Messianic Regime


Here is a little quiz.  Which country is this statement referring to?

"I dont believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on messianic feeling."

If you answered Iran you would be wrong. Infact this statement refers to a recent statement  made by Israels much feared Shin Bet cheif describing mentality of israels current leadership. 



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Dr. Mohandes

Sheer desperation.

by Dr. Mohandes on

this was so hilarious. It is as if a new piece of information has been revealed, as if there was no awarness in that regard. to see this coming from a regular IC member, it is incredibly amazing.

What is being deliberately overlooked and swept under the rug, is the undeniable fact that we are dealing with a democratic system that gives its citizens the freedom to raise their voices.

Makes you wonder, for how long are they going to keep trying to muddy the waters and distort the realities?

Anonymous Observer

Hello Disenchanted.

by Anonymous Observer on



mr. triple H: cursing israel on line is your undeniable right.

by mousa67 on

and i mean 100% not the meager 20%.

but typicaly the quiz master asks the question and leaves the answer to the participants. unless the quiz master believes that participants are like himself. lacking in cognetive department.


You ruined the quiz Moosir - ah!

by anglophile on

... it was on the tip of my tongue. Why couldn't you keep the answer until some replies would be given? Any way, the answer is wrong. The only government with Messianic mission or shoud I say (Muhammadanic mission) is your own Islamic Regime of Tehran :))