Losing hope in change


Losing hope in change
by Niloufar Parsi

Obama is increasingly looking like a major advertising scam. The ruling elite proving that they really 'can'. get away with murder.

Torture is exposed but goes unpunished. Yes we all knew it was/is going on. We saw the pictures. It was obviously systemic across all US military detention centres abroad, and the ICRC reports said so. So what is the point of releasing memos and doing nothing else? A puppet show? An illusion of something happening?

Even before he was elected, Obama was shifting the 'blame' to Afghanistan & Pakistan. US imperialism always finds someone to blame. This time, it looks more and more like a crusade. It does not matter how many are engaged in an evangelical crusade, but when there are videos showing that US soldiers are being instructed to bush the Bible in Afghanistan, then holy war looms larger, and all hell is going to break loose.

As for Iraq, well it looks like the largest 'embassy' in the world was built in Baghdad with a longterm vision that is independent of the President.

Obama also shows unforgivable support for Israeli atrocities and Apartheid. Still refusing to talk to Hamas, and giving no hint of a change in US policy despite an ultra-right wing government in Israel. Palestinians are human beings too. With rights.

Obama appoints a dangerous Secretary of State, a woman who freely spoke of obliterating a whole nation, Iran, without provocation, and not only got away with it, but has become the voice of American foreign policy. She will get on with the Israeli foreign minister for sure.

Then Obama put incompetent Wall Street losers in charge of reviving the economy in his administration.

The US government is clearly subservient to finance to the tune of trillions out of taxpayers' pockets. At the same time, they refuse support to the poor and those losing their homes.

Off to the Saudis, and Obama bows to the Saudi king like a devout Catholic to the Pope.

Yes it's only 100 days and patience is needed. But surely we must admit that we are watching with diminishing hope and increasing disappointment so far.

Can he really? Will the system allow it? Beyond great speeches and pleasantries, what change can he bring? Who really is in charge there?


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

That's why you read and responded, isn't it sweetheart?

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

u r boring as usual

Kaveh Nouraee

Once Again

by Kaveh Nouraee on

the author known as "Niloufar Parsi" spreads her "love".

Too bad it can't be treated with a shot of penicillin.

To this day, she cannot hide her contempt for Jews, the U.S. or anyone who questions her.

Craig doesn't need me or anyone else to defend him, but yes, Niloufar, or whatever your name is, you are indeed a racist, and worse, an elitist. You hold people with whom you disagree to a different standard than that to which you hold yourself. It is obvious to even the most casual observer. I know you don't care, and that's perfectly fine with me.

But after reading your various posts (after which I either laughed and wondered how the hell did you ever make it past the Home Office) I've come to the conclusion that you have yet to offer any real argument or meaningful debate on the issues. You just piss and moan for the sake of pissing and moaning. You get the attention you so desperatey seek, then crawl back into the abyss that is your life until you feel the need to get another "fix".

It's hilarious for you to suggest that anyone take a course in manners or civilized discourse, when all you have to offer is vile hatred for those with whom you disagree.

Being elected doesn't necessarily equate to being right. I'm certain that is the position you hold towards many publicly elected officials. However, if you don't hold everyone to that standard, then your argument is nullified. And all anyone has to do is read your posts and they will see that you're selective (and that's putting it mildly).

It's past time for you to stop putting on this charade. This image you are trying to create as some free-thinking peace-loving open-minded person is a farce that no one believes.

If you just came out and admitted to your hatred of people based upon their religion, nationality and ethnicity, at least no one would be able to accuse you of lying.

anonymous fish

holy war?

by anonymous fish on

oh my god.  you really are the funniest...lol.   this doesn't even deserve a qualified response.

so what that hamas was elected.  my dear... they are terrorists!  and how is that any different that YOU or anyone else calling the US terrorists.  don't you get it!  double standards... double standards.  it gets in the way of your arguments every single time.  :-)  i WILL remember this next time someone calls the US terrorists.  according to YOU, they can't be... because we are a democracy and elect our officials!  thank you!!!

i don't know who your "we" is but go right ahead... take the US to court.  gather your little "we's" all together and when you get enough to actually DO something other than make ridiculous claims... call me.  until then, your claims are without merit and absurd.  you and your little "we's" can sit and demonize the US and americans all you want.  it means absolutely nothing to us. 

