Honest Genocide


Khodadad Rezakhani
by Khodadad Rezakhani

Three years ago, I was sitting at the Starbucks in Westwood, Los Angeles, having a cup of tea and doing my readings. Next to me was sitting a small, elderly lady who was obviously waiting for someone. I guessed she might be Iranian, and then turned my attention to ancient economy.

A few minutes later, an elderly gentleman arrived and sat at the lady’s table. They started talking, and surely enough, they were Iranian. The gentleman was angry, he was talking fast and with an angry tone, so I missed the first part of what he was saying. The lady was just saying “yes, yes…” and leaving him to his anger. After less than a minute, I could not avoid eavesdropping. He was talking about the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. He was angry. He was angry that Israel had decided to leave Gaza and give Palestinian statehood a chance. He said many things that clearly showed his unhappiness with the decision and his lack of compassion for Palestinians. But one particular sentence practically petrified me. He said: “well, we should just round all of them up and kill them. That is something Israel has failed to do. Before this, we had no power and so something like that happened to us, but now that we have the power, I don’t understand why we don’t do this. How many of them are there anyway? Three, four million? It should take the Israeli Army about a week to finish them off. Can you tell me why they don’t do it?” to which the lady just answered “yes, yes…”

I have wondered ever since about the sort of conscience which is both aware of the terrible crime that was the holocaust and at the same time advocates doing the exact thing to another population. I am not sure how he thought or felt, other than the fact that it is obvious that the elderly man was thinking of his kind as certainly being exceptional and special.

Now, these days when I am reading, thanks to the internet, about the Israeli attack on Gaza and killing of over 250 people, and the fact that it is going almost completely unnoticed in the CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, it makes me wonder even more. The same thing happened when Israelis attacked Lebanon. Experts came to the TV and said that the Lebanese people are responsible for their own death since they have “harboured” Hezbollah (the members of the Hezbollah are Lebanese, a fact that seems to escape people). The same total silence of the news was noticed by many when Israel attacked a Syrian military base. At the time, the silence was even appreciated by the experts and was clearly assigned to Israel’s successful control of the media (something that would get you an “anti-Semite” label any day of the week, but was flaunted and taken pride in at the time by the Israelis themselves).

Experts that are brought in to the PBS news (the only place where the issue was actually given some attention) are the Israeli ambassador who looks at the camera and says that Israel is only interested in peace (funny sort of it, evidently) and a Washington Post writer who says that Israel needs to disband Iran backed groups like Hezbollah (who is not even involved in this, it just sounds scary) and Hamas, and the next stage should be Iran who is working on “this bomb, this nuclear bomb they are developing”. Interesting, so, Washington Post has already proven the existence of a nuclear bomb in Iran, something that IAEA has not managed to do yet.

A doctor in NPR is saying that Israelis are not allowing medicine to get into Gaza. The biggest hit area is the Rafah refugee camp. Notice, it is a refugee camp, the “home” of the people who have no homes anymore. Food is scarce in the region and the UN food aid is not allowed to cross over to feed the people who live in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, which means they cannot cultivate and grow their own food.

I am a historian. Throughout history, many people have disappeared from history. No one has met an Elamite or a Babylonian or an Etruscan. It is not that amazing, although it is sad, that we don’t have any of the Britons who were killed off by the English immigrants, or any of the original Gauls who were largely killed off by the ancestors of the French. So, it is not a big surprise. This fate is what Israel has designed for Palestinians, and a supporter of Israel three years ago was honest and candid enough to verbalize it. Would the great state of Israel do us all a favour, turn honest for one second, and just tell us that they are planning to do exactly that?


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AI, I know you... you are the stalker

by Q on

I have never called you a "fake Jew." Your fading spotty memory, and obsession with linking me to the IRI, is a dead giveaway.

IF you are serious, you can kindly register your name, and place a link to your law firm, and your other writings and then you can be considered as having shared as much information as DW Duke. Otherwise, don't play games.


as I said "approaching"... but not quite there.


