successful control of the media (something that would get you an “anti-Semite” label any day of the week, but was flaunted and taken pride in at the time by the Israelis themselves).

Experts that are brought in to the PBS news (the only place where the issue was actually given some attention) are the Israeli ambassador who looks at the camera and says that Israel is only interested in peace (funny sort of it, evidently) and a Washington Post writer who says that Israel needs to disband Iran backed groups like Hezbollah (who is not even involved in this, it just sounds scary) and Hamas, and the next stage should be Iran who is working on “this bomb, this nuclear bomb they are developing”. Interesting, so, Washington Post has already proven the existence of a nuclear bomb in Iran, something that IAEA has not managed to do yet.

A doctor in NPR is saying that Israelis are not allowing medicine to get into Gaza. The biggest hit area is the Rafah refugee camp. Notice, it is a refugee camp, the “home” of the people who have no homes anymore. Food is scarce in the region and the UN food aid is not allowed to cross over to feed the people who live in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, which means they cannot cultivate and grow their own food.

I am a historian. Throughout history, many people have disappeared from history. No one has met an Elamite or a Babylonian or an Etruscan. It is not that amazing, although it is sad, that we don’t have any of the Britons who were killed off by the English immigrants, or any of the original Gauls who were largely killed off by the ancestors of the French. So, it is not a big surprise. This fate is what Israel has designed for Palestinians, and a supporter of Israel three years ago was honest and candid enough to verbalize it. Would the great state of Israel do us all a favour, turn honest for one second, and just tell us that they are planning to do exactly that?


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UN Official: Gaza Facing 'Life or Death' Situation

by zionist detector (not verified) on

A senior United Nations official says many families in Gaza are facing a life-or-death situation as Israel continues its military offensive against Hamas.

U.N. humanitarian coordinator Maxwell Gaylord released a statement Wednesday calling on Israel to allow more humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza, which has been under a blockade.

Gaylord says it is crucial for the Karni border crossing to be opened to allow in wheat grain for the 750,000 people who rely upon U.N. relief. He also says electricity needs to be fully restored to Gaza's hospitals, which are overwhelmed with patients.

Many other world powers and human rights groups have expressed concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Britain on Wednesday pledged $10 million in emergency aid for the Gaza Strip, calling the human cost of Israel's assault on the Palestinian territory "unacceptable."

Anti Islamist


by Anti Islamist on

Yes I am aware of the Noahide laws. Many of the ignorant/bigots on this site use the "chosen people" misconception and misinterpretation to attack Jews/Zionists yet they are not aware of  what "chosen" really means or the  facts regarding the noahide laws. I see no reason why Muslims would not be included as they meet all the criteria. To me Islam & Judaism are very similar. There are some very smart and educated Muslim scholars/Ayatollahs/Imams who are nothing like the bunch that are in control of the Islamic Republic.

I will look up the circumcision thing. Thanks. 



what happened to Amil Amini blog

by hateIRI (not verified) on

JJ, you keep pushing people who are against your ideology and IRI manifesto away.

Is this what your web site about, another IRI propaganda machine?

make it clear where you stand

DW Duke

Reply to AI

by DW Duke on

Thanks AI, I just wondered if there was a special reason for this particular handle.  The section of the Mishneh Torah I referenced identifies the 7 noahide laws which I thought might be of interest to some of the readers here.  As you know, the Talmud says that a non-Jew who complies with these laws is as righteous as the greatest Jewish sage.  I have had interesting discussions with a number of rabbis as to whether a Muslim can be a noahide. 

The reference to the Shulcan Aruch was a bit of side humor.  If you have a little time you might look it up for a grin.  :)

Anti Islamist

Dear Anony7

by Anti Islamist on

I am bache Esfahani as well. Thanks for understanding. As you are well aware, the Jews of Esfahan all lived in the Mahaleh upto about 40/50 years ago and Najes was a very big concept for some Muslims. There were some periods of great upheaval for the Jews of Esfahan.
Apparently, for example, my great , great, great, great, great uncle
was beheaded by Shah Abass (as I'm told by family members). There is
a great book that was written 400-500 years ago that I found about a
progrom against the jews of Esfahan.  have to find the title and
I will give it to you. Someone did their PHD on analyzing this book
and its published. 