PC.  you've heard the term "lie down with dogs and you'll get up with fleas"???  this is what happens with you discourse with the likes of the DI and her buddies.  they LOVE to toss out words like hate and racist.  isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard!!!!   they ARE hate and racism. 

the simpliest thing is to pray for their souls.  i don't hate... i feel sorry for them.  the best they can do is make up lies and call us "ignorant americans".  it's sad really.  but what can one do!  it's just not possible to have an intelligent debate with people like that.   

they talk about basic human manners like they know what that is!  what else can you expect!!!

but i've noticed something too.  it's not just us!   you should see how they insult their hamvatans!

my suggestion.  find a worthwhile blog and join in.  this is nothing more than an opportunity for niloufar to spout her anti-american racist hatred and her AH-buddy to join in. 

and to think that the DI actually has to live here and endure this horrible place!!!  isn't that a shame.

Niloufar Parsi

programmer wierdo!

by Niloufar Parsi on

you are hilarious! u write:

'Niloufar, your attempt to muddy the waters is disgusting. And unworthy of response.'

what are you doing here then?!

oh i know, to call me names. 'revolting', 'racist', 'disgusting'. and anyone who agrees with me must also be 'a racist'.

what's that about? you are with us or against us? is that it? what, in the name and democracy and freedom? just like the reasons given by your government to send your war machines to rape, pillage and plunder? to spend billions on supporting Apartheid? and i am the racist here?

you're a sad character. Jaleh was right about you.  why don't you take a course on civilised discourse and basic human manners and then come back. may be we can then actually try and understand each other. until then, you are good for nothing other than spreading hate. you sound like you live for it.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

On August 27, the Palestinian news service Ramattan and FOX News reported[8]
that Centanni and Wiig were released unharmed, shortly after a new
video was released. In the video, both journalists, wearing beige
robes, read statements saying that they had converted to Islam, with Centanni stating "Islam is not just meant for some people; it is the true religion for all people at all times."[8]
After being freed, Centanni stated "We were forced to convert to Islam
at gunpoint
, and don't get me wrong here, I have the highest respect
for Islam, and learned a lot of very good things about it, but it was
something we felt we had to do, because they had the guns, and we
didn't know what the hell was going on."[8]

Any comment on the behavior of your beloved Gazans, ms america wages holy war niloufar parsi?

programmer craig

holy war, my

by programmer craig on

holy war, my friends...

Lets see. Hezbollah translates to "Party of God", correct? And HAMAStranslates to "Islamic Resistance Movement". And the name of your country is the Islamic Republic of Iran. And your country is led by an Ayatollah. And founded by an Ayatollah. Who is it who is waging Holy War, Niloufar? :D

Hezbollah and Hamas are both elected and popular resistance movements.

So all the kindapping, torture and mass murder are OK with you, is that correct?

And what was this post about, again? Please remind us? Something to do with some complaints you have about a democratically elected and popular President?

By the way, since you seem to be blissfully unaware, Hezbollah was not elected. Hezbollah was created in 1982, by the IRGC. Whichmeans your country of Iran shares responsiboilty for all of Hezbollah's many crimes, against many people. Someday, that bill is going to be paid. One way or another.Kall it karma, if you like. You've got a lot of bad shit coming your way.

programmer craig

Absolutely revolting

by programmer craig on

Niloufar, your attempt to muddy the waters is disgusting. And unworthy of response. If there was any doubt what you were all about before, there isn't now. I can only think that anyone who agrees with you is just as immoral as you are. Like that racist Jaleho who wants to have sex with your eyeballs... before or after he plucks them out, I wonder?

To the moderators... when did racism become acceptable behavior here?

Or are you going to pretend you didn't notice?


Programme Craig

by NiloufarParsi (not verified) on

Another 100 or so Afghan civilians killed by the US. This is Terror.


Niloufar Parsi

Jaleh jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks aziz! 

