Wrath of Mother Sea

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

Ire of Mother Sea on the shore and sea

Has broken the bonds one can ever see.

Rich of her bossoms that used to nosh all

Has become deathbed to kill and bury.

Slapping on face with hammers of waves,

Mother Sea discounts cries and plea.

With powerful hands of water she grabs

Every possession, mother and baby.


Blue-haired Mother with a foamy mouth;

For a short moment, would you hear me?

With mothers' passion and motherly care

Spare this good world, with it spare me.

Maybe to our greed, ungratefuleness

With rolling water you are paying fee.

Despite this blow and vicious attacks

We have been living into your mercy.


Perhaps, Mother Sea you are testing us

If others' sufferings as ourselves' we see.

If we are reeling from others' wounds

As we are jumping at times of glee.

Perhaps, you warn us that we are at loss

As long we nurture seeds of enmity.


Surely Mother Sea, once you do observe

Not-ending amount of our sympathy;

Your blue smiles from coast to coast

Wurely shall attest that you are happy.

With your happiness on the face of Earth

We too are content; we too are happy.


January 3, 2005

Ottawa, Ontario

In sypathy with victims of Tsunami



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Manoucher Avaznia

My pleasure

by Manoucher Avaznia on

After a short search in my computer I found the poem that somehow sounds different from the style that I developed sometime later.  Still, I admire the Ghazal style of poetry the most.


Thank you

by Souri on

Manouchehr jaan,

I wasn't expecting you find the English poem so fast. It was very nice to read it and still after 3 years , make us very emotional.