Every man and woman is a Stat in S.M.

by Nabarz

Every man and woman is a Stat in S.M. The lung cancer death counter in St.Monica for this year reads 46800. But who cares? Pump up the volume, fast food, fast cars, fast lives, and fast deaths, Future grave robbers find gold watches, personalised car number plates, and silicon implants. Car fumes form a green cloud over the city at sunset, nope it’s not chlorine gas, but will do the same job slowly. Nah it’s not ‘my’ problem! The portfolio is doing well, +100K & a new BMW. Of course, my soul is nice I’ll shop at CK, Armani, & Gucci. Naturally, my body is fine I eat only organic Sushi. Need to smile more, got collagen lips at 16; smile the camera is watching, life is a show. ‘Darling your hat looks wonderful’; Inwardly: ’your hat looks dreadful’. It’s midweek, reality is catching up fast, time to visit another therapist, 5 so far this year, but all are crap; they are not making ‘it’ any better. Feeling even worse after the visit to the-rapist, more Prozac please. Isn’t decafe diet coke just water? The weekend is here, must be on the guest list, must be in the right place, must be seen with the right people. Existence through other people’s eyes. Plastic surgeons, plastic cards, plastic trees, plastic flowers…. By the time you read this, death counter reads 46900. //www.myspace.com/nabarz


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If U don't like it.....

by NOT_AK69 on

May I recommend relocation; it's a big country and even bigger planet.

Duuude, leave my smokes & fast food alone; it's called freedom. Live and let live.