All Shi'a Men Are…


by LalehGillani

In my last blog, titled “Shi'a in the Nude,” I must have failed miserably since my statements conveyed nothing but “all Shi'a men are rapists” to the vast majority of the believers who happened to read the blog. Although there were a few compliments and words of encouragement from some posters, overall I was accused of hatemongering and spreading fairytales. Even my womanhood came into question!

Since I don’t succumb to failure kindly, may I attempt again for the last time?

First, let’s see what we can agree upon: IRI is a Shi'a state governed by Shi'a authorities, Ulama, and jurisprudence. We like it or not, the Supreme Leader together with the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists is dishing out Shi'a justice to all Iranians. (Do we agree on these points?)

If we do, then Shi'a religion and anyone who defends it is directly or indirectly responsible for the horrors of mullahs’ dark ages.

If we don’t, I have to speculate that the only argument you or anyone else might have is this: “This is not my Shi'a.” Of course, this is a fair reply, and on the surface it might sound very logical and promising. Having heard that statement multiple times, I am responsible for finding out what your Shi'a is, what distinguishes it from IRI’s Shi'a, and who is defining your Shi'a. (So far so good, I hope.)

In this journey, it is inevitable that I start looking at my own life and that of my family. Drawing on these experiences, with the current state of affairs in Iran, the prospects of concluding that there is another Shi'a is very slim. Nevertheless, I still need to read the Quran, study the Hadith, and also tap into the writings of other Muslim scholars.

In a nutshell, I have found the Quran, the Hadith, and the writings of non-IRI Muslim scholars illogical. The holy book Quran itself, similar to other holy books, is an ocean of contradictions. It is kind and merciless; it advocates war and peace; it soothes and threatens… But more importantly, it is full of imagery that may be interpreted in many forms, opening the door to human mischief.

The Hadith is also disturbing to me because these narratives are collected overtime by fallible individuals with the explicit intention of serving a purpose. The works of other Muslim scholars are furthermore personal opinions of people with whom I can easily find flaws. (So let’s move on to the opposition groups.)

Khatami’s rhetoric is merely lip service to Muslim intellectuals who fear for the future of Shi'a in Iran. This opposition and its interpretation of Shi'a signify a power struggle between different factions of Islam. Not for one moment, I believe that he and his followers intend to end the bloodshed in Iran, free the political prisoners, and give the masses the choice to form a new government.

The mullah-less religion of Mojahedin-e Khalq is tainted by an ocean of mistakes: indiscriminate assassinations, violence and bloodshed, the abandonment of the rank and file, the arrogance of the leadership, the betrayal of Iran during our war with Iraq… The list goes on and on…

At the end, I am bound to conclude that what I see in IRI, what I have heard and seen in my own life and that of my family, what I read in Quran and Hadith, what I see in Khatami and Mojahedin-e Khalq is Shi'a in the nude…


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Arabs used religion as a

by oktellu (not verified) on

Arabs used religion as a tool for imperialistic act by their kahlif, but Persians promoted the concept of shia'sm to fight back with imperiaqlistic minds of arab leaders.
even today they arab leaders think of self as coming from heaven, they are dictators and use the religion to reign. if they had no oil, i am sure they would have no jobs.
so since shia'sm is a vehicle for freedom from arab imperialism coming from arabia and also ottoman empire, it is not liked by sunnis and wahabis who think they are chosen and entitled to the world as jews think they are.
this is where jews and sunnis(wahabis particulary) have something in common which is to use imperialistic act to enmslave and use others and get control over their lives.
As a result shia'sm has developed into more flexible concept and allows more room for freedom and undesrstanding of true nature of mankind which is essential for survival.

so pakis and afghans who follow arab imperialism have not learned the truth about freedom.


Re: “Primitive and Bogus”

by LalehGillani on

“Let’s define Shia firs, if you will. No playing with the words here.”