Although, my grandfather as a Jew experienced very hard times, my
father's generation was much better off and we were treated with
respect and dignity. Esfahan Nesfeh Jahan! 

Mr. Q, Whatever. I think I made my point and you and others
understand even though you are still defensive about it. It had
nothing to do with you, It has to do with the fact that you are
anonymous even with your name. Although I did imagine that you looked
like the cracks on the moon:)))))




Anti Islamist

Dear DW

by Anti Islamist on

Anti Islamist has nothing to do with being anti Muslim. Islamists are people who would like to spread their personal view of Islam on others around the world (as you saw on David ET's good analysis of the Islamic Republics Constitution), the same as the Christian Right tries to do here in the US or the same as the kookoo religious Zionist try to do in Israel- I am Anti all of these  movements with religious fundamentalism.   Muslim people and culture are great. I, as an Iranian, am part of the Muslim culture and the Jewish Iranioan community have adopted many cultural practices of the Muslims. I have nothing against Islam, Muslims or Muslim culture.

I chose this name here because I think its appropriate to combat some of the outright Anti-Semitism, anti Israeli lies and propaganda which is spread around by some Islamists and their supporters on this site and this thread. Perhaps its childish of me but there is an element of fun to it as well when people use words such as ZioNazis or compare what is going on today to Nazi Germany. 

I have to be honest with you and tell you that I don't care what the Mishnah or Gemmara has to say about non-jews. These books are not the governing sources og my life (I have studies Baba Metziah, Baba Kama, Makot and am familiar some what with the texts..... I was thinking of purchasing the Steinsaltz talmud but haven't gotten around to it yet).

Since I am not a religious person I really don't care what  Shulchan Aruch has to say either. But you should understant that with or without any Halacha, since I have family in Iran still, being anonymous is impoertant because you never know who is whatching or reading us. As you may be aware, one of the blogers on this site is in jail in the Islamic Republic right now for talking his mind. Protection of family members and their safety, trumps whatever the Shulchan Aruch has to say. 




United Nations: Israel's massacre of Palestinian civilians

by zionist detector (not verified) on

continues. More than 390 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Israeli campaign on Gaza, and some 1,900 others are reported wounded.

"A minimum of 25 percent of all those killed are civilians and it may well be far higher," Christopher Gunness, a spoksman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, told AFP on Wednesday.


understanding Anti Islamist (to Q and DW)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

I grew up in Isfahan and in a mixed community. In particular I went to the same high school that had Jewish students as well, sat in the same bench with Jewish classmates, and later worked for a Jewish owned business... overall I am proud of the way that people of different faiths in my hometown have lived side by side for centuries. However I must confess that there are some prejudices such as regarding Jews as Najes (unclean) among some (not all) Muslims that have deep impacts, majority of us Iranians don't understand that ..., I to some extent understand that because here and there someone thought I was a Jew.

DW Duke

Reply to Q

by DW Duke on

Then you should love this:  :)




Hundreds of people in Oslo demonstrate agaist Israel's atrocitie

by zionist detector (not verified) on

s. They have expressed their anger over deadly Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Chanting anti-Israel slogans, the protesters marched to the Israeli embassy in Oslo to condemn Israel's military campaign on Gaza and express their solidarity with those suffering in Gaza.

The angry protesters burnt the Israeli flag, threw stones and fired fireworks at the embassy building and police cordons.



by Q on

I don't know if you know the significance of the picture I did link to, in light of the latest accusation regarding my identity. But you may find it funnier, if you didn't.

