1979 Secret UK Goverment papers recently released, including dealing with Iran.

by Nabarz

From Today's BBC Radio 4 discussing the 1979 Secret UK goverment papers recently released which includes dealing with Iran.


You need to get to 22 minutes into the programme for the Iran part. Shocking stuff!!!





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  There is more on this

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There is more on this in the Times too:








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please read the witness by rafiezadeh, if you want to know the extent of the involvement between cia and the mullahs.  he was killed shortly after the book came out.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

30 years ago. Veiled Prophet where are you!?!?!

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"Tanks, smoke grenades, missile guidance systems, and cluster bombs to the Iranian army. 2 billion pounds in defense contracts. "

"100 billion pounds were at stake. 20,000 jobs lost in UK because the shah left. Strict contracts with cash to the mullahs to buy weapons with the UK."  

Q thatcher: "Hello Alan. I'm cooking breakfast for Dennis. What about the shah?"

A Alan Hart: The new regime is keen to keep the contracts.

Guess what! These UK defense contractors are also in bed with the Saudis and help keep that nation in the dark ages (unless you measure access to new Dior and Chanel purses in malls).

This should come as no surprise at all. Iranians are always pawns and the defense Halliburtons and BAE corporations of the world win and the rest of us have our lives destroyed or turned upside down for their benefit. 


British/Thatcher and the west funding Ayatllahs

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No surprise here and apparently time is up so the info is leaked by thr Brits. The smoking gun that these subhuman aliens took power as merceneries of the West and the rest is in the Algiers accord, a tightly kept secret for 30 years. Perhaps it will be released soon so the world knows the faustian bargain the West made at Iran's expense.

Timely post.