Thank you for asking this important question. Shi'a religion constitutes Muslims who attribute themselves to the teachings of Quran, the Prophet Mohammad, his direct descendants (The People of the House), and the twelve Imams. Citing the Hadith of the Cloak, Shi'a believers consider these descendants infallible rules empowered by God to govern over the Muslim world.


Re: “Confused!?!”

by LalehGillani on

“The holy books reflect the climate within you. If you see thorn, that is what you are; If you see flower, that is what you are; If you see love, that is what you are;”

In the spirit of understanding, I will concede to you this point. You might be correct: The holy book might reflect what is within me. If so, I will have to deal with my own demons…

Growing up in Iran, I often visited my grandfather and always found him in his study immersed amongst his books. Right above his desk, there was a picture of an old, shabby looking man with a thick moustache and flyaway hair. Right underneath that picture, there was a strange writing that I couldn’t read because it was written in English.

That old man was Albert Einstein and the quotation contained these words: “The more I learn, the more I realize that I know nothing…”

The quest of a knowledge seeker is never concluded, not even with death…

The demons within me are also the reflections of my surroundings, my life experiences, and the evil that has been done unto me by others. Shi'a believers have done me and millions of other Iranians harm, physical and emotional harm, and we hold the Shi'a religion responsible for empowering its followers with the Sharia laws to do those harms…


Re:aaj sr

by LostIdentity. (not verified) on

You reply toAbarmard:

"but ignorance is most danger part OF ANY RELIGION, for example i.e Sineh Zani, Ghame zani, GIRLS Circumcision, under aged marriage, stoning, dismembering, inequality between men and women etc are not "interesting/beautiful/peaceful."


Ignorance is attribute to human being. It is a shortcoming on our part. Even atheism is religion. Even if you don't believe in anything, that is your religion. The atheist, Muslims and etc just acknowledge their faith - whatever their knowledge of it is.

Hope you find logic in this.


Dear laleh, I admire your honesty and courage.

by curly on

Please continue asking these questions , these are the white elephant in our room , that nobody touches. It is always others fault, that IRI and their predecessors acted that way!!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Kurdish Warrior, Laleh

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

KW, you wrote: since Shism became the national identity of Iran it divided us as a nation rather than uniting us.

--Not sure. My understanding is that following the devastations of the Mongols and the Tatars there was no Iranian nation, and that Shah Ismail reconstituted it to more or less its previous borders through Shiism as a main tool..

You also mention the use of Shiism as a tool to suppress the nation after the Revolution, It is true. Velayate Faqi and political Islam in general are political ideologies which depend on religion as a tool tool but are not synonymous with it. They are new ideologies born of thee 20th century which gave birth to many new political ideologies and parties, from Fascism to the Greens.

Thus when speaking of Khomeinism and such one is speaking first and foremost about politics,about something which while related to, remains fundamentally different from religion.

Laleh: overwhelming majority of Iranians supported Khomeini as you know. Every day they say he lied, he lied, and this is true but nevertheless they supported some babble about "according to Islamic law" without doing their homework or basicaly just not thinking. What on earth would this Islamic law mean? Then they will say they were "swept up" by the fervor of the Revolution. Yes but they were also swept up by their own fantastic minds, believing in 1979, people educated in the tradition of the secular Enlightenment, that ANY religious statewhatsoever in the 20th century could be either equitable to individuals or relevant to modernity., from the most extreme secular Leftists to moderates they believed this delusion. So they are also responsible for this "dark age", which many many Shia are disgusted with too and have been for thirty years.

By the way, HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY IRI! Who will cut the cake completely honestly?



To: Jamshid

by Aboli (not verified) on

Oghdeh goshaaee continues, huh?

The whole notion of God, and religion, is unscientific. It's created by mankind to ease the pain, and explain the unknown, in my opinion.

But the fact is that most people believe in some kind of God and religion. Most of them even talk to their God, and the religeous leaders, dead or alive.