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

check out this report on the US military preaching Jesus in Afghanistan:


it has caused a major storm. military + bible pushing = crusade!

holy war, my friends...

Hezbollah and Hamas are both elected and popular resistance movements.

As for having the vote: it makes no difference on my opinions. any 'leader' whose soldiers are surrounding my country and threatening it (regularly) is fair game for criticism. that is the least i could do. we would take the US to court for a long, endless list of war crimes if there were any justice.

As for 'terrorism' (to PC): if you do the math, you will see that your government is far more guilty of terror than any other 'terror' group around. look at things like numbers of innocents murdered in cold blood and without any reason. try 1 million Iraqis for a start. the majority of civilians killed were killed by the US. i believe you call them collateral damage. rather orwellian, wouldn't you say? no one knows how many Afghan civilians killed. no one bothers to count even.

hope that clarifies.


Niloufar Parsi

Anonymous Joojeh

by Niloufar Parsi on

may be :)


Dear Niloufar,

by Jaleho on

BTW, I hope you know that the rule among most people here is to IGNORE American white trash.

second BTW, pretty and lovely avatar. One feels like talking to a real human, and when the eyes are those of a nice type of human, it is even better!

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

well, you dared me to check it out...:-)

regarding torture.  it's been exposed which is a hell of a lot more than was done before.  it's not up to OBAMA to indict and convict the criminals of the bush administration.  please don't render a childish statement with absolutely no validity.  you want to blame him because they haven't been convicted?  come on.  get real.  you think it's going to happen overnight?  i got a parking ticket and court was put off 3 times.  give me a break.

what does "US soldiers are being instructed to bush the Bible" mean?  and it is, of course, YOUR opinion that no one else is to blame EXCEPT the US????

obama supports israel, not necessarily israel aggressions.  do you understand the difference?  no?  then let me suggest a comparison.  do you support the IRI in every way, shape or form?  they are in fact the representing regime of the iranian people.  do you even think most iranians support their regime....lol.

the US will not deal with hamas.  you don't like that... too bad.  they are a terrorist group.  i support obama 100% in not dealing with hamas and i AM an american so my (and anyone else who is able to vote in american elections) opinion is the only one that matters.

please provide proof where indicating that obama has no concern for palestineans.  actual verbage would be good... rather than your unsubstantiated opinion.

i like hillary.  and again, i'm one of those americans who get to vote for our elected officials.  whether you in europe like her or not is completely without merit to us.  :-)  dangerous you say?  wait... let me check google.  was it hillary who said the US would obliterate a whole nation (taken totally out of context but i'll save that for later when you come back to defend yourself) or was it someone in iran... maaaaybe ahmadinejad... who said something like wiping israel off the face of the map?  didn't he say something about "with alertness and iron-like will, [Iran] will inflict serious and repeated defeats on the Great Satan's camp".  but you're right.  let's reflect on what was said today versus the last 30 years. 

can you tell me what you mean by refusing help to those losing their homes?  you mean those people who bought homes they couldn't afford?  ok... sure.  let's bail them out.  not the small business' fucked up by the bush administrations who lined the pockets of wall street.  no... let's all complain about how joe 6-pack was screwed over.  not.

and of course... the "bowing" incident.  who could forget!  and you're right.  that will of course be the determining factor in whether or not his administration succeeds.  4 years from now...  8 years from now... when hopefully my retirement account starts breathing on its own again... i'm sure i'm going to give a rats ass about whether or not obama bowed to some saudi king.  or even if he tanks big time... THAT will stand alone through the test of time as the determining factor.  thank god for relevancy!!!!!!

ps... are you in england?  let's review YOUR leader's progress report next!!!!






by Anonymous Joojeh (not verified) on

Are the seductive eyes in the avatar yours?

Just curious.

programmer craig

Niloufar Parsi

by programmer craig on

Obama also shows unforgivable support for Israeli atrocities and Apartheid. Still refusing to talk to Hamas...

