Gods' game of Chess?

Gods' game of Chess?
by Nabarz

This was written on 14.10.01 when refelecting on post 9/11 events and as war in Afghanestan was gearing up. I thought I post it seeing was annivesary of 9/11 tragedy last week. It was aimed at Taliban and comparsion with guilde of Assassins and Marco Polo's tale of his encounter, and trade etc...something of a déjà vu.

The image is the site of Bamyan Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban.

Gods' game of Chess?

Here comes another war, humans pawn's in gods' game of chess?
Athena, Brigantia, Macha sharpening their spears,
the Valkyres flying next to F15s,
Poseidon pushing battleships into place.
Agni putting gun powder on his fire,
Kali destroying one world order to create a new one.

Descendants of Alexander and Genghis Khan are playing soldiers again

Riding on fast horses,
With Kalashnikovs on their shoulders,

High and invincible on opium and hash,
the gild of assassins and hashashins alive again.
Jumping off castle ramparts to their own death, to shock.
Bringing fear and terror to the Silk Road traders.

They call on Jehovah, Christ or Allah,
But deafen to their gods reply:
Allah the most compassionate and merciful;
Christ the turner of the other cheek.

Marduk is spreading Anthrax,
Baal is demanding blood sacrifice.
Holy books becoming weapons again,
Each page soaked with the blood of the 'infidel'.

Who are the Volorns, who are the Shadows?
Why can't the gods either help us or just leave our planet to us?

Perhaps they already have, or they never played chess with us.
May be everything is the way it is, because we humans want it that way, gosh Free Will?

-Nabarz 14.10.01



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Gods' game of Chess poem and related material

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