What's the difference between the American President who talks to God, and the King of the only Shiite country in the world, talking to Emam Zaman?

The whole concept is BS to me, as an atheist, but who am I to question the sincerity, or the validity, of these claims?

If I am ever in politics , in a democratic Iran, do you think I stand a chance, coming out as an atheist?
Hell no!
I better develop some kind of faith, make a couple of quick trips to Mashhad, and pay my respect to Hossein during Aashura, and at least pretend to respect the Mullas and their Shiite faith (otherwise I'll have a riot in my hands).
Then, after I get in, I'd concentrate on education, kick Mullah out of schools and judiciary, and slowly try to weakening the Mullahs, by empowering women, and trying to keep the Mullahs in the mosque.

Yeah, you are right,..Shah did all the wrong things...


Religion and Iran

by Jamshid Niavarani IV (not verified) on

Religion and Iran have always been a problem.
Why do you think the Iranians abandoned the Sassanid dynasty? Umar Khattab was able to defeat the great Persian Army. How could that be? Iranians refused to fight for the Zoroastrian King. They abandoned him because his religion, the state religion was detested by the masses. Iranians by a majority changed religion oover night not by the sword but, rather they were pissed off at the Persian King and his religion. Go to Persepolis in the Fars Province most of the writings on the sculptures refer to "God", Ahura-Mazda. When the people who rule over you say they are there because "God" supports them you have problems. Even the Shah visited the Shia Imam Reza yearly. And the Shah even said he was in contact with the Shia Muslim Messiah, "Imam Zaman, the Mahdi".
If any politician in the United States ever said that they would remove him from office and put the politician in an insane asylum for life.
No disrespect to anyone, crazy people have been running Iran for over 3000 years. It is the "theater of the insane". It doesn't matter what religion: Zoroastrianism until the last Sassanid king, Sunni Islam until the Safavid dynasty, or Shia Islam after the Safavid dynasty. Religion in Iran has always been a tool used by the Iranian government to control the masses.
And I am a Shia Muslim yet, I say it like it is.
Iran needs a facelift badly. It is probably not going to happen in my lifetime. And I predict I will be around for another 70 plus years.
I don't believe that Iran can never be secular like Western European Democratic Republics or the United States. It is just not in their culture.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Unfortunately since Shiism became the national identity of Iran it divided us as nation rather uniting us. And after the revolution the whole Shiism took another step, and was used as tool to suppress the nation, and those mostly hurt where the ones whom didn't believe in this sect.

Interesting blog....


and one last thing

by mamdali khaneh Ashti Baghaii (not verified) on

I enjoyed the article and look forward to see follow ups. The very fact that so far no body, and I mean no body in the world of Islam has offered an "alternative Shi'a" to what we have in Iran, is more or less a leading proof that indeed what we see is what we get and it ain't gonna get any better folks!



by LostIdentity. (not verified) on

Gilani says:
"The holy book Quran itself, similar to other holy books, is an ocean of contradictions. It is kind and merciless; it advocates war and peace;"

The holy books reflect the climate within you. If you see thorn, that is what you are; If you see flower, that is what you are; If you see love, that is what you are;

May your heart be blessed with joy of Love and happiness;

Everyday I meditate upon this, and every night I groan
Why is my own existence to myself the least known?

Whence have I come, why this coming here?
Where to must I go, when will my home to me be shown?

I am in desperate awe, why was I ever created?
For this, my creation, whatsoever was the reason?

Whatever is of the celestial realm, of that I speak
I am ready to go, my clothes are packed to be away thrown.

Why, take me to the tavern of that mighty King
I am drunk of that aroma, only by that wind may be blown

Joyous be that day that in search of the beloved
I take wing towards that land, upon that air I am flown.

Where is that ear that can hear my speech and song?
Who is the one who puts voice in this mouth of dust and stone?

