Shakila: Nedaye Mardome Iran

by MM

This is a video tribute by Shakila to all who have suffered since June 12th, 2009 in Iran.

Self-explanatory.  Sit back and .................

Shakila Nedaye Mardome Iran:


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Maziar, Shakila is the one - although, I like Shakira too.

by MM on

Shakila is the one I was talking about.  I compared her voice to the album I have from Shakila.  The same. 

Although, I like Shakira's voice, and have her album too.

I hope that is the difference you were talking about?

maziar 58

MM khan

by maziar 58 on

that's not the shakila you had in mind.

its a home grown iranian singer.            Maziar


Can someone embed Shakila's video within this blog?

by MM on

Can someone embed the youtube video within this blog?  I gave up. 

You can still click on the youtube link and and watch the video.