DW Duke

Q the Picture

by DW Duke on

Q, I asked Zion the other day if you are from Star Trek.  LOL 

From: Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:41 PM PST

"By the way, who heck is Q?  Wasn't he a guy on Star Trek?  :)"


allright, sbcga,

by Q on

dear sbcga, you're right. just to prove to sbcga whose opinion is of utmost importance to me, I will show my face. There's a grainy picture here so you will have to concentrate to see it.

Anti Islamist: You are the person I was talking about. No doubt in my mind, nor in those of any of the readers' now. The creepiness an the frustration is unmistakable. You really know a lot more about me than you think, anonymous friend: who I "debated" online, what I have said before, what my beliefs are. Are you certain we've only "engaged" once? You really went through all my links online and verified I have no biography in any of them? By the way, don't forget to expand your search to "Q" and "Alimohammad Hassan Hosseini" as well.

I have to apologize for not having enough "hits" on the Internet. How many pages of links does your name get? Just want to make sure you're not a "nobody" or anything.

What's the cut-off line number I'm supposed to have for you to "know" me like you "know" other people in your life and please tell me how can I guarantee I never reach that number?

Have fun with your future investigations.

Rosie: I really miss having you here.

DW Duke

Question for Anti Islamist

by DW Duke on

Out of curiousity why do you use the handle Anti-Islamist?  In light of Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings and Their Wars, 9:1, which of the laws does a Muslim violate?

FYI Zion:  I am not a convert.  My mother was an Ashkenazi Jew as was her mother and her mother to time immemorial. 

Here is a thought about Jews using handles on websites.  What does the Shulcan Aruch say about a man who hides his circumcision when entering the river to bathe?  :)  (See Orach Chayim: Mahadura Basra 2:2, later edition)

Anti Islamist


by Anti Islamist on

Bevakasha Khaver.


Q, show us your face. If you

by sbcga (not verified) on

Q, show us your face. If you really are sincerely, QB. I don't for a minute believe you are who you claim to be. Your style of writings are almost identical to another writer on Iraniantruth.com and I think he is the grand son of Khomeini.


The Importance of Being Khodadad

by dishonestkhodadad (not verified) on

The Importance of being Earnest!

When you start writing about the atrocities of your beloved IR, fueling the fire of war across the ME, then I will take you seriously.


Khodadad / Zion, Q...

by rosie's ghost (not verified) on

K: the elderly gentleman's views are very extreme, however the reasons behind the oppressed becoming the oppressor are no mystery to psychology. It is well-known that the tortured for example often become tortures, of those people whom they have power over: their own children. Of course no racks and thumbscrews are involved but...my former partner is a Czech Jew and his mother was a camp survivor. The combination of beatings and psychological torture simultaneously she devised for him would make you marvel at her brillians while your hair stood on end. He is sixty now. He's never gotten over it.

Further, the post-war Swiss psychologist Alice Miller advanced the theory of "alliance with the oppressor." She held that victims of extreme abuse often internalized and imitated the abuse because if they didn't life would be (existentially) too pointles, painful and absurd to continue living.

There were survivors who transcended this not uncommon psychological fact. Others did not. Still others killed themselves instead. Paul Celan, the greatest German-language poet of the 20th century (according to most critics) drowned himself in the Seine......

btw, perhaps you don't know but I am a non-Zionist Ashkenaz Jew of extremely humanitarian Zionist parents (that was their indoctrination) who with the years could no longer turn a blind eye to the depredations against the Palestinians...my uncle was a gun-runner for the Irgun, etc. etc. ad infinium.


Q, Z



Anti Islamist

Q, Please don't believe a single word from me

by Anti Islamist on

I frankly don't care. I was not trying to
start a conversation with you anyway. I was trying to understand where
DW was coming from.

