What Every Iranian Needs to Know About Israel & What the Media Won't Tell You

What Every Iranian Needs to Know About Israel & What the Media Won't Tell You
by MaryamJoon

Mainstream news is quiet on this story.  If the reverse had been true, CNN, ABC, VOA, BBC, NBC, The NY Times and the Washington Post would have repeated the story for years.

However, it's barely getting any attention even though it is a fresh story and very clearly related to current events.  So, what is Shas? According to The Jewish Daily Forward, “Shas is the unchallenged kingmaker of Israeli politics.” It has joined several Israeli coalition governments with both Labor and Likud since 1984. In Benjamin Netanyahu's present coalition government the party holds four cabinet posts.  Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has been spiritual adviser to several Israeli leaders, including Netanyahu and Peres. In 2010, he also declarated that Jews should exterminate the Palestinian population and wished for the Palestinian people died from a plague.

After you done reading this: Watch the movie "Delirium" to see who is behind one of the "Iranian" democracy movements: Here's a hint - it's the same person that parades the purported spy, Reza Khalili, around who claims the world needs to unite to attack Iran.

Delirium the Movie: "Iranian Satanism," the Israeli Lobby, Democracy, & Defamation 


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Iran is an ancient country - Israel is a modern-day theft

by MaryamJoon on

The 'wiped from the page of time' quote was directly said about the political architecture of Zionism - not the eradication of people.  I speak Persian, I saw and heard what he said. 

The quote by this Rabbi is different - and it is grossly under-reported in the mainstream media.  



Not clear if racist statement

by maghshoosh on

Ovadia Yosef has made racist remarks regarding the Arabs in the past.  But it's not clear that his recent remarks about Iran are in the same vain.  According to this article, Yosef said, “When we make the blessing on the dates that ‘our enemies and haters should be ended’ we should have in mind the Iranian regime, those evil people who threaten Israel.”  Here he's specifically mentioning "the Iranian regime," so this statement is no more racist than Ahmadinejad saying that Israel "should disappear from the page of time" or be "wiped from the page of history" or whatever other translations have been given.

Yosef also said, "when we say that our enemies, foes and anyone who desires to do evil to us should be cut off, we should have in mind Hezbollah and Iran."  Here it's not clear whether he means the gov't or the whole nation when referring to "Iran."  So it's not clear if what he said about Iran is anymore racist than what Ah. has said about Israel.  Although, I would agree that both Yosef & Ah. statements are exaggerated and inflammatory.


Did PAAIA, NIAC, or PDMI condemn these statements?

by MaryamJoon on

Just a simple 'yes or no' from organizations purporting to represent Iranians would be great.


Rare to see pictures of the Devil

by MaryamJoon on

And when you see pictures of him and his accomplices, and *so-called* Iranian-Americans say nothing, what does that tell you?

And what does it tell you about the ones that are busy playing on the "Shah is Great" thread on this site when this kind of information surfaces?  Maybe they think nobody will notice. 

Res Ipsa Loquitor is latin for "The thing speaks for itself." 



by amirkabear4u on

Devil comes in ALL forms and shapes.





1st Amendment

by MaryamJoon on

You write: 'it would be a great mistake if we assumed that the average Israeli citizens have favorable opinions about these people.'

I didn't hear the ADL condemn it.  

Didn't hear the US President condemn it.

Didn't hear the US Congress condemn it.  

Didn't see street protests in Tel Aviv over it.  

I can't buy into your assumptions until I see real proof to the contrary.


Joubin: you don't get it

by MaryamJoon on

Among the reasons Iranians chant that is because these people have confiscated the country of other people; engage in land theft, killings and apartheid; and they helped Saddam during the war.  What do you think Iranians are going to chant after such a history?  Happy Birthday?


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

The real power of Shas rests on its swing votes. These are a bunch of good-for-nothing Talmud reciters who are fed by the tax snatched from the working class citizens....They do nothing, absolutely nothing except studying Talmud...they are also exempt from the military service(that is being somewhat reformed).........Every candidate running for the office of prime minister, or sitting prime minister has to bribe these Shas moftkhors for their votes........the filthy savage king maker of Zion is nothing more than a heavy load on the shoulders of honorable Jewish people.............it would be a great mistake if we assumed that the average Israeli citizens have favorable opinions about these social and moral leeches; no way...........Israeli workers know better, far better.............


You still don't get it

by Joubin on

If Shas and supporters went around chanting "Death to America" in the synagogue, you would hear about them on CNN.  Now it is entirely possible that they do so in private, but aghleshoon mereseh keh joloyeh mardom nagan.

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.