No way

by Zion on

Klinger is my favorite arab transvestite of all times. Couldn't you tell, Sherlock?


Dear David ET & DW

by Anti Islamist (not verified) on

No Problem. Here is my background:

Born: Iran

Religion: Jewish

Age: Almost 40

Sex: Male

Occupation: Attorney Like Mr. DW

I am sure I am more of a "coward" for Q and his type now. Q also must consider me a "fake jew" because I believe in Israel's right to exist as a nation. I guess to Q and his type I am a ZIONIST as well.

I also believe that the Palestinians have a right to Statehood in West Bank & Gaza....

I hate Israel's settlement policy..... I think it is very stupid and inhumane

Hamas deserves everything they are getting now....

I hate what has happened to Iran and I wish that Iranians get a true democratic system where they can live up to their true potential as all humans deserve and are capable of. With the current system Iran is doomed...Sorry Mr. Q:)))))

I hope this answers your questions Mr. ET.


that's Rubbish, Zion!

by Q on

What a novel way to hide the fact that you have nothing more to say in response! You may yet be approaching my level of creativity.

I'm surprised you're a MASH fan, being that Klinger was such a degenerate Arab and all. Doesn't that make the show entartete Kunst ?

David ET


by David ET on

For a nameless UNREGISTERED commentator you sure give yourself the right to ask a lot of personal questions from others !!!!

In all fairness can you also answer a little of what you asked D.W.  about yourself too?!!




Dear Anti Islamist

by Zion on

No I do not consider Mr. Duke an antisemite. I mistook him first for someone we all know :-), but since you mentioned his background I had a look. He actually sounds like an interesting fellow. My guess is, he is a convert to Judaism of Christian, Anglo-Saxon background. It's my guess based on his obsession with "semitic" people and races, genealogies and the monotheistic purity of Islam compared to Christian inherent antisemitsm and pagan core. It is a very anglo-saxon trait this fascination with arabs as a remnant of the pure and biblical "semitic" cultures. I've seen his type. They are very enthusiastic but a bit insecure. I was perhaps a bit rough on him and he is just reacting.

Q, dear, I just realized something. Have you seen M*A*S*H by any chance? You remind me so much of the Frank Burns character there! The series went down from the time his character left the show. Promise you will never leave this site. OK?


Thousands are protesting on the streets of San Francisco

by zionist detector (not verified) on

Channel 4 TV News live footage. They are marching on Market st and it's closed to traffic. They started at Israeli embassy and are marching towards Union Square. Police is there in force and it seems like everybody is surprised. This is the third protest against Israel in San Francisco for the last 3 days. There has been demonstrations against savage Israeli war criminals all over the world.


Dear DW

by Anti Islamist (not verified) on

OK. Thanks. I was not trying to be pushy or to personally attack you. I was also not trying to intimidate you to give me personal information as Mr. Q suggests. You have chosen to share you true identity and I was trying to understand where you are coming from. You have a very diverse and interesting background as I stated below.

If you do not want to share publicly that is OK. I just found it interesting because you seem to have a lot of knowledge/expert on certain issues. I also think it would have helped others understand you better. Especially, someone like Zion.

Zion thinks you are an anti-Semite

You think he is a fake jew

And Q is having the time of his life celebrating as you can see from his very respectful post below.

At least you are on Q's good side:)))))))


Dear Farhad

by IRANdokht on

It's great that you don't approve of the IRI's thugs and their human rights abuses, more power to you!  I also do agree that the innocent people of all ME countries are the victims.

but the Palestinian/Israeli conflicts go back to the times before IRI even existed. Middle East has not seen peace with or without IRI.

The reason for this high friction area is not just because IRI supplies weapons to one side either. The reason the European jews were sent there to settle was in the hopes to create a disaster of instability in the region, so the countries who have the most oil would be buying weapons with most of their revenues and be using the arms against each other, hence supplying an everlasting market for artillery.