So, the Obama regime is criminal, for refusing to talk to a criminal terrorist organization? That's an interesting world view you've got there. Not a bit of criticism towards the Islamic Republic for arming and financially supporting not just HAMAS but also Hezbollah, groups that have a long and bloody history of mass murdering the innocent, not to mention kidnapping and torture (to DEATH) - you did say something about torture as well, did you not? - but rather it is Obama's fault for refusing to treat animals as if they were decent human beings who could be reasoned with.

One doesn't really need to read very far into one of your rants to smell the hypocricy. And thewhiff of a repugnant hidden agenda is quite strong as well. I recommend in future that you try to refrain from openly supporting people who are guilty of far worse than the ones you accuse. It becomes very difficult to take you seriously, on anything you say.




Dear Niloufar,

by Jaleho on

I think maybe you expected too much! I think Obama is doing quite fine, relatively speaking. He is not a sole dictator, he is one very important man within a well established political system, the Israeli-ocuppied-US-congress being another very important part of it. Let alone the corporate foundation and the lobbies....

I am anxiously waiting to even bolder steps from Obama towards Iran after Iranian election. I even smell a possible territory cough up to Syria from the Israeli thieves, AND THAT, despite hardliner Bibi. As for the image of America outside, he already has magically erased many of the Bush ugly effects.


Ms. Parsi

by capt_ayhab on

No actually you did not pull down the average, and even despite few very very low grades we got, if you notice the Standard Deviations you will see that there was not much of disparity on the data. 

The data did not follow the normal distribution[perfect Bell Shape] as I was hoping so , but it was mighty close to it.

As to Mr. Obama, there is only one way for him to get it done, and that is to part with the way business is done in Washington DC. Just look at average age of the senators and reps and you will see my point. Some of these people are so deeply entrenched in their way[GOP and DEMs alike] that is sure to present him with many huge obstacles.

I know of one gentleman here that will totally disagree with me, but I respect him for his convictions.



desideratum.anthropomorphized anonymous000


by desideratum.anthropomorph... on

Sometimes, in politics as in life in general, the expected change is merely a matter of degree .  I suspect American politics is a wrong place to search for any abrupt discontinuity.  That said, it is in the glare of hope and renewal, rather than in the actual manifestation of progress, that citizens often find a window to peer into new possibilities.

Niloufar Parsi

captain khan

by Niloufar Parsi on

Thanks for that. i also participated in your poll. And pulled down the average no doubt!

There is a rather Machiavellian theory on what Obama is trying to do. It runs something like this: the forces against him are so large that he has incorporated them into his administration to give them enough rope to hang themselves, Wall Street, AIPAC and Clinton included. In this scenario, the system would crash, and he would then emerge as the champion of the people, better able to challenge the corporations and their lobbies, including AIPAC toward the end of his first term.

A bit of a tall tale, but then again, you look at the man and his accomplishments, and you wonder whether he might have it in him. After all, he came through Chicago - that bastion of corruption with so many governors jailed - untainted. He beat the Clinton machine. He sweet talked AIPAC to our consternation. He got past the scandal of a most ferociously militant pastor. And he had at least 90% of the media against him. Yet he came through looking so clean. May be he is enough of a student of Machiavelli to be able to pull it off yet.

A mammoth task for sure.



by capt_ayhab on

Being an avid supporter of Omaba I might be handy caped to render opinion about him, yet on the other hand, if for me to be a believer in the system then I should be criticizing the shortfalls as well.

May be it is a bit to early so judge full implementations of his ideas, as far as economic policies are concerned. As for foreign policy, in particular policies in ME, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, so far no big change has occurred from the old tired policies of Bush.

Still the same propaganda and still the same blind support of Israel. Still the same propaganda about Iran and such. Git to admit that his overture to Iran has been praised and rightfully too, But as of yet no major step. And being honest as Ms. Parsi noted, I do not see any major shift so as long as Mrs. Clinton, who is sworn enemy of Iran is in charge.

I do think so, he need more time to really work through all these disasters.


Ms. Parsi, excellent thread and if I may say so, I did an unofficial poll on his first 100 day take a look at the results, we at IC did not grade him so high at all.




Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

yes it seems that the system is addicted to war. a perfect opportunity to make peace and undermine Al Qaeda and other enemy factions on an idelological level was lost. back to square one now with Pakistan also drawn into the region's wars. That they cannot afford it does not even come into the equation. so much for peace and rational economic planning!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

indeed you are truly realistic. but you really are up against THE system.