Who is in these eyes through which gazes out to see?
Who is the one who wears this garment of flesh and bone?

Until I am lead without a doubt to my way home,
I will hold my breath, will only complain and moan.

Let me taste the wine of eternal communion
Cry out in drunkenness, intoxicated, broken, alone.

I did not come here on my own accord, nor will I thus leave
He who brought me here, shall return me to my very own.

Think not that I write these verses in a sober state
If sober, such seeds I could not possibly have sown.

Shams-e Tabriz, if you show not your face here and now
My earthly corpse, by God, I shall surely disown.

Between my beloved and I this is the only veil
It is time to unveil and disrobe the light that brightly shone

With extreme joy I tear and shred my earthly garment
By casting of my clothes, into the glory of my soul I’ve grown.

I wear this earthly corps for what use, to what avail?
I am not a cawing crow, of heavenly birds is my tone

I am a bird of Paradise, I am not of the earthy realm
For a few days imprisoned in my cage of flesh and bone.

My soul is my guide, for my soul is of that abode
I will not speak of the earthly, I am of the unknown.

The fragrant morning breeze brings news of union
With joy and with song I’ll leave this cage, this earthly throne.

Ó Shahriar Shahriari



Action needed!

by FYI (not verified) on

There is now a call to action to demand Navanethem Pillay, the High Commissioner of Human Rights at the UN, to use all his capacity to stop the Iranian regime from destroying this piece of land, one of the few signs of a brutal past which has never been forgotten.


Your Excellency Ms. Navanethem Pillay High Commissioner of Human Rights at the UN

With deep disbelief and disdain we have become aware that the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have undertaken the destruction of Khavaran Cemetery, the only known site of mass and individual graves of the victims of the Great Massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 and other non- Moslem dissidents executed in Iran through out the Seventies.

I beg your honor to urgently take action demanding the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately stop this barbaric operation.

The destruction of Khavaran is tantamount to the eradication of an important material evidence of a historic crime.



Genocide of Iranian political prisoners:

More about Khavaran Cemetery in BBC Persian, Wikipedia


Primitive and Bogus

by Annoyingmouse (not verified) on

Let’s define Shia first, if you will. No playing with the words here.


Dear Abarmard:

by aaj sr (not verified) on

You said
"let's be clear that those who like a faith, regardless of the name, follow it because of something that they find interesting/beautiful/peaceful."

but ignorance is most danger part OF ANY RELIGION, for example i.e Sineh Zani, Ghame zani, GIRLS Circumcision, under aged marriage, stoning, dismembering, inequality between men and women etc are not "interesting/beautiful/peaceful."

You said
".... many Christians, Jews and Muslims. Sunni or Shia, Catholic or Protestant...they all historically have find the ways to prove the other end of the line are "wrong".

In most cases, they are right to find something wrong and they will find more "wrongs" in future too, specially in Islam. But Musims are not tolerance about it, are they, are we?

You said
" there are some people who are secular and find the Islamic Republic the best alternatives given the time and scenario,.."

There is no such a thing as being secular and find IRI the best alternative.

You said
"Collectively Iranians similar to many other nations had chosen a religion to follow."

We are Muslim, Christian, Jew or whatever, because of our parents. We have not been given a choice. There are a few who convert to other religions( and accept the consequences of it too), therefore If my parents were monkey worshiper, or cow, mouse,were my gods, I would be following the same. Example; a sect of a religion in India believe drinking your own urine ( like ex-presient of India) in the morning is good for health, for sure he has learnt it from his parents and that will be followed by his children, more likely.

You said

"Bashing immaturely will never give answers"

She is not bashing nor doing it prematurely; she is stating "a drop in an occasion" facts about what we call it Islam, either we like it or not.

