Yes, I Do!

Yes, I Do!
by Nazy Kaviani

Elections days are really exciting days for me. I think my excitement might be contagious, too, because I could see my younger son mirroring my excitement to the point where after their early morning class, his friend Kayvan decided to follow the two of us to the polling place nearby! He will be voting later today in his own neighborhood.

There was a very good turnout at the polling place. My son and I were 111th and 112th people who had voted at this station this morning. There was a "No Photography" sign at the entrance, so I couldn't capture all the excitement inside the room, but, hey, I can assure you that the place was buzzing with an unusual level of energy and turnout this time around! My son and I were talking about why it's important to participate in the elections and particularly this election.

We talked about how the policies adopted over the past eight years have changed our world, have created wars, have caused economic havoc all around the world, and have left so many people destitute, displaced, dead, and disabled. Politics and politicians of America have affected the rest of the world in irrevocable and irreparable ways. We talked about how when some ignorant and apathetic people among our young and old fellow-Iranians ask: "Do you really think your vote makes a difference?!" by now we know for sure that the answer is "Yes, I do."

I am honored to be able to vote.

Photo shows the two young Iranian-Americans who accompanied me to the polling station.


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It's a very special day

by From Roaiw (not verified) on


Nazy Jaan,

by IranWrites on

Yes, we did it. Such an election! Congratulation to all.

Azarin Sadegh

I do too...and hopefully everyone else!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Isn't it exciting Nazy Jan!

Tonight, once Obama was declared the elected president, my older son (he's 14) ran almost naked (in his pajama) in the neighborhood, screaming "Obama, Obama!" 

He was for Obama from the beginning and was pretty disappointed that he couldn't yet vote for his favorite candidate...So I hope that one day he - like you and me- will enjoy and grasp this incredible opportunity of being able to have a voice! 

Cheers, Azarin



Yes I do too!

by IRANdokht on

It's so exciting!  Thanks for sharing your experience Nazy jan 


Azadeh Azmoudeh


by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

Behind you 100%, each votes counts.



Dear Nazy

by Abarmard on

Yes we can :)


Nazy jaan

by Feshangi on

You are so right. Every vote can make a difference.  


maziar 58

electoral votes

by maziar 58 on

of course not counting the lavassan's ballots that adds in overtime. Maziar

ebi amirhosseini

Yes ...

by ebi amirhosseini on

it does!.