Videos and Reports on Dr. Mossadegh's Birthday Ceremony


Videos and Reports on Dr. Mossadegh's Birthday Ceremony
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear friends,

The following are reports and videos about the celebration for the 130th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Mossadegh, which was sponsored by the INF-OA.

Brief Report of the program:


Messages from

Ostad Adib Boroumand (Chairman of the Central Committee and Chairman of the Leadership Council of JM inside Iran)

Dr. Hossein Moussavian (Chairman of the Executive Committee of JM insie Iran)

Dr. Hermidas Bavand (Spokesman of JM inside Iran)

Abbas Amir-Entezam (the longest held political prisoner in the IRI)

Khosrow Seif (Secretary-General of the Hezb Mellat Iran)

Majod Zarbakhsh

Ayatollah Hossein Kazemini Brujerdi



Video of Amir Reza Amir Bakhtiar:


Video of Ms. Soheila Sattari:


Video of Hamid Sadr: (Mr. Sadr is in the leadership of NAMIR and an elected member of INF-OA Central Committee).


Video of Dr. Abdolkarim Anvari:


Video of Nasser Kakhsaz and Dr. Mohsen Ghaemmagham:


Video of Babak Amir-Khosravi: (former leader of Tudeh Party, founder of Hezb Democratic Mardom Iran).


The paper from the presentation of Babak Amir Khosravi to the program: (the long version of the speech).


Video of Taghi Rahmani: (Mr. Rahmani is from the Melli Mazhabi group).


Report from Radio Zamaneh which includes interviews with several participants (Dr. Houmayun Mehmanech, Amir Reza Amir Bakhtiar, Ariya Khosravi, Nemat Azarm, Taghi Rahmani, Ahmad Raafat). There is also a radio report, please click on file sooti to hear it.






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What lies, what celebration of incompetence.

by fozolie on

  No wonder we are damned. Keep building heros of incompetent demagogues.  

Mr. Fozolie


Dear Masoud

by Pahlevan on

Thank for your kind response. However I should mention that Islamism is neither liberal nor democratic, so NA's claim to be democratic is, IMO, a lie to manipulate the Iranian people. 

Liberal democracy is the vote of majority without infringing upon rights of the minority, and mixing a particular religion (especially a bigoted religion like Islam) with the state contradicts democracy. 

Secondly, as you mentioned, western democracies such as U.S. have explicitly secular constitutions that prohibit basing laws on a particular religion. NA, on the other hand, has always maintained that they prefer an Islamic "republic" to a secular republic, and their beef with the current rulers is over the rulers themselves, not the overal shape of the regime. As Mousavi, the mass-murdering noucheh of Khomeini said: "jomhurieh eslami na yek kalameh bishtar na yek kalameh kamtar". NA is an Islamist party that is by nature anti-democratic. 

Worst of all, they have allied themselves with Islamofascist  forces such as khat-e emam (khatami, mousavi, etc)  that are no better than the current VF mafia (if not worse). 

Islamist groups such as NA do not want to get rid of IRI system, they only want to get rid of the ruling mafia and replace it with their own mafia. They have shown this within the past 30 years by constantly undermining the barandaz democratic opposition and siding with Khat-e emam mafia.

Islamists might praise Mossadegh, but that's because Mossadegh is long gone and they can safely attach themselves to him to try and gain some legitimacy. their record is so rotten that they desperately try to attach themselves to secular Iranian heroes even though they are Islamists. But make no mistake, they only praise dead seculars because they don't want a living democratic Iranian gaining recognition and leading the democratic opposition to overthrow their precious IRI. 


Shazde GREAT Peotry!

by P_J on

Dear Pahlevan;

As you correctly wrote; Islamofacist, is the right title, and for those who like to mix democracy in the form of religion WARNING…. what do you think we have now!?

There has to be a total separation of State and Religion and on all levels.   That is what believers of pluralism and secularist like Mossadegh believed, and acted upon, and I am in total agreement with.

