Beating Hearts Freeze

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

Tell my beloved, O Morning Breeze;

After you defy waves of the seven seas:

That I am wounded by blow of love

Still, I wish her every kind of ease.

Ask why beloveds become so ruthless,

Once throne of hearts they would fully seize.

Once we are fallen to pit of their love,

They neither kill us; nor would us release.

It seems they enjoy our deep torments

Especially when, tears they squeeze.

Once they are supreme in the realm of love,

It becomes so hard their hearts to please.

Once they have jailed us in the deepest well,

Behind high mountains, they throw the keys.

Everyone shall reap yeild of what has sown,

One who has labored shall claim the fees.

Sweetest honey if you desire,

You should withstand stinging of bees.

Chehree has to know without heat of love

Every beating heart shortly shall freeze.


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Valley of love

by Tahirih on

"" The steed of this Valley is pain; and if there be no pain this journey will never end. In this station the lover hath no thought save the Beloved, and seeketh no refuge save the Friend.  At every moment he offereth a hundred lives in the path of the Loved One, at every step he throweth a thousand heads at the feet of the Beloved. A lover feareth nothing and no harm can come nigh him: Thou seest him chill in the fire and dry in the sea. A lover is he who is chill in hell fire;
A knower is he who is dry in the sea.  Love accepteth no existence and wisheth no life: He seeth life in death, and in shame seeketh glory. To merit the madness of love, man must abound in sanity; to merit the bonds of the Friend, he must be full of spirit. "" Tahirih

Manoucher Avaznia

The beloved. It

by Manoucher Avaznia on

The beloved. It can be anyone's.


You mean "their" beloved?

by Anonymouse on

persist in their efforts to reach their beloved?

Manoucher Avaznia

You are right

by Manoucher Avaznia on

In the beginning I have addressed one person: my beloved, to start the debate.  The middle plural is towards the general trend among the beloveds and what happens to those who are in love. At the end, I try to console myself: who somehow represents those who are in that circumstances, and invite them to persist in their effors to reach the beloved.


Starts as one then becomes

by Anonymouse on

Starts as one then becomes us then becomes one again.

Manoucher Avaznia

Beloveds are those who rob

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Beloveds are those who rob hearts and minds.


Nice poem

by Anonymouse on

Very nice.  Who is the belovedS?