A Need for Speed

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

As its dark throne, night starts to cede,

Domains of its rule begin to recede,

From far orient a golden globe

Into high skies a long way to lead.

On mighty steeds everywhere to go

Advance of its beams nothing's to impede.

To frigid lands by hands of kindness

Warmth of new lives generously feed.

To take a glimpse of that beauty,

Sprout cleaves skin of the seed.

From waterfalls, birds and flowers

On every slope going on an eed.


We see universe in great motion

Truth of the fact we have to concede.

Every moving thing by the fact it moves,

Is to satisfy essence of a need. 

Chehree; you should know to reach beloved,

On back of steeds you ought to speed.

Once fully content to depth of being,

The need for speed will abruptly cede.


eed: In Arabic eed means celebration and great event.  Along spread of Islam, the word has spread across the globe to convey the same meaning for some Islamic occasions.  Here, I mean a great noisy celebration.


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