My Interview on the 1953 Coup Against Dr. Mossadegh-Jebhe Melli

Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

You may listen to my interview with the left-wing radio Pacifica's KPFK.  It is about the 1953 coup as well as a bit on Ahmadinejad who had recently arrived in power.  It was conducted on August 19, 2005 (about three and half years ago). 


1. click on the link below:

2. Click on the red play botton. 

3. Then fast forward to minute 43:00.  The interview is about 15 minutes.  






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Imagine how Iranians would

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Imagine how Iranians would regard Mr. Khomeiny as, if his chartered Air France plane was shot down in 1979? How would you regard Agha today!? Mossadegh was not the land father nor the social democrat as some of us like to portray him! He was a Nationalist without doubt, but my dear Dr. Kazemzadeh, so was many other Iranians who did not agree with his policies. Otherwise the coup d'etat would not succeed. In fact, several of his key supporters and admirers with impeccable references eventually left Dr. Mossadegh!

Just in case, if some of us do not seem to comprehend, or perhaps are ashamed to talk about it. Roughly, 85% of Iranian population lived in the villages back in 1953. How many were illiterate and poor?? How many did in fact die of hunger in the four corners of the country? Tell us all about the diseases that ravaged Iranian cities, rural district and countryside? Let's talk about the sanitary conditions in the Capital city of Tehran only. How many did have access to clean and running water? Let us talk about the condition of Iranian women back then? Do I need to go on?

Back to our "Gonde Goozi" mentality, how many managers in lower or higher level did we in fact have in order to stand on our own feet after kicking the British, I am sorry the English out of Iran back in 1953? Did we in fact have a plan or the skills needed to manage the Iranian oil industry? 60 years have passed and Iran imports gasoline from outside! Could we manage a bicycle factory back then?

Who were the people who occupied the seats in the Iranian Parliament "Majles" then?

Never mind the "Khan va Khanee" mentality which our society was built upon back then!

Or shall we discuss the remaining of the Jebhey-e Melli during the crucial years of 1978 and 1979?
How they stabbed Iran, not the Shah, but Iran! And even excluded one of their own members from the party for accepting the crucial responsibility of premiership in 1979. It is so ironic how those Mossadegh worshipers packed their suitcases and moved to exile to join their kids in USA, to live in a country which had taken part in overthrowing their leader back in 1953! Funny, people should have such a short memory! Most of Jebhey-e Melli leaders were khanzadehs or descendant of landowners, they didn't just own farmland, they owned the whole package, everything that goes with it! The village, the people living in the village, all the cows, all the chickens, all the goats and do I need to say more, Mr. Kazemzadeh?

Jebhey-e Melli was also in contact with the Americans to take over after the Americans found out that the Shah was unable to bring calm and reign in 1979! Now, does this action of theirs make Mr. Sandjabi and the likes of him from Jebhey-e Melli a traitor? Or does this only apply to the Shah?

In what century, do we actually live? Most Western European countries were abiding by the code refined by the Americans during the cold War, why would the Shah be different? In fact, the Shah had become an equal partener in the process!

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi brought Iran to a level that there was no going back, The Mullah's couldn't and still can't do a damn thing about it, but they are still angry, that is why they harass innocent Iranians daily, young and old in order to satisfy their sadistic nature.

As far as I know, the Islamists killed one of Algeria's Nationalist front figures, A Hero of 1950's struggle against French colonialism. He was brought back from exile in early 1990's of the military junta in an effort to bring calm to Algeria! sadly the Islamist killed him!

You see, the Islamist would eventually get rid of Jebhey-e Melli too, if they were in charge of running Irans affairs and trying to push forward the country.

And no, there is no linkage betwwen the 1953 coup d'etat and the happenings of 1979! Some call it revolution other revolt.

Enough is enough Agha Kazemzadeh!

We have enough of historical figures to worship. :)



by /./ (not verified) on

Mr Kazemzadeh
The pad in the back you are getting from some of the well-known characters on this forum, reminds the rest of us how bogus version of the history you are presenting.

Good Luck.


Think again - history has repeated itself many times

by The Nationalist (not verified) on

You can not rule out factors for which the number of people came out to support Dr. Mossadegh in comparison to agent Khomeini. One is the accessibility to mediums - such as tape recorders; two, the desire of foreign octopuses & their parasites to promote Khomeini; the same parties spread inaccurate, vicious, & controversial propaganda about the beloved Doctor; fourth, the lack of political education & awareness amongst the masses about the extent of foreign powers interest in sucking Iran's natural resources & hence controlling her. As it is known, the devilish British government was the mastermind behind both the coup against Dr. Mosaadegh & promotion of their agent Khomeni "shave any religious figure beard to see it's made in England - the evil empire".