Mark my word Farhad jan, as long as there is oil in the middle east, there won't be peace! with or without IRI. Although it'd be best for our country if they finally take the chokehold off our people, it won't have that much of an affect on the region except for making it even less stable by providing a larger area of chaos like today's Iraq and Afghanistan.  



DW jan, a word of advice to you regarding "Anonymous" attackers

by Q on

First, please don't be intimidated. If you don't feel comfortable with sharing personal information, ask JJ to remove the offending postings.

AI is not interested in "understanding" anything. It's just a cheap ploy to get information.

DW, these people are vicious and ruthless character assassins. They think of themselves as secret agent soldiers for the glory of Israel or some kind of a racially/religiously cleansed future Iran. While hiding behind fake names and fake associations, they are always ready to attack honorable people who use and stand by their own work and beliefs.

"Fred", "Zion", "anonymous" this/that, anti blah blah blah.... notice a pattern in their methodic attacks? It's that of a coward who wants free hand to attack people's REAL character from the safety of a fake name.

This is one of the least attractive features of this website: the owner's tolerance of such outright abuse.

Don't get me wrong, they are mostly harmless, as far as I know. Their essential cowardice actually prevents them from doing anything real. But attacks in comments like this can be followed by personal hate mails, phone calls and even letters to your employer. I speak from experience.

Many people use pseudonyms online, I have no problem with that at all. But only a few such as our fascist-minded friends are obsessed with "exposing" their "opponents" real lives while hiding their own. This is not even my description, they have said many times that their "mission" is to spend hours and hours to "expose" whatever undesirable elements their warped mind comes up with. Zion used the term "degenerates" before... couldn't help but chuckle at that one.

Another one, "Fred" is obsessed with NIAC. Constantly restating personal information and accusing them of being IRI lobbyists or agents or whatever while "exposing" facts already stated in their public biographies. It's like he can't believe there are non-cowards in this world, and gets satisfaction out of playing "big brother!" It's all about weak minded people trying to feel powerful in some pathetic way.

The degree to which these people nervously avoid talking about themselves reveals a real deep fear that someday perhaps their own methods might be used against them. That also makes it amusing for me to constantly make them nervous by noticing specific things about them: Such as Zion's use of the figure of speech "rubbish," a term seldom used in the US, but common in other English speaking countries.

Stay strong and keep up the good work!

DW Duke

Reply to AI

by DW Duke on

If you send me a private email I would be happy to compare notes.  :)

Farhad Kashani

Innocent Arabs, Iranians

by Farhad Kashani on

Innocent Arabs, Iranians and Israeilis have been taking hostage by the Iranian regime's quest to establish a fundamentalist Middle East. Israel has shown its willingness to make peace with Arabs in Camp David and with Jordan and giving back Ghaza and now with negotiations with Syria. Arabs also have shown willingness for peace in the same places. The one that is doing its outmost for peace NOT to happen in the Middle East is the Islamic regime in Tehran.

If there is peace, IRI loses all of its rethoric and its propaganda base. It will die out. It will cease to exist. The only party in the Middle East that peace is against its vital interest is the Islamic regime. The IRI is using its puppet fundamentalist groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas to cause chaos as much as possible.

Mark my word folks, there will never, ever be peace in the Middle East until the IRI regime is in power.


Thanks DW Duke

by Anti Islamist (not verified) on

Also, are you Jewish? Are you a Chasidic jew? Are you a Lubavitch? Stamar? Neturei Carta?

I am asking because I saw your posts on the Lubavitch site where you were discussing jewish Halacha, mishna, talmud with Chasidic individuals.

I am trying to understand where you are coming from.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i totally did! for the sake of...Peace!

DW Duke

Reply to AI

by DW Duke on

Thanks AI.  I am a trial and appellate attorney focusing on business litigation, professional liability, real estate and human rights.  There is a link on our website to my bio but please ignore the photo.  I don't look like that at all. Horrible pic.  LOL


It is time for Palestinians & Arabs to look for smarter leaders

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

Israel is always looking for an excuse to kill as many Palestinians as possible so they can so it is up to Arabs and the Palestinians NOT TO GIVE THEM THAT EXCUSE. Palestinians should have never trusted Hamas to lead them. They (Palestinians) can use peace more than war, specially since they are so much weaker than Israel.

