In My Surrounding


Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

In my surrounding

Kids were blessing.

All of them were gifts

From almighty

Who was like no one

And was residing

Somewhere in skies,

Above high clouds,

Even beyond moon,

Even beyond sun,

And in unseen ways

Always determined

State of affairs,

Fate of human.


Kids, nevertheless,

Lived in poverty.

They had to challenge

Almost everything:

Social, natural,

Unreal, real,

As soon as they could

Walk on their two feet.


Also, around me,

The old got respect;

And parents as well,

Especially moms,

To such a level

That the disrespect

Would incur a curse

And a punishment

In this world and next.


In my surrounding

Mountainsides would shine

Every spring

With melting snow,

Growing grass,

As soon as kids went

To crest of hills:

Running after goats

And the shining sheep.


Despite sour taste,

Life had a meaning.

Everywhere was filled

With some spirits

Of the living things:

Of man and virtues.


Even some reptiles

Sometime had been men.

For doing evil,

By power of curse,

Had become reptiles.


Even some stones

Possessed some power.

Even some trees

Were always sacred.

Many, many things

Had something to say.

Even each color

Would speak to you

In a certain way.


Change of the seasons,

Also music;

Rhythm of Do-Tar;

Ghoshmeh, and drums;

And flute and reed;

Plus tambourine,

Conveyed some meanings

As permeated

Air of the valley

In happy events,

Weddings and so on.


After New Year

That always happened

The very first day

Of the spring;

For thirteen full days,

No less and no more,

Dancing would follow.


Mainly in groups

Of dozen people,

Little more or less,

Dancing would go on

In a big circle

With loudest snaps

As they rotated

Around a center

Where kids would stay.


Or, even sometimes

They danced with clubs:

With clubs in hands,

Two dancers performed

For the audience.


They stroke them

Single or in pairs

With great power,

With show of duel

Of men and women.


Dancing with club

Also, prepared

People with skills

To fight real fights

As they would arise.


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