A love letter from Uranus to Gaia

A love letter from Uranus to Gaia
by Nabarz


I love you, I yearn for you, your green land and hillocks.

I want to run my fingers through your golden barley field hair,

kiss your ruby lips, and drink from your sweet rivers.


Gaia, my clouds expand to hold you in my arms,

My fingers turn to monoliths, to share your touch.

From the sky I ease myself into your ocean,

And we dance our dance of aeons.

You shudder when I touch your mount Davamand,

and laugh when I kiss your Mount Olympus.


Your tectonic plates move to kiss me back,

My joyous rain down on your land, and my hurricane across your seas.

As your waves rise to my storm, we are united once more,

Creating and continuing the cycle of life.


Finally we fall sleep in each other’s arms, sky clears, and no wind to flicker the leaves.

The oceans are calm and still, and its time for our children the Dodekatheon and Titans,

to wonder outside again in the realm.


-by Nabarz


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