A Zing for a Zest

Manoucher Avaznia
by Manoucher Avaznia

Years I have spent into this quest

That has started at heart's request.

Alleys of dreams I've been roaming

Vigor of logics putting into test.

Some I did cherish over many years

Some I abandoned; some I put to rest.

With each discarding, bloomed with laughter

With every gaining, tasted conquest.

With force of envy, I concealed my gains

Losing treasures, I feared; and I lest.

Frenzy for more took me to a verge

Where image of yours became my crest.

So many wonders was in one glimpse

Scared treasures out of mind's nest.

All of them did perch on lower place

Still valued, you remained the best.

Zing for every one faded soon away

Sat in its place a zing for your zest.


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Can't believe it

by Souri on

You are so powerful (chireh dast) also in English. One should be fluent (and it's still not enough) to be able to write those masterpieces so wonderfully also in English...