In a Police Car


Nazy Kaviani
by Nazy Kaviani

It was a beautiful and warm night, well, as warm as a San Francisco night can get. I had just been to a wonderful event, and my friends and I were hanging out outside the venue in San Francisco’s Mission District, chatting, telling jokes, and laughing.

It was 11:30 and the event was winding down quickly. I asked my friends for directions to the freeway and said goodbye.

I was walking quickly and confidently, the way a woman has to walk alone late at night in an unknown area of a metropolitan city. There had been no parking spaces close to the venue when I had arrived, so I had ended up parking my little gold car, Nilgoon, on the next block. I got to the street and saw a gold car, but it wasn’t mine. I moved up the street and saw another gold car, not mine, then another, and this one wasn’t it either, darn it! What the heck?!! Where was my car?!!

As the panic started to hit home, I returned to the main street, walking down another long block, thinking maybe I had parked the car two blocks down and couldn’t remember it, walking faster and faster as the adrenaline started kicking in, but I already knew my car wouldn’t be on the next block because I knew I hadn’t walked this patch of the sidewalk before.

I thought of calling my friends whom I had left outside the venue when I left, but then I thought, nah, they didn’t offer to walk me to my car in the first place, so I shouldn’t trouble them with the process of looking for my car and waiting by my side for the police to arrive.

I turned on the next block and sure enough, my car wasn’t there, either. I pulled my cell phone out to call 911 when I saw a police car stop at the corner. Quickly, I walked over, waved at the officers, and explained to them that I couldn’t find my car and I wasn’t sure whether I should be reporting it as stolen. They were very nice. They asked me what make and color my car was and where I thought I had parked it. I must have sounded really distraught, because I could see the two of them taking pity on me, all the while talking to me, probably to ascertain whether I was drunk or not. Thank God I wasn’t! So they told me to get in the car and let them drive me around the few blocks to see if I could locate my car. I got in the back of the police car, you know, the criminals’ compartment, complete with that transparent (bullet proof?) divider in the middle! Heeh! That was a brand new experience!

We drove around for a while and finally found my little car on the street where I thought I had parked it, only one block over. I was ecstatic! The door handle in the back of a police car doesn’t work from the inside, did you know?!! Well, for obvious reasons, I guess (Duh!). The officers had to get out of the car to let me out into the balmy night.

I wonder if anyone has ever seen someone crawl out of the back seat of a police car, jump to her feet, hug and kiss the police officers and run away!


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Nazy Kaviani

Dear Buna

by Nazy Kaviani on

Good to hear from you. No handcuffs this time, sorry to let you down! Be happy Buna!


no handcuffs?

by buna on

when i read the blurb to this story "in the back seat of a policecar...bulletproof windows..." i thought, "you go girl!!" and was let down to know your werent in handcuffs.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear All

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you so very much for your comments to my quick scribblings!

Niki, I'm honored!

IRANdokht, Ha Ha, it wasn't that bad, particularly in retrospect!

Jahanshah, No worries!

Ebi, I loved that show! My friends are the best! I am a tough cookie on the outside, so people aren't sure what to do with me most of the time!

Azarin, So true about writing when walking or parking a car!

Ali P., Your birthday weekend is almost over, so no more thoughts in the gutter! You'll have to be nice again for a whole another year!

Majid, You are right, it was completely unrelated but very funny just the same!

Thanks everyone!


Maybe a little unrelated but...

by Majid on

When in Germany, this story made the news for a couple of days.  This guy, drunk out of his mind, is driving home in the middle of the night...on the side of the road there were 7-8 police cars dealing with an accident.  The guy pulls over and asks the police if they needed any help.  Realizing he wasn't going to be any help, the police send him on his way.  3-4 hours later the police knock on his door.   His wife answers the door and they ask for her husbands whereabouts.  She says... "he's passed out in bed".  They tell her to wake him up.  They ask... "where is your car?" and he says "in the garage".  They open the garage door and there it was...


Ali P.

"In a Police Car"

by Ali P. on

Police Officers...bless their hearts.


Ali P.

P.S. IRANdokht lied to me to entice me to read this .(She told me this blog was about that game, where they name the most unusual places people have made love!)

Azarin Sadegh

Such a funny story...that could happen to any of us!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Nazy,

Such a sweet and funny true story! What I always like about your writings is its smooth flow, and how - as a reader - we can't stop reading your pieces. You always manage to grasp our full attention and push your reader to go to the end of your piece...and it is a real art! You are a natural writer my dear!

Plus, for this particular story, I have to confess that I can totally and easily identify myself with you...knowing I have no sense of directions and I get lost anywhere I go...As my husband says it could be the result of living half of the times in the clouds (Between us, I keep this secret from him that an important part of writing is thinking for rest of the time about what happened up there..:-) 

Thanks for sharing!


ebi amirhosseini

Nazy Jaan, the officers of.....

by ebi amirhosseini on

The Streets of San Francisco?! one cute,one big nose?! .


No Man among your friends ??!!

best wishes

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Glad you found your car! Me or Enayat or other friends at the show last night should have offered to walk you to your car. At least a good blog came out of it. :D


Nazy jan

by IRANdokht on

That must have been a very ennerving experience, but you made such a light of it! I love your spirit :0)

You and your friends should do what we do here: we all walk to the nearest car and then ride with friends to our own cars. There is safety in numbers and although we pretend to be strong and sometimes invincible, the truth is that these cities are dangerous especially at night.

Please be more careful next time  



Niki Tehranchi


by Niki Tehranchi on

That was a cute story, thnx :)