You are a very dishonest debater and you try to pull a fast ones as
if you are talking to a bunch of dummies. You selectively choose what
you want to respond to and you create your own facts. Your debates with
Jamshid and Zion are classic examples. Now here you say:

"Over the years, there has been much information about me on the
Internet and there is plenty of it on this site. I've played this game
before. I'm here, I've been writing for years. People have talked to
me, met me. I have nothing to prove to you. And I really don't care
what you think."

The above is complete B.S. by you Q. There is nothing about you on
the Internet. There is two or 3 articles with your name here and there
on meaningless obscure websites that no one has heard of. Your name
search on google brings only 3 pages of results with 158 hits. You
asked me to give you my law office address.... who do you think you
are? I was not even talking to you below. You are the one who attacked
me because I asked DW questions. You are the one who was having an
Orgasm because you just found the ANTI ZION in DW. I am sorry to
reveal/break this to you, but in the world of writers about the the
Middle East you are a nobody. No one knows you. We all know Darius
Kadivar or JJ but we don't know Qumars Bolurchian. Show us your face
since you asked me to do the same. My point is that you are anonymous
even with your claim that your name is Qumars and "all over the
internet". I can find Darius, I can find JJ but no one can find Mr.

Here is one more:

"I just don't have the Chutzpah to go around demanding "Give us your
CV!" while myself being anonymous with a straight face. This is part of
what makes us different I guess."

I gave my background when asked. I do not give my name and this site
offers this option. I don't see you having a problem responding to
anonymous people who agree with you all the time and worship you. You
respond to thoes people and never make their anonymity an issue.
Somehow, if some one can give you a run for your money and they are
anonymous than they have "Chutzpah". If anonymity is an issue for you
than don't respond to the anonymous people who kiss your ass as well.
Unless you are a hypocrite of course.

And this one:

"And yes, you are most certainly playing games. First about the
"fake jew" thing which you now claim was a joke (good cover! just like
the stalker character) And again about your name. What did I ever say
about your "name"? You just admitted you use different names, why would
I possibly have reaction to something so patently FAKE?"

It was a joke dry one but you don't get it. You claimed that I said
that you called me a fake jew. Where did I say that? See who used the
word "fake jew" and you had an instant Orgasm and started giving
friendly advice on the people here to DW.

As to my "NAME" I was honest enough to tell you that I had engaged
you previously under a different name because you acused mme of
"stalking you". I am sure you found it because I did. Our engagement
under the different name I used was very civil and respectful. My
intent here was not to engage you but this is another good example of
why people find you and your opinions so harsh and dishonest.

Look how easy it was to create an account. I could also use a fake name here liked Babak Nourian  (someone that could actually exist with a law office and the hole nine yards) and you would not even know it. 

This is just awesome!!!!


Inshallah ;)

by Q on



Good luck with your article

by Zion on

Who knows, maybe this time you get to silence all Israeli officials for good.


But... YOUR agenda

by Q on

of putting words in my mouth and taking things out of context for cheap political ploys is lost on no one, and unfortunately very typical of the Israel-uber-alles crowd.

The funny thing is, I know you actually try (in your mind) to stay away from unfair attacks, so you knowingly making this one tells me you're in a bad emotional place right now.

Sorry to have agitated you. Now if you don't mind, I have another article on the Gaza issue to write.


Sure it is Q

by Zion on

You have the freedom to make a fool of yourself as much as you like, who is stopping you? But your constant agenda to have the IPs of people, especially those living under the Islamic regime in Iran, revealed does not fit into such innocent exercises of free speech if you get your way. I am just exercising my freedom to point this out.


Zion, I just hate hypocrisy :)

by Q on

Don't get mad. You don't need to repeat it.

All you have to do is for you and your freinds, stop giving me so much material to work with. I have never "asked" for anyone's identity, I have only demonstrated hypocrisy by those who abuse this system.

Like now, for instance. Once again you have gotten prematurely righteous in your rage. Is it not my freedom to choose to criticize patent hypocrisy?

It's called a performative contradiction. Try to watch it next time...


