Orchards In Fall

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

To orchards in fall, let's open a door

Delve in their beaus, deeper than before.

From everyone, borrow attention

Carefully follow, bold season's lore.

Let's appreciate, red face of the rose

That will last only, a few days more.

Like a nightingale, stick to its scent

Reproach of thorns, let's again ignore.

Tell the grape bunch, we saw her smile

To taste her essence, we are here for.

Before the day comes, that every garden

From autumn cold, to receive a sore;

Let's come out pure, leave behind dreg

So hot and smooth, as gold comes of ore;

As the Moon starts, pouring its light

From high skies, onto this floor;

Let's demand grapes, a powerful wine

From old clays, to new bowls pour.


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Manoucher Avaznia

Thank You Souri Jaan.

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Thank You.


beautiful as always....

by Souri on

Very nice this great poem about Fall....It's true that the most beautiful Fall season I have ever seen is here in Canada.

And when someone has a great essence and talent of poetry, like you do, it's amazing how they can describe all this beauty in a meaningful poem like this.

thank you