Needs No Title; But let's call it "Israel Loves Everybody"

Needs No Title; But let's call it "Israel Loves Everybody"
by MaryamJoon

My silence is my comment in this instance.  

And so it goes ... 


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iraj khan

The number 1

by iraj khan on

and the most successful terrorist government in the world

is Israel.


Read the news.

Immortal Guard

If anybody desecrated their sacred sites they would raise hell!

by Immortal Guard on

If anybody desecrated their sacred sites they would raise hell!


The "radical settlers" don't seem that much different

by MaryamJoon on

... from the other occupiers.  



The Terrorists Israelis (TTI)

by Demo on

No title? Why not? Is not that clear act of terrorism? So call the title the way it most fits: The Terrorists Israelis Settlers!

The so called "radical" element of settlers is just a cover for the full assault on Palestinian lands. These "radical" settlers are the "Storm Troopers" of an aggressive and illegal occupation which has as its sole intend the confiscation of private palestinian lands. The Israeli government has long turned its back on international sanctions against its policies and practices why should not its citizens do the same???  



by MaryamJoon on

Many of the Christians are Palestinians.  Using Palestinian and Muslim interchangeably shows a lack of historical knowledge. 

This type of problem began when Zionism entered the territory.   

Who do you think the Christians of Bethlehem are?  Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu? 


Not a problem

by MRX on

when those beloved palestenians take over, they will do the same with those churches.


The Tea Party

by Frashogar on

FOX News and the assorted Christian Zionist organizations throughout the USA, not to mention the GOP candidates misters Romney and Ryan, ought to be asked their views about this desecration of a Christian church.

Funnily enough, in the past two weeks Salafists in Libya have been busily desecrating graves and places of worship belonging to Sufi Muslims. Coincidence? I think not.

What a world we live in!


It is even more serious than that

by MaryamJoon on

And I'd rather not say what I know, but I know 


With so much love....

by Bavafa on

Who needs war and misery!!!!

They have been showing their love to their neighbors for nearly 50 years now. 

And with the record violation of many UN Security resolutions, a number of massacre of civilian population and Ghettoization of Gaza on their record, they are the gold medalist in LOVING their neighbors.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory