Deeg Jush (Seething Cauldron)


Deeg Jush (Seething Cauldron)
by Nabarz

I wrote this after a Sufi Deeg Jush gathering, I like to share it in memory of Pir Dr. Nurbaksh at his first memorial last week.


Deeg Jush (Seething Cauldron)

At Summer Solstice, the longest day,
The symbolic height of power of light (Nur).
Under the eye of Mithra (Mehr-kindness): the Sun,
In the Old Windmill, the Pir is turning the Millstone,
metamorphosing the soul-grain of the Sufis into
bread and cakes of light to nourish all mankind.

We little raindrops, rush forth,
like the Irish Bard Taliesin,
into the Deeg Jush -
the cauldron of transformation
to be boiled and changed.

In the 'Jam Khaneh' –the Gathering House,
ALL have gathered, seen and unseen,
from Earth to the Seven Heavens.
All religions and their gods across
time and space stand
shoulder to shoulder in the `Jam Khaneh'.
A Shiva statute next to a Golden Buddha,
Christ next to Allah,
next to the Horned Deer
of our cave dwelling ancestors.

People too have gathered from all corners
of this blue tear in space we call home.
Young and old, man and woman,
from different races and cultures and
continents: Asia, Africa, Europe,
the Americas, Australia,
all have gathered in
the `Jam Khaneh'.

Words of the Pir echoes: "5000 year old Aryan
(Indo-European) creed of Divine Unity,
Love and Chivalry spread across
the Old World by the Aryan
The outer label might have altered
through the millennia, Dervish, Sufi, Magi,
Duir, Druids, Brahmins, ... but its heart
has changed little in those
in the 'Land of the Aryans':
Eire (Ireland) to Iran.
The lit torch is kept alive by many now,
and has gone beyond the land of
Aryans, bringing light into many dark places.

In the ‘Jam Khaneh’, we,
like little points of light,
form a galaxy, all circling the
Qutub (pole) during Zeker –
the remembrance.
Outside of this Temple of Love,
saplings planted by us in rich soil of Oxon
many moons ago, are now tall groves
towering above our heads.

In the Oak groves, the doorway tree
of Duir opens a gateway to Otherworld.
Silver Birch tree, shimmering Lady of the Woods,
dances and moves her slender white arms
to the sound of the Tonbak -drum.

The smell of roses is intoxicating all,
in this Golestan of Love.
In the fruitful Apple Orchards,
the meaning of Avalon: Isle of Apples (Britain)
becomes clear.

The trees, the flowers, even the farmer's cows
and the bees are joining the song and dance of Unity.
Hu, Hu, Hu.
All is One and One is All.
Remember: Unity, Love, Chivalry
Haq, Haq, Haq.

'Everything' is turning, whirling
around the Qutub during ecstasy of Sama.
An eternity caught in a moment.
Hu, Hu, Hu.

 -by Nabarz



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Deeg Jush poem

by Nabarz on

The full version of this poem Deeg Jush (Seething Cauldron) and related material is in my book:

"Seething Cauldron: Essays on Zoroastrianism, Sufism,
Freemasonry, Wicca, Druidry, and Thelema" 

ISBN: 978-0-9556858-4-2

Paperback, 227 pages.

Published in 2010 by ‘Web of Wyrd Press’

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Nabarz Jaan

by ramintork on

May he live in our hearts.

By the way it is interesting that as well a common interest in mitraism and mystic wisdom that we are fellow initiates.

Although I am today a de facto atheist I used to go to the London Khaneghah around early 90s, I look at those years with fond memories and have love and respect for the individuals whom I encountered for it was a time when I was a lost young man who needed help and guidance and the London Khaneghah was such a place.

When I heard Dr Nourbakh had passed away I was saddened and wrote a blog and then deleted it for I felt that a Blog in a place that is at the mercy of all sort of comments would not do justice to such a man.

Inspired by those years I started to write a story about a Magi who after the Arab invasion was reborn to serve humanity and that in one life time he loses his promise and then finds it again when his path crosses his fellows. I never finished the short story!

Only the other day I was cleaning the bathroom and looked at a decorative patterns of a coral and a sea shell that my wife had bought at a seas side and looking at the intricate structure and the geometry I was reminded of the unity in a mathematical fractal goverend by laws of nature and that the same laws have manifested themselves in me and all that we see like a reflection of light and then reminded of this unity I remembered my years at the Khaneghah.