A Lone Inn

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

What happened Friends; to those fiery words?

To dire threats, showing naked swords?

To the sacks of lies, to the public fed?

To those plain lands, by blood turned red?

To the star war, the thought behind it?

On every channel, people could find it.

What became fruits, of the "Shock and Awe"?

Which were all conceived, with great flaw.

Where are those troops, that seat of command?

To every nation, stretched a hand?

What he deserved most, he has now received.

The high judge of world, will not be deceived.

Everything he gained, behind he has left,

Even from self, was fully bereft.


You will never know, what behind you leave.

Before your last day, drags to an eve.

Then, you can claim, how good you have lived,

How you have followed, what you had believed.

Chehree; joyous are, those who follow heart,

Towards beloved, happily depart.

Before base wishes, they stood on guard

A gift of goodness, they have sent forward.

In this lone inn, we are only guest

Fully following, path of a quest.

In worldly flesh, where wishes would rest,

We would have no time, for a thorough rest.



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