Excellent video showing threats to Iran & their sources

by MaryamJoon

Threats to Iran, Iran's territorial integrity, and the safety of Iranian citizens & where these threats originate.   



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Anonymous Observer

ILoveIranJoon - Two blogs a day on a "Zionist scam site?"

by Anonymous Observer on

Again, welcome back.  You know, perhaps it's the cyber gender reassignment surgery that has mellowed you out, but I really liked it when you were more direct and called it like to saw it, like here:


I don't like this softer, gentler Wahid,  I like the one who said "k**e" in every other sentence. Can we see him back?  Please, please, please... 


Easily the biggestthreat to Iranians comes from ruling mullahs

by FG on

and the security thugs they employ--the IRCG, the basilj, Iranian Hezbollah.

If the people rise up, inspired by the Syrians, the ruling holy men will be just as ruthless in rargeting civilian and their property. 

Of course the regime's defenders (folks like Maryam Joon) like to play up foreigners as a threat.  Actually there is some truth to that charge to the extent that the Islamic Republic's own aggresive behavior and murderous covert plots  would make anyone hostile.  

In Israel' case, it's understandable if Israelis would believe such a loose cannon regime, if it got nukes, would gamble on a quickie.  So I wouldn't be surprised to see the Israelis attack such projects.  Whether or not such attacks would succeed remains to be seen but I can understand where they are coming from.  

You can say the IRI should have the same "reasonable fear" but existing evidence shows such concerns are hardly justified in reverse.  Looking at things from the reverse side, Israel has had 33 years to nuke a hostile IRI if it wanted to.  Why has it not done so.  Perhaps because Israel's behavior is mainly defensive in nature. Whatever its abuses (the West Bank settlements must go) Israel has not tended to engage in loose cannon aggression toward other countries. That is a major contrast to the IRI.

By the way, most Israels are sick of the millions wasted by the regime on anti-Israel campaigns and Lebonon's Hezbollah and grumble about it loudly.  They see it as a diversion that helps sustain a viscious regime in power and say their unmet domestic wants and needs should get priority.