It is time for Palestinians and Arab world to look for better and smarter leaders.


Dear Mr. Duke

by Anti Islamist (not verified) on

Can you please share your background with us?

I did some research and found your Law Practice.

I also found some of your posts on Chabad Lubavitch websites after searching your name on the internet.

I also found your songs. You are a good singer and have a good voice.

Please give us your CV........


Mr. Duke

by Shekar on

Good idea.  I think everyone should start ignoring ignorance.  I noticed Niloufar Parsi also gave up and pushed the ignore button yesterday. 


Dumbfounded already? ;-D

by Zion on


DW Duke

Ignore Status

by DW Duke on

Is there a way to put a person on ignore?  There is a babbling person around here who seems incapable of correctly quoting someone or making an intelligent statement of any kind whatsoever.  In fact she seems determined to self destruct with embarrassment.  I wonder if she is a suicide bomber in disguise.   And on top of everything else she is a fake Jew.  LOL


Zion, of course I know he is an antisemite

by Q on

he did just dare criticize Israel after all, didn't he?

Well there you go.

Now he's an antisemite and his facts and evidence can be safely dismissed by righteous hearsay. Also, he's my BFF, therfore, what I say is irrelevant too.

Any other notable observations?

PS. Jews are not a race, therefore incapable of being racist toward other peoples. Just another "chosen" quality that puts them above the rest of us.


Dear David ET

by Zion on

You have made a very good point there. It is sad but hardly surprising. For those who parrot the positions of the IRI leadership or fabricate similar kind of "recollections" to support it, what happens to human rights activists in Iran is no violation of any rights. Zionist agents are being detected and rounded up, and as we all know zionists and their stooges, especially if they are inside Iran, have no rights.



by Zion on

Nice conversation you two having there. Now let's see:
"Duke", do you understand English? Jews are not a race, and neither are Arabs, and there is no law about physical appearance in Israel. I suggest you focus on the article that is going to end the Israeli/palestinian conflict. Your pal here thinks he helped silence Netanyahu for ever, so what is it that he has that you have not. Oh, and Q, Brezezinsky is one of the few active names in US politics that are true anti-semites. Quoting him on Israeli evil might not be very convincing. I know as the mentor of your guys lobbyist in chief, and as a true friend of your glorious Islamic revolution, he has a special place in your hearts, but he is not a reliable source for debates.


haha, good one Q!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Please kids, don't end up ignorant like "Morning" Joe Scarborough!

DW Duke

Reply to Q

by DW Duke on

Generally I agree Q that acquisition by force is no longer permissable.  However, Article 14 of the Fourth Geneva Convention allows the parties to a military conflict to engage in negotiations of territorial boundries as part of neogiation of a resolution of the dispute.  Had such an agreement been refined and entered into between the parties in '67, and assimilation occurred at that time, Israel would be in an entirely different situation today vis a vis the Palestinians.  Instead, we wound up with the deaar in the headlights syndrome and today we have a continuing occupation.  The same is true of events that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th Century.  While we can't change history I believe it is beneficial to look at history to help avoid the same mistakes in the future.

I agree with you though that as a general rule a nation can no longer invade another nation and claim conquerored land as its own which is why I included the caveat "traditionally."  One of the problems still though is enforcement of the treaty provisions and the reality the is that the UN is still fairly impotent on this issue.  Consider all of the violations that occurred during the Iraq War.  Nations are very slow to bring actions into the Criminal Courts and the complaint process under the various treaties is tedious allowing all sorts of "escape hatches" for the violating nation. 


Brezezinsky on the "generous offer" supposedly given to Arafat

by Q on

for the education of the those open minded to get past the propaganda.


