Moaning A Slice Of Passing Light

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia


This to be the rock upon whose crest

I could build the temple

On whose minarat

I would whisper

The murmur of my worship

Every dawn.


I mused;

This to be the shelter

Where in the passage of night to dawn

I could share the loneliness of my nights

And dreads of shadows

With the strength of its walls.


Delirious fancies passed.

Mists of thoughts evaporated.

A man was found chained by shoulders and ankles

To the base of an abyss.

No soul heard his moaning for a slice of passing light.



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Ali P.


by Ali P. on

It reminds me of Shahriar's poetry.

 Great job!


Ali p.

Manoucher Avaznia

Naazy Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Perhaps you are right.


"In you is sitting

Merit of wisdom,

Merit of patience,

Great persistance,


Resources of life,"

Lily would go on.


"Look back at yourself,

By now you have gone

Through centuries

Of days and of nights.


Sun has shone on you,

Rains have rained on you,

So many plants

Have grown on you.

So many dead leaves

Have fallen on you.

Many kinds of birds

Have perched upon you.

Flocks of the birds

Have passed over you.

Many centuries

This wind and this wave

Have come; and have gone.

Millions of lilies

Like me and others

With full elegance

With many colors

Have risen on you,

Have looked at that face,

Have lost their colors,

Have died on your foot.


All of them perished

They disappeared.

While you are still

The same rugged rock

Standing so firm

With a memory

Of those who are gone."


Nazy Kaviani

A Compass of Love

by Nazy Kaviani on



On the long untraveled road

Tired and blistered and scabbed

The old man's feet flew off the path


Sure and knowing

Loving and wise

Leading the way


The man who knew of the abyss and back

led his charges towards the light





Delirious fancies in their eyes


They followed behind.

Manoucher Avaznia

Nazy Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I breathed

From wall to wall of this abode

And touched

Every pebble on this uneven road

And found

The promising sunshine a goad.

The chains'  jingling 

Stole the consciousness of what I sowed.

And the old man

Found himself hauling the body that was stowed.

To the rising sun

There was a long untraveled road.

Nazy Kaviani

In his darkest hours

by Nazy Kaviani on

On a moonless night
At the base of his abyss
The man in chains
Visited his broken dreams
Watched his jinxed hopes
Touched his age-old wounds

Busy looking at his abyss
Tired fighting his chains
Defeated mourning his dreams

He almost missed

The breaking dawn
The bright sun shining
On his thirsty soul
Melting his chains.

Manoucher Avaznia

Hezhminator Geraamee;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

You have gone deeper in meaning that I have.  I thank you very much.

Manoucher Avaznia

Souri Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I enjoyed the song.  Thank you. 



by Hajminator on

Manoucher jan, your poem is so delightful and deep that it seems to me that you have really feel every word of it.


So romantic...

by Souri on

Your poem made me think of an old song of Ebi, that I always loved. Althogut it's not my usual style to post music as a comment, but here this is the only thing I would like to tell you :

Pooste Shir

from Jannati Attai (?)

Music by Babak Bayat