IRI politics Ali Daei style

IRI politics Ali Daei style
by News Goffer

I was reading the news and a headline caught my eye.  It said Iran says surprised by Morocco's decision to cut ties, rejects allegations.”  

After Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri’s statement about a month ago in which he said Bahrain used to be Iran’s 14th province, an upheaval between Iran and other Arab nations has started.  To be fair, there are a number of reasons why Arab countries are worried about Iran, but this is a perfect example of something which could have been easily avoided.  IRI authorities’ extremely poor and uncalculated public utterings have long caused bad blood and ill feelings with many other nations in the world.  The instances have been too many to recount.  As if it's not bad enough to have a "Supreme Leader" who talks nonesense all the time and a "President" who keeps wanting to redefine world maps while mesmerizing his audiences with his halo of light, the army of Sepaah and Qom dignitaries never let a day go by without creating some kind of trouble because they say every dumb thing that comes to their minds.

This headline reminded me of how as a member of the Iranian National Soccer Team, Ali Daei was consistently botching his penalty goals and just as soon as he would shoot the ball somewhere completely off target, he would assume this really silly look of outrage, surprised that his fabulous shot hadn’t made it through the goal posts!

I guess it’s too late to teach the IRI guys any new tricks about diplomacy and proper international discourse.  As a result, the “surprise” game will continue, Ali Daei style.


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Nouri made a mistake

by Abarmard on

And he was not talking as an Iranian official. Although Bahrain's government thought so. Later that week the Iranians made it clear that the government of Iran does not tolerate such speeches and Bahrain's sent their foreign miniseries to make a "closer" economic and cultural ties. So all ended well.

The Iranian system is very different than others. It's too complicated for many people around the region to understand it because it doesn't have one voice. Perhaps this problem will be resolved once the system grows to a party base system, for now, there are many voices that can go on top of Manbar and speak without an agenda to carry the government policies.  These voices are speeches by the individuals with their personal opinion.

I believe many nations in the west do understand that better, although at times to push their own agenda they do use what they know to be unimportant as proof for their claims against Iran!

In short, the Islamic Republic doesn't have one giant voice that directs it, rather there are many thought processes that each of them carry an specific weight on different areas. That's why they are so many government offices and titles to watch over one another. The leader also doesn't have as much power, because if he goes against some other opinions it might mean a clash. Does Khamenei have more power than Rafsanjani? Or Sepaah?  or Guardian council? Or assembly of experts?

It's more complicated than just a simple answer.

rosie is roxy is roshan

ps oh yeah right, i forgot,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

 iri will have the almighty Sudan on its side.

rosie is roxy is roshan

I agree. I thought IRI (and Hamas) sending diplomatic

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

missions in support of Bashir in Sudan against the war crimes indictment while promoting their Palestinian Summit agenda to indict Israeli leaders for war crimes was also a major blunder, I mean stupid. Especially when Russia supported the war crimes indictment of Bashir and IRI nuclear (and military) program cannot survive without Russian support, however Russia wants to make up with the US. Stupid, just stupid. I doubt Assad is stupid and if IRI continues to act stupidly they will lose much of Syria's support and then the world perception of them being so powerful in the Middle East will crumble. Who will IRI have then to display its muscle? Poor beleaguered Gaza and southern Lebanon? And Shia Iraq when Iraq is still occupied by the US? I thought they were very cagey but these ploys recently have been just plain stupid.


well, one thing for sure is

by yougotit (not verified) on

well, one thing for sure is that Bahrain was part of Iran anyway and the mulla did not lie. The interesting thing is that a football team made from the combinations of the current teams will be Asian champion and willbeat korea and japan. who knows maybe they will do well even against Brazil.

have a good day

News Goffer


by News Goffer on

Thank you for your passionate comment.  I actually agree with many of your assessments about the ways in which Arab nations have treated Iran, specially during the Iran-Iraq War.

However, my point is that a country that is run by seasoned politicians and diplomats and which has based its policies on respectful diplomatic discourse, will never need to run around in all directions (as they have been having to do of late) to apologize for some uncalculated and idiotic statement one of its statesmen has uttered.  Ahmadinejad, Mottaki, and Larijani have been having to work overtime to travel and to contact Arab leaders to deal with a situation that has quickly getten out of hand.

IRI rhetoric is crude and rude and undiplomatic and this has caused so much damage to Iran's reputation and its international standing.  In politics, an ounce of prevention works a lot better than a pound of cure.  Prevention in this context would be for every Ahmad and Ali and Jafar not to open their mouths and talk about Iran's foreign policy at a time when Iran is the most vulnerable.

That was my point. 


And so....?

by Kurush (not verified) on

So a few feathers on the corrupt body-politic of some Arab countries are ruffled. BIG DEAL! Most of these corrupt Arab rulers either kept their devious silence when a fellow Arab nation, Iraq, was invaded by the Zionist-Christian crusaders from the West, or, in the case of the most devious of them all, Saudi Arabia, who looks in the mirror every night and utters: 'mirror, mirror who is ...', cooperated with the crusaders all the way even as it pretended it was against the invasion. So the same country which provided billions of dollars to Sadaam so that the henchman of the World imperialists may keep the revolutionary pests from Iran out of the sanitized la-la land of the Saudi ruling Royal Gang, which would not last a single day were it not for the American military-intelligence support, and, which then of course turned against their bad boy bull-dog Sadam when the latter turned his teeth towards the corrupt Saudi clan. And those beautous poodles on the southern edge of the Persian Gulf. Dubai, the UAE, and Bahrain, last time I checked they were occupied territories, as is Kuwait. Baharain has of course served as the 'host' to the largest concentration of Western Armada, since the Second World War...and Bahrains can not be ignorant of the mischeif they are harboring in their midst. And what have these indignagnt Arab countries done for their fellow Arab brothers & sisters in Gaza whom were butcherd by the Zionist thugs? Being good lap poodles of their Western Big Brother, they frequenly yelp at Iran, woof-woof, although it is not the Iranian tanks but the American and Zionist tanks that are rolling over the bodies of their fellow Arabs. Shame on them!