What's it to you Q?

by Zion on

Seriously, someone politely asks someone else about his background, the other person either chooses to talk about it or not. What is it to you?
Why is it that you are so threatened by people's freedom to choose whether they want to keep their identity intact or not? You don't have the nerves to ask other people's identities? Who is the one obsessed with getting your hands on everyone's IPs, in Iran or the free world. Talk about mafia bosses. Give us a break! lol.
You should practice to gradually leave the habit of projecting your needs and feelings onto others.


AI sorry, I don't believe a single word

by Q on

You have attacked me with very similar style in the past. You admit you have used different names (ask yourself why?) to "engage" me. And you refuse to be a registered user even now.

In my experience habitual users (like you) who do not register, and obsess about other people's identity (again, like you) are exactly in the category of people I described below. You can always prove me wrong, but I'm not entering any "contest" with you. Just simply proving your own hypocrisy.

Over the years, there has been much information about me on the Internet and there is plenty of it on this site. I've played this game before. I'm here, I've been writing for years. People have talked to me, met me. I have nothing to prove to you. And I really don't care what you think.

You and Zion and the rest of the pro-Israel warriors on the other hand are in the habit of "checking people out" like the Mafia bosses. Why would you even go around searching for people's law firm or anything else? It reveals alot about your mindset.

I just don't have the Chutzpah to go around demanding "Give us your CV!" while myself being anonymous with a straight face. This is part of what makes us different I guess.

That's what I wanted to show and I think it has been shown.

And yes, you are most certainly playing games. First about the "fake jew" thing which you now claim was a joke (good cover! just like the stalker character) And again about your name. What did I ever say about your "name"? You just admitted you use different names, why would I possibly have reaction to something so patently FAKE?

Yes, thanks for the generous options: I may engage you (against the fatwa issued by Zion) or to ignore you. You may even find out which one I chose at some point in time.

For now, good day.


I only specialize in transvestite arabs. Do you want to order a portfolio? Email me your address "qumars@gmail"


Funny how you enjoy "interventions" ? Is it something in the water with you people?


Thank you dear Anti Islamist

by Zion on

for the timely intervention.
תודה חברי

Sam, that was brilliant! LOL


A phtographer ha ? lol

by samsam1111 on

I wonder WHO he photographs & to whom those photos are sent :))))


Dear Q

by Anti Islamist (not verified) on

I have no idea who is stalking you but I am not gay and I am happily married:))))

I did engage you once before a few months ago, under a different name, when we were talking about how Jews base the religion of a child on the mother, Moslems on the father and how you found the Jewish way racist. I am sure you can go and find it.

I never said that you called me a "fake jew". Please read my post again and see if I accused you as such. You are mistaken. My reference to "fake jew" had nothing with a "fading spotty memory". It was a joke having to do with the conversations below. How dry are you? In particular, it was a joke about you hitting it off so fast with Mr. DW who actually used the term "fake jew" below. So who has the spotty memory?

I am serious but I do not have to follow your advice to link my law firm or register. I do not pretend to have shared as much as Mr. Duke. But since you would like to make this an issue or a daring game, why don't you give us your link to your website, real occupation, the name you actually use in the work force.... After checking your link all we know about you is that you are Qumars
Bolourchian. A web search reveals that you claim you are a photographer. Give us the link to your photography studio.... Do you understand what I mean? We all have different reasons for wanting to stay anonymous.

I never made this a competition about who can reveal more information. Mr. DW, out of his own volition, decided to give us his name, occupation and law firm name. This was his choice. I asked him specific questions about his background because he had real knowledge about Jewish law and the Torah. Since he had revealed so much, I did not think asking him more would be an issue.

I was asked to give info and I did. Please don't accuse me of playing games. If you do not like my name here,I apologize but I am not changing it. You are welcome to engage me or ignore me. The choice is your.



by Hajminator on



You are a Zion detector... She becomes sometimes funny too!