New Regulations regarding shipments to Iran Via DHL

by mannya2001

I just recieved package from the United States.  Starting january 1 2010, in addition to regular charges for sending shipments to Iran, an extra $100 will be added.

All Shipments to Iran get to be inspected by US border agents.  This has contributed to delays in shipping to Iran.  For the most part, shipments to Iran happen to be documents.  DHL charges upward of $50 for mailing documents up to 0.5 pound to Iran.

The new rules will make it more difficult and pricier to send anything to Iran.

Morever, the recent arrest of one NYC banker in transferring & recieving money to Iran using the Hawala system has curtailed the transfer of funds between the two countries.  Rules and regulations regarding the legal transfer of funds remain murky.  Further information maybe obtained from the Treasury Department.  Don't take any risks.  A simple transaction may be enough to place you in the court of law. 

As far as I know, another private company called TNT also services Iran, but it only deals with businesses and not private citizens.



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Help please

by keyvanj on



Can someone advise me.. if I want to send some sheets of stamps (yes, stamps) not pornographic or anything like that.. just soveneir stamps I think about 20 sheets to someone in Tehran (worth $200USD)..  its gonna cost me $100+?

I'm actually in Australia and my local post office has courier service.. but there is also dhl here.. does anyone know? Are they likely to get stolen in transit?

Thanks a lot!