'Every man and woman is a Star'


'Every man and woman is a Star'
by Nabarz

I will not be filed, labeled or categorized.

I am not a number, and will not be assimilated,

I am a free spirit and not part of a cube.

I am not just your father, bother, husband, consort, son or lover.

I am not just your king, prophet, your knight in shining armour; a

warrior-bard: destroyer-creator.

I am not an organically fueled dildo, or a pillar of strength,

I am not here to die in a battlefield defending our cave,

or to hang from a cross to save the world.

I am not just your mother, sister, wife, daughter or lover.

I am not just your queen, a wise crone, midwife, artist, teacher.

I give birth or abort, as I wish; from my temple: creator-destroyer.

I am not a cook, a mistress, a virgin or a whore.

I don't have child bearing hips! I will not stay at home or cover my hair.

I am not your drunken snog or breast feeder, and I get vertigo from being

on a pedestal.

I am beyond my individual components and traits, exceeding the total sum of my programming, seeing past the veil of separation.

I am a dividing cell, meiosis and mitosis manifest.

I am the beat of the heart, sound of a drum, a note on a fiddle,

I am a drop of rain on your face, the wind in your hair.

I am a liberating orgasm, a smile to a stranger.

I am laughter and tears, the joy of a bird in mid-flight, the bliss of a sleeping cat.

I am a reflection in a mirror, the food you eat, the forbidden fruit on the tree.

I am young and old, wise and foolish, yoni and lingum, earth, sun and moon, dead and alive, plant, animal and mineral.

I behold all opposites, and all possibilities, until nothing remains.

From that silence, everything burst forth, like spring flowers.

I was a hidden treasure, and I wanted to be known. with a big bang I have become every atom of the universe.

A star child, a rainbow across the sky.

Yet I am only one point of light in the star filled night,

shining forth from the deep.

Being Awen, Om and Hu, with every breath.

-by Nabarz

(This poem was in part inspired by Katy Jenisons’s poem Affirmation, Liber Oz, Star Trek, The Prisoner and much more).


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