As you know, Mohammad picked many ideas from other religions(without paying copy rights) he and other followers added some more items to it, obviously, many of these "rules" are flaws; Christians, and Jews are not practicing some of these "rules" for barbaric nature reasons and these religions have evolved themselves with humanity, starting from Renascence time and the progressive trends are continuing to this day. This practices MUST be adopted by Muslims. If Islam is not reformed, we shall see more miseries, superstitions, ignorance, bloodshed, poverty etc.

A couple of examples just for the fun of it:
Did you know when modern chicken hatching machinery first introduced to Iran, some Ayatollah gave Fatwa that this is not Islamic and the meat is Haram? What do we see to day all over Iran?.

Did you know in Ottoman's time, when the print machine introduced, Muftis gave Fatwa that Koran printed is these machine is blasphemy, because the machines are made by infidels and those printing machines are "najes" and all Koran must be written by hand.
Have we evolved from these type of Ignorances/rules? we must do the same in all aspect of our religion and YOU can CONTRIBUTE a lot Mr. ABARMARD


Dear Laleh,

by delldaar on

Although, for obvious reason we can not accept the notin that” all sheia men are rapist”, but your assumption in general is correct. In those early days of Islamic revolution!, in response to my question , that how bunch of akhound and their Sharieh ,can be the source of inspiration for change, the answer was” Wait  for real Islam, then you see the real change”, Well ladies and Gentleman, here is the real Islam and Real change., and if you don’t believe me go and read your “holy” book or better than that  the master piece ,Touzeeh al massael, the Brain discharge of your great leader Khomeini.


It Wasn’t the First Time…

by LalehGillani on

“I cannot help but to wonder if the day in question when the family patriarch great-grandfather was interrupted before he could consummate his marriage to a 9 year old girl, was not the first time he had shown any interest in having sex with a child.”

My grandfather had heard about his father’s extra curriculum activities before. These activities were all technically “kosher” because marriage vows were uttered before hand. (Please forgive my choice of words. for now, it is the best I can do.) He had seen his mother cry herself to sleep; he had heard the rumors… But he had looked the other way and had justified those activities to himself:

“If Islam allows it, so what?”
“Who knows the Islamic laws more than a Sadr Al-Ulama?"
"Who am I to question him?”


Re All Shi'a Men Are…

by Magen30 (not verified) on

I must agree that Laleh Gillani's view point expressed in "All Shi'a Men Are..” is logical to me.

Since I am not Muslim, I cannot speak from a Muslim standing. However, I believe the same rationale could be applied to any religion or position. Namely, if we have to "cover-up" or protect or make excuses or explanations for a position, then more than likely, deep down we know that the position is wrong & we are only having trouble admitting it to ourself.

Laleh Gillani seems to base her position on the official religious text(s), the position of religious leadership, the reactions of the congregation. I know all religions can have poor representation & 1 bad apple often can ruin the whole batch. However, when one's Holy Book (the Bible, Quran, the Analects of Confucius, the Hindu's Bhagavad-Gita or Veda, the Jewish Talmud etc.....) makes provision for an activity & then the religious leadership openly teaches, & encourage the position & then the congregation or followers likewise do not object to the position, then I think it is only logical for outsiders looking onto the subject to see & agree with Laleh Gillani's position...... at least until the congregation & the congregation's leadership come to agreement that the text has been misunderstood & distorted & then they are very vocal & very active to publicly correct the error.

I guess the saying, "Only the truth will set you free" would be most applicable here. IMO, that means the truth, the complete & undiluted truth, with no sugar-coating on it.

I remember reading a book about the USA Civil War Era Confederate leader, Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee had entered in his journal that;
"Holding onto slavery is a bit like holding on to a wolf.
We know it is wrong but we are more afraid of what will happen when we let go."

