The Persian Winter

The Persian Winter
by Nazy Kaviani

A fire crackles

A tray of nuts awaits

A book of poetry beckons

Inside, Hafez holds court

Wise and receiving

A bowl of pomegranate seeds winks

A candle burns bright and true

Mother’s quilt kind and soft

The long night outside

The Persian woman sits

Focused and hopeful

A prayer on her lips

The book warming her hands

The candle calling her close

The fire whispering her dreams

Mehr embracing her

As she opens the book

The long night outside

Wisdom said

Hopes expressed

Fears vanished

Tomorrow a beautiful image

Today a blissful addition

The Persian Winter looms

Warm and kind

Receiving and soothing

The long night outside.



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by jamshid on

Simple, yet touching and expressive. This is the kind of poetry I enjoy reading.


Please don't post such poems during work week!

by Monda on

Reading this sends me full force to the memory of my Grandmother's korsi in Mahmoudieh, but I have no time to process my feelings! So it's like giving a child a favorite sweet, but giving her only few seconds to enjoy its flavor. Nazy joon, this makes a lovely weekend read so I'll read it again then but I give you my heartfelt appreciation in advance!


Nazy Kaviani

My Dear Friends:

by Nazy Kaviani on

Sharmandeh mifarmaeed! Thank you all so very much for your kind reactions. I took that picture! If you ever find your ways to these parts, I would be happy to seed some pomegranates for you.

Princess Jan, my spoon peeshkesh-e shoma!

His Majesty, Ala Jan, and sweet Bayramali Jan, can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night! No Persian winter's night is complete without a glass of Merlot! Thank you again.


کوتاه و زیبا


نازی عزیز

این قطعه شعر زیبای تو مرا پرت کرد به سالها دور.سالهایی که اکنون دیگر خیلی دور به نظر میرسند. آیین زیبای و دوست داشتنی شب یلدا. شبهای سرد و طولانی زمستان که عشق و صفا آنرا گرم می کرد.کرسی خانه مادربزرگ-آجیل شب یلدا. سرخی انارها و رنگ میوه های زمستانی.فال حافظی که پدربزرگ برایمان میگرفت. هرم مطبوعی که از بخاری دیواری روی صورت می نشست. نقش روی لحاف روی کرسی. مزه چای در سماور نفتی با آن صدای دلنشین قل قل وهمه چیزهای خوب که  زیر غبار زمان مدفون شده اند

ممنون نازی جان از این شعر دلنشین که برای من مثل فلاش بکی تمامی ان خاطرات را زنده کرد

bajenaghe naghi

nazy jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

this is such a beautifull poem. merci. and a nice picture to dahanam ab oftad.

Alahazrat Hajagha


by Alahazrat Hajagha on

I really loved it Nazy jan. It is very original and it came from ur heart. I think this was the best post I have seen in long time in blog section of Absolutely beautiful.

ebi amirhosseini

Nazy Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Lovely,made me feel homesick for gatherings around my grandma's Korsi (as dear Orang remembered his grandpa's).So sweet as the red pomegranates we used to eat by the Korsi!.



Nazy Kaviani

Dear Azadeh, Orang, and Princess

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you so very much. Coming from you, these compliments are particularly meaningful.

I was a child of Tehran's long, white winters and I have most certainly experienced the Korsi! I went to someone's house in DC a few years ago and he had a Korsi! It's not that hard to set up, but I think what is really hard to re-create is the joy and the feelings of all those people under the Korsi, the kids, the elders, and everyone else.

Those memories are what I call my Persian Winter, even when I don't live in Iran anymore. Thanks again!



by Princess on

... and I LOVE the spoon in the cover photo!


Proustian poetry...

by Princess on

Nazy jan, lovey as always! I physically felt the warmth and cosiness of your words. Thank you.

Orang Gholikhani

I miss Korsi !...

by Orang Gholikhani on

I loved your poem which made me travel in my memory. I miss my grand father Korsi. Young people they didn't know more what it is a Korsi in a long night.

Yalda night is coming and make me melencoli as usual.




Azadeh Azad

The long night outside

by Azadeh Azad on

Absolutely beautiful, dear Nazy. Thanks.


Nazy Kaviani

And he said...

by Nazy Kaviani on

من ترک عشق شاهد و ساغر نمي کنم
صد بار توبه کردم و ديگر نمي کنم
باغ بهشت و سايه طوبی و قصر و حور
با خاک کوی دوست برابر نمي کنم
تلقين و درس اهل نظر يک اشارت است
گفتم کنايتی و مکرر نمي کنم
هرگز نميشود ز سر خود خبر مرا
تا در ميان ميکده سر بر نميکنم
ناصح به طعن گفت که رو ترک عشق کن
محتاج جنگ نيست برادر نمي کنم
اين تقويم تمام که با شاهدان شهر
ناز و کرشمه بر سر منبر نمي کنم
حافظ جناب پير مغان جای دولت است
من ترک خاک بوسی اين در نمي کنم