"Mosaddegh saved the Shah"

by farrokhzad on

It may be interesting to re-read here what Feraydoon Hoveyda had to say about Mosaddegh/Shah:



I wish the Soviets had taken over Iran back then

by Wishful (not verified) on

Even though the West would never ever let Iran or any other oil-exporting country go behind the iron curtain but I wish there was no coup and Soviets could eventually take over Iran back then, at least now Iran would be an ex-Soviet occupied country like the liberated Eastern Europe and Iranins living in the West and specially in America would have much more respect and prestige.


I disagree with Dr. Kazemzadeh

by Parthian on

I like, and agree with many of Dr. Kazemzadeh's views. He is a democrat, and a patriot no doubt. But he paints a very biased picture of Mossadegh. There is no doubt in my mind that Mossadegh was a great person, and intellectual, loved his country and did a great deal for it. However, he was not as "popular" as Dr Kazemzadeh suggests, he was certainly no Washington, or the father of a country, and at times his leadership was very questionable.

If he was so popular, why were there very few supporters at best who came out during the coup? I hate to say it, Khomeini was popular when he first arrived in Tehran, you could not get 1/10th of a crowd proportionally for Mossadegh. Washington was a general who picked up a weapon and fought the Brittish tooth and nailed. Mossadegh seemed erratic, clueless, and lacked leadership to be decisive when most needed. Let's not exaggerate him as we seem to do for our own political expediency, or as we do so often in our culture.


chashm Ostaad

by IRANdokht on

just teasing :0)

merci Masoud jan


Masoud Kazemzadeh

sepaas gozaram

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Iran Dokht,

Thanks. Just one favor: please call me “Masoud.”





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Dear Killjoy,

Sepass gozaram.




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Darius Kadivar

Thank You Masoud Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

Very insightful as usual. Thank you for sharing.



Dear Masoud,

by Killjoy (not verified) on

This was a very lucid and unbiased account of some major events in Iran's history.

Thanks for sharing.


Misinformation .... again

by botshekan. (not verified) on

No surprise that Masoud Kazemzadeh should come up with such a load of baloney. It is like Sadri twins giving an interview on Soroush and his cultural cleansing of the universities.

I am not interested in the views of MK - he, like a faulty LP. keeps repeating the same cliche stories and distorted views we have heard from JM for the last 55 odd years. What is interesting is to see how others, particularly the regulars, respond this drivel.

Keep commenting guys. It's fascinating :)

Maryam Hojjat

Mosadegh a true Nationalist!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Dr. Mosadegh is a true Iranian nationalist who has love for Iran& Iranians.  I am sorry for people who think otherwise.  History has recorded his name as a true nationalist.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Dear Masoud

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thanks for the insightful interview


U R as young & as inexperienced as followers of khomeini in '79

by Get real (not verified) on

those young students and their young professors made an angel out of khomeini in 1979 and we all saw the outcome.

you are equally young and inexperienced and idealistic and make the same mistake about mosaddeq, turning him into a saint that he was not. He did not do a damn thing for iran and was very close to handing iran to tudeh party or the soviets, and stage an earlier incarnation of 1979 revolution. We were very lucky that 1979 did not happen in 1953 and at least we had few decades to educate and progress the country before it turned into an afghanistan courtesy of doctor mosaddeq, a Qajar land grabber and law breaker pretending to be a saint, with exact same rhetorics as khomeini of 1978.

Get real! Mosaddeq was neither a democrat, not a nationalist. He was a man with personal ambitions and thirst for absolute and exclusive power. You are only turning him into a saint, because his political mistakes and failures prevented him from the judgment of history. The crowd that rise to the ruling class in iran are all corrupt and know no morality and have no nationality. When was the last time that iran had a true nationalist leader who cared about iran and iranians that you expect us to believe that mosaddeq was second him?


Mossadegh was socialist

by Izzy (not verified) on

Dear Masoud,

Mossadegh had ties with Soviets. He is a dream that will never come to reality.


Dear Dr Kazemzadeh

by IRANdokht on

Thank you for the link to your interview. KPFK is one of the stations I listen to regularly and Sonali's program is one of their best.

It was good to hear you speak of the history of the time, US foreign policies, Kinzer's book (one of my favorites) and also analyze the actions of AN and GWB administrations... You're right the situation back in the 50's was more black and white, maybe because the news didn't travel as fast and the foreign actions of US were done more freely and without the fear of public reaction. (I just can't believe she wanted to compare it to Saddam's situation). 

This interview should answer all those questions you are asked on an almost regular basis here. Thanks for taking time off from grading papers to bring us the info.