A Halloween Poem

A Halloween Poem
by Nabarz

To my suprise my poem 'One who is Three' from my Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess Morrigan' has made it to the final of Llewellyn books Halloween Poetry Contest! you can see all the poems and vote for the nomainees here:


One Who is Three

Goddess of War,
bestower and reaper of life
Phantom Queen.

Black-feathered, spear in hand
naked breasts heavy with blood and milk,
standing across the river of life.

Your beloved die in your arms,
your foes die at your feet.
Dark mother, luscious Crone, Goddess of death

as a battle rages,
your are there, graceful Raven
tearing flesh from bone.

As the moon wanes
we become closer, and closer
at the dark moon;
we dance in your cave.
Great Queen, Morrigan.


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