All you have to do is to look at the mess that is ISLAMIC REPUBLIC, which is neither Islamic nor republic.  

Also, those who BETRAYED their country whether under the Shah, the PAID Shahollahis or under Khomeini, the Islamofacists, should have no place in Iran’s future/tomorrow!    

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Pahlevan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Pahlevan,

Thank you for your comments.

Mr. Taghi Rahmani is one of the leaders of the Melli Mazhabi Coalition (MMC). The MMC regard themselves to be followers of Dr. Mossadegh.

The MMC and Nehzat Azadi (NA) want to combine liberal democracy with Islam. They have been engaged in transforming Islam from religion to a political ideology.

In JM’s opinion, that was wrong. In our opinion, religion should be a private matter. This means one should not mix religion and politics. However, we recognize that some people and groups have the right to have their own views. There are Christian Democratic parties in Europe and Latin America that combine Christianity and democracy. For example, in Germany and Italy, El Salvador, Chile, etc. There are also groups in Israel that combine Jewish religion and politics. There are also grous in the U.S. that combine Christianity and politics as well as Judaism and politics. Some of them are on the right, some in the left, and some in the middle. In India the BJP is a Hindu fundamentalist party.

For good or ill, there exists groups around the world, including in the democratic countries, that combine religion and politics. If they accept that the political system has to be secular then it would work. Their policies is informed by their ideology of Islam. But they explicitly accept to respect the constitutional rights of others and would respect the free and democratic votes of the people. In this case, Islam becomes an ideology like Marxism, or feminism, or ..

The primary point for democracy is that all these parties accept separation of state institutions and religion, respect the rights of others, and accept free and democratic votes of the people in free periodic elections.

MMC and NA initially supported the vf constitution. In the past many years they say they have "eltezam amali" to the vf constitution. This means that they will in practice will not violate the vf constitution. This means that they do NOT have eltezam fekri" to the vf constitution any longer. This is very significant.

Whether we like it or not, some segments of the population supports the likes of MMC, NA, and Bani Sadr. If we could draw them fully from the vf nezam and fully into the opposition, then that would weaken the nezam and will help the opposition.

The vf regime has terribly and brutally repressed the MMC leaders.

JM and INF-OA follow the policy of creating a broad-based coalition of forces to oppose the vf regime and help a transition to democracy. The broader the coalition the higher the likelihood of success. We are interested in getting rid of the vf regime and establishing democracy in Iran as soon as possible and with as little bloodshed as possible.

Therefore, it is our policy to invite and closely work with Melli Mazhabis. The platform will be separation of religion from state institutions. As long as they accept this, then we can cooperate with them. We are in the middle of the process of such coalition building.

I hope this is helpful.






To Mamoor

by Pahlevan on

Well, according to Khomeini (the biggest scumbag and mass murderer in Iran's contemporary history) Mossadegh would have slapped Islam had he remained in power. I think the founder of the Islamofascist regime  got it right this time!



Mossadegh's legacy

by Pahlevan on

Mossadegh was a secularist and a democrat. Though not all secularists are democrats, all true democrats must be secularists, because secularism is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for democracy. 

My question is, why then and Islamist like Taghi Rahmani (adviser to Karroubi!) is invited to speak in an event that's supposed to honor mossadegh?

Masoud Kazemzadeh

sepaas gozaram

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Shazde jaan,






شعر زیبای است


 مرحوم مصدق مسلمان شریفی بود

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Shazde Asdola Mirza

ستاره‌ای بدرخشید و ماه مجلس شد

Shazde Asdola Mirza

دل رمیده ما را رفیق و مونس شد

نگار من که به مکتب نرفت و خط ننوشت

به غمزه مسئله آموز صد مدرس شد

به بوی او دل بیمار عاشقان چو صبا

فدای عارض نسرین و چشم نرگس شد

طربسرای محبت کنون شود معمور

که طاق ابروی یار منش مهندس شد

کرشمه تو شرابی به عاشقان پیمود

که علم بی‌خبر افتاد و عقل بی‌حس شد