Many of the people who initially supported slavery did so claiming it was sanctioned by the Bible. However, they had only one problem with that tactic.... most every household had their own Bible & could read for themselves that was false. And, even people who were illiterate or did not have a Bible, would have to explain away the numerous church hymns/songs about slavery & freedom. Or if they could not sing, then there would be the hellfire & damnation sermon about the slavery of sin only results in a soul ending up in hell....i.e. slavery was always presented in a very very negation light Slaves were victims & -slavery (sin) was the activity of Satan to get people to hell. ......However considering slavery was driven by greed, & lust, it took very little white-washing, & double talk to convince people to jump on the slavery bandwagon. (Much like supporting illegal immigration aka human trafficking today.... but I digress & that's for another article.)

I like Ali Sina's saying;
“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.
Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy." (Abraham Lincoln)
...thereupon I concluded: As I would not be a dhimmi, so I would not be a Muslim.

Or in reference to this article, I would not want my 9 year old sister/cousin/daughter to be given in marriage to an old man, then I cannot support or look the other way regarding teachings that make it possible for that to happen to another nine year child. When we look the other way when a fellow human being is victimized (slavery, child abuse, molestation, rape, theft, etc....) with the approval from the source/standard for morality – then it is only a matter of time before that same standard will provide a means for our own victimization.

In Laleh Gillani's original article “Shi'a in the Nude,” I cannot help but to wonder if the day in question when the family patriarch great-grandfather was interrupted before he could consummate his marriage to a 9 year old girl, was not the first time he had shown any interest in having sex with a child. I cannot help but wonder if the daughters sitting with dying grandmother were also aware of what possibly was taking place down the hall. I know child abuse/molestation takes place globally (irregardless of nationality, race, religion, social status, economics etc...). However, I always thought it was done secretly or with a good cover story so no one would suspect anything was “wrong”. (However, I know TV documentaries like “To Catch A Predator” state many sex-perverts get together to share their distorted , wrapped fantasies & tips as to how to realize their fantasies & talk openly about their perversions... many of the perverts meet via chat rooms – but outwardly, they want to keep up the appearance that nothing is wrong or perverted about them.) I cannot imagine great grandfather was so grief stricken by his dying bride that he temporarily went crazy & did something so utterly ridiculous & out of character like suddenly having the desire to have sex with a child. A family member who works with abused women & children notes there are often some tale tale signs to look for that are often overlooked by other family members. Often, when a father is abusing a child in the family, the mother may be aware of what is taking place (or the father will know if the mother is abusing the child)! Not every time, but it is a common occurrence in abuse situations.. I was speechless when I heard this. I suppose because my father was the type who did not care if it was his church, mother, father, sibling, friend, child or etc.... who was doing something wrong, he believed in confronting it. Drag it out in the open so that it can be dealt with..... no sweeping anything under the rug or looking the other way. He had a very accurate saying, “no amount of perfume on sh*t will change what it really is.... it's still sh*t. If it looks like sh*t & smells like sh*t, then you don't need to taste it to know for certain that is exactly what it is. Don't waste your perfume (efforts of a cover-up). People will only marvel at your arrogance or stupidity. Many like to say, “well I did not actually see “it” happen as if that is a good excuse not to intervene or at least ask questions. I can only guess that the child bride was probably screaming at the top of her lungs.

I admire Laleh Gillani's article to honor her Grandfather. Indeed, such a man should be honored. I admire Laleh Gillani for writing the article. If more families were to deal with family issues instead of sweeping them under the rug or looking the other way, the world would be a much nicer place for children. Shame on any family, religion, country, society that can look the other way when things like this happen or worse, endorse it.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Honestly, when someone writes something with the

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

title ALL Shia Men are this, or all Jews or Buddhists are that, or all lawyers or members of the Elks Club are whatever, what is there to debate beyond the title? Why go any further than the title? The only possible truism is All Shia men are a) male, b) Shia or c) both.

Sorry, authoress, I do have other more specifc and sophisticated points to refute the details of the blog content but why bother?


