Medicine of Love

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

"Once devil is gone, angell will arrive" (1)

In your heart and mine, a love will thrive.

Old acrimonies will be leaving town

Friendship and joy to houses drive.

I shall be awake every night to dawn

Names of gone lovers once again revive.

Bored of these lowlands to my bone marrow,

Accessing summits, I shall strive.

There is no drug without side effect

If you are in doubt, you may contrive.

Medicines of love although so bitter

Once in your body, your heart they revive.

In the path of love, smartness is shame

Names of the honest will stay alive.

Truthful lovers shall soon triumph

In evelution, best fit will survive.

Chehree if desires sweetest honey,

He must endure storms of the hive.


1. حافظ:  دیو چو بیرون رود، فرشته در آید


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