AnonymousIrooni: A zionist and a "weak link" at the same time

by zionist detector (not verified) on

He has no respect for anybody. It goes with his ideology of being an extremist zionist. He acts also as a "weak link" meaning he maybe Iranian but is so full of hatred that would do and say anything to feed his hatred. Some humans are not human. He is not for sure for attacking the victims and encouraging the criminals in Tel Aviv. An absolutely hatefull figure on iranian.com and a very usefull tool in the toolbox of Ms zion.


DW Duke, about your #2

by Q on

Aquisition of territory by force is no longer permissable, as of the founding of the UN in 1945. There is no "law of conquest" anymore and there never was one that was legitimate. Just think about what the world would be like if this was not the case.

Israel has basically adopted the "conquest" argument as a strategy of convinience, and as a bargaining chip since it has the upper hand militarily. It has no legitimacy whatsoever and it will never be accepted by anyone else.

Israel used this argument (framed in even more rediculous terms of "Biblical Law") to claim that the Sinai captured from Egypt in 1967 also belongs to a "greater Israel." They put settlements in Sinai and began making "facts on the ground" there just like West Bank. And they had no intention of giving it back until it was made clear to them in 1973 war that it could cost them everything.

You may be right about US backing of Israel fading, but it is a very slow and complicated process. Right now Israel is scared shitless that Obama will move in that direction which is why they chose to launch their operation (being planned for over 2 years) right at this moment.

You recall that they have always made flase flag excuses for every other war they had. "Preemptive strike" or "Taking of hostages" or "border skirmish", etc. They were so pressed for time, they couldn't even do that in this case and had to bite the bullet and go in without even an "incident."



by Aziz (not verified) on

Dear Jahanshah

It is time you moved this chain to "Fiction" as the recent posts have lost all claim to objective reality.

One of your readers is composing an "Article" to solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Evidently some of your fans live on a different planet
Be well

DW Duke

David Et

by DW Duke on

Thanks David, actually the post is a rough draft of a segment of an article I am writing on the Palestinian crisis.  To be honest, I don't hold much hope that the Israeli government as a whole will entertain these thoughts for the time being.  Unfortunately, I do believe that the end result of this situation will be war between Israel and other nations.  It has been building for a long time.  Until now, Israel has had the support of the US but that is beginning to fade as more and more Americans are polarizing against Israel due to the perceived human rights violations.  At the end of the day, are Americans willing to sacrifice their pocket books if there is an oil boycott raising the price of fuel to $8. per gallon?  What if it means war on American soil?  There are many ways the oil producing nations can put pressure on the US to cause the US to move away from support of Israel.

1.  On the racial/ethnic/religious issue, it is question of education.  To see how intense the hatred is on both sides all you have to do is read the comments from some of the posters here.  Now translate that into people who are actually living in the region facing Kassam rockets on the one side and air raids on the other.  I wish there were some way to stop it but it is like a locomotive running toward a cliff and out of track.    

2.  On reclaiming land, this is an area of international law that is somewhat unclear.  Traditionally, a conquering nation could claim territory of an aggressor.  Thus, traditionally the last acquired by Israel in the six day war would be Israel's.  Part of the problem though is that Israel maintained an occupation of the territories rather than claiming it and assimilating the people.  Why did that happen? In part because no one knew what to do with the conquered people and secondly, there were issues among the religious factions as to who should live in Israel.   Rabbi Kook supported selling land to Arabs under the law of ger toshav but there are issues as to when that law actually comes into play and the religious factions can't reach a consensus. 

3.  This would have to be accomplished in phases.  Again the hatred has grown so intense that this would be extremely difficult to achieve.  Then there are people who are not even Jews or Palestinians who are spewing hate messages all over the world which adds fuel to the fire.  This is actually the topic of the third part of the article but in essence there would have to be a constitution with guarantees prohibiting discrimination on the bases of race, ethnicity and religion.  Again, because of the religious divisions this would be difficult to achieve. 

The article is intended as a "what if?"  If the region survives without a major war, maybe a future generation will see the value in trying to resolve these issues by assimilation.   It took about 20 years bfore we really began to see the full effect of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.