All religions are open to interpretation

by javaneh29 on

The Islamic religion is not the only religion to contradict itself. Christianity has its fair share in the bible I believe and I dare say other holy books will be like wise. The reason for this is interpretation. Hence christianity has many sects. Look back in history at the wars between the catholic and church of england.... this was about discrepancy of interpretation. Henry 8th beheaded a few of his wives after changing his religion to Cof E.! Ok its not like that now .... but it has been.

And Islam is not the only religion which seeks to oppress its women. Talk to staunch catholics about contraception. Talk to Hindi women about suttee, widows burnt alive on their husbands death pyre.

I didnt read your last blog so Im not sure what it was about but it seems to me that in all societies, religions, communities women are oppressed one way or another,.



Thanks Laleh

by Zion on

Very interesting blog with many valid points.


All valid observations. Why

by nod (not verified) on

All valid observations.

Why should anybody’s metaphysical beliefs, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whatever, be beyond criticism any more than their political beliefs?

Answer: they shouldn’t but the Muslims' infinite hubris and sense of superiority are so out of bound that they feel compelled to kill infidels or other disobedient muslims to please their God...


Christianity and Judaism are NOT the same

by Informer (not verified) on

Most Muslim (Shi'a or Suni) are not killers. But all Muslim men living in Islamic countries and some Muslim men living in non Islamic countries are oppressors of women. So, please do not equate Christianity and Judaism with Islam.

Israeli women nor Christian women do not need their husband's permission to leave their country. Israeli and Christian women do not lose their rights as a mother after the divorce if their kids are older than 7.
Israeli and Christian women do not have to wear hejab in scorching hot days of summer while men wear T-shirts.

Isreali and Christian women do not have to put up with 3 other wives or 10 concubines. Shall I continue with this list or is my point clear to you?


Judaism and Christianity are also the same

by Mehdi on

What is your point here? You have put on your super pessimistic eyeglasses and see only darkness and negativity. Do you believe that your own parents are ruthless killers? How many Shia people do you know who you suspect might be killing little babies every night? You are one crazy woman, or whatever you are. You need help, big time!


Dear Laleh

by Abarmard on

You have every Right to believe what you like based on your own understandings and logic/reasoning. let's be clear that those who like a faith, regardless of the name, follow it because of something that they find interesting/beautiful/peaceful.

I do not fall in that category and you do not agree with the "khoraafaat" that comes with it. Fine.

The important thought to remember is that every single individual becomes very selective once follows a religion or way of life. This is my personal experience with many Christians, Jews and Muslims. Sonni or Shia, Catholic or Protestant...they all historically have find the ways to prove the other end of the line "wrong".

I would suggest to pick your battles carefully and think what you can truly change within the scope of your surroundings. Respect your own ideas and do the same for others...

there are some people who are secular and find the Islamic Republic the best alternatives given the time and scenario, and there are some Muslims who would love to see all the religious government figures killed. It's too broad and diverse in order for you to narrow it down, label it and draw a conclusion.

Collectively Iranians similar to many other nations had chosen a religion to follow. Some small minorities don't care much, but the Iranian nationality and identity has been intertwined with Shia thoughts and culture. Like or not. You may investigate why and free to enlighten us, yet as I do not believe in any religions, you and I could be wrong!

I can be selective and prove Judaism as wrong and fake, although it won't change anything for the followers. I can also be selective and prove the beauty of religion although it won't change your mind, and the final destination is where we all started!!!

Similar to modern nations, Iranians must become accustomed and aware about the reasons why we are what we are and then try to adjust accordingly. Bashing immaturely will never give answers.

I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck.


Great blog! Thank you.

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Ms. Gilani,

You are right on.  I believe that Islam, Shi'a or Sunni, is a cancer that MUST be eradicated as a national religion and the source and rule of law in any country.

If individuals want to believe in Islam and pratice it in their home and only in their home, more power to them.

In 8 years, Christian nut jobs almost brought down the great United States.  But Americans woke up and rejected United Christian States of America.

If only something like that could only happen in Iran.