Bankers Vs Rioters


Bankers Vs Rioters
by Nabarz

In city of London, two groups of greedy opportunistic individuals have been behaving outrageously. The younger hoodie-wearing group caused over £100M damage and 2,275 of them are arrested, the older pinstripe suit-wearing group caused £850billion worth of damage, only a few are arrested. In the Bankers Vs Rioters score of mayhem it seems the bankers are winners of being the more scary bunch.

Images of hooligans running in streets might appear as the more dangerous gang, but the Bankers damage is far worse in the big picture and interconnected web of society. For example, there is a "strong link between economic downturns and suicide rates suggests that the gloom of job losses and reduced incomes has a significant impact on the national mood." 


Another example: "Suicides in the United States ebb and flow with the economy, rising in bad times and falling in good" 


The hooligans arrested will face the courts and receive appropriate sentences.

However, councils seem to create their own laws; it's not just the rioters that will be punished, but the whole family could be evicted, even before the case is judged in court! The last time there was collective punishment in Britain was the Romans salting the land of a tribe that misbehaved.


The budget cuts have an effect //

The use of water cannons and plastic bullets is now a possibility for the first time, but the most effective tool is police officers themselves when present in high numbers on the street, who have done a great job, and, if the conservative government doesn’t cut their budget by 20% they will continue doing great job of keeping streets safe from hooligans.

On the other news, the banking sector are making a steady recovery, however, things are still tough for them, one poor bank has had its profit drop by around 30% this year; which means it will be making only a £2billion profit!

The moral fabric of society started disappearing a long time ago when profits were placed before people.

I am reminded of the lyrics by the band New Model Army:

“Top-dog fascist gets the boys in the corner

Plants poison where there was just confusion

Walks away scot-free and laughing

Rides on the tide as the cancer grows

And the business man on corruption charges

With millions of dollars in dirty money

Gets a thousand pound fine after months in court

While the lawyers get fat and the law gets bought”


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