Conferring With Self

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

It is snowing

Wind is blowing

On sky's eyelash

Ice is glowing.


Alleys are all dark

The night is stark

Everwhere in towm

Cold has left a mark.


Sky is gray

Dull has been the day

Chill has been running

All along the way.


He carries a sack

Also a backpack

Thus he is hauling

His life on his back.


Their house is cozy

Their cheeks are rosy

Their kids are happy

Dogs are drowsy.


Hidden are stars

Speed by me cars

Fog of my breath

My whole vision bars.


After it was dark

Dogs start to bark

My house and my bed

Was a bench in park.


Then, the autumn came

Changed rules of the game

Sleeping in park

So ardous became.


Nights grew longer

Winds stronger

Pain of homelessness

Deeper and younger.


He walks all alone

To somewhere unknown

To a different zone

Nowhere he could phone.


They hurl at me curse

For my pain's no nurse

No one will bother

My heart impress.


They call me a bum

Drunk by white rhum

And because of that

I have become numb.


He looks at windows

Where the light glows

Where people smile

Normal life flows.


They want me no more

They don't see my sore

As I pass by them

They close the door.


To himself whispers

Sometimes he murmurs

No ear is with him

With himself confers.


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