I heard that they recently released two AIPAC agents suspected of bribes and espionage.

Niloufar Parsi

Bijan: try valium!

by Niloufar Parsi on

actually, there has been decades of US imperialism. that is what we are concerned about. And I only said we are getting worried by the signs. the jury is still out. the point is about the 'change we can believe in'.

i did not vote for him. i would have if i had a vote in the US.

who is the idol you referring to?


Manoucher Avaznia

Kurush Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Gol Goftee, however from the very beginning he was not to do those.  Do you ever believe that a system that has been established over three hundred years ago to safeguard certain values of imperialistic capitalism will allow someone or some party to pose threat to its foundation? 


It takes more than a "preseident"

by realistic (not verified) on

The system is corrupt and it takes more than one president to fix it, even if that pres was truly sincere, etc. The best solution is for average people like you and me to start taking more responsibility for what is going on around us. I think most valuable movements are the ones created and pushed forward by average determined people, and not by government. Governments, generally get stuck in heavy bureaucracy and controlled by special interest groups. Obama is probably slightly better than those direct war mongers but I am not expecting that he could confront serious opposition such as the AIPAC. AIPAC has a LOT of money and power and connection but more importantly, they have ESTABLISHED themselves as authority. And it takes a lot of balls to confront that evil. We all need to chip in and help.

Bijan A M

How pathetic?....

by Bijan A M on

Ms. Parsi, there are healthier ways to grab attention than making a complete fool of yourself in front of a large crowd. How can you keep your head up when you post a blog that suggests,  “it takes time”, even after 30 years of oppression, suffocation, looting of nation’s resources, etc…to see the change in IRI. And, a few days later come out and post this garbage that you are losing hope for change after 100 days, because a leader has not done as you wished to leave the fate of his nation at the whims of your Jihadists around the world.


Why don’t you come out and have the courage to write a blog about your dreams that somebody would come and Nuke Israel. That’s all you are after, isn’t it? You voted Obama thinking that he would make it easier to do that and now you are disappointed.

You slammed me for questioning (just showing a little hesitation) about your idol’s integrity. It only took you 3 months to lose hope….


How pathetic?  

Kaveh Nouraee

To those of you who voted for him

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I told you so.

Manoucher Avaznia


Manoucher Avaznia

حالا برای اینکه نگویید منوچهر عوض نیا تازه گیها دیوانه شده و چرند می نویسد قطعه ی زیر را بخوانید.  چاقو که دسته خودش را نمی برد.  از اولش حرف سرکاری بود و تا آخرش هم سرکاری خواهد ماند. به قول مش قاسم گوش کنید.  ما مرده و شما زنده.  اگر از این امام زاده معجزه بر خاست، سر قبر ما هم بنویسید.



گفته ام این پیش ازین و باز می گویم دلیر

نکته هایی در ظرافت در خور عام و وزیر.

گه درشتی کرده ام: سوهان تو گویی در صفت

گاه نرمی در ربودم گوی سبقت از حریر.

در جوانی مهر مهرویان نه در سر داشتم

نه به نخجیر محبت آمدم نا گشته پیر.

نه کنون مقهور تهدیدم؛ نه در زنجیر و بند

نه سرم منگ شراب است، نه به چنگ می اسیر.

سینه ام گسترده است از هر کران تا بیکران

تیزتاز اندیشه ام در هر زمان نخجیرگیر.

جوی صد اندیشه جاری می شود درهر کنار

چون به کاغذ می نهم هر دم نوک کلک دبیر.


آن مهی کو بر سما برشد به آبان چار و ده

و غریو شادی آورده برون از اغنیا و از فقیر.

جان من؛ هرگز گمان این مبر در شام تار

او نماید راهتان در لجه چون ماه منیر.

او به فکرکشتی سرمایه در گردابهاست

کی برای درد مسکینان شود گرد و امیر.

او به پایان آورد هرگز نه جنگ و سلطه را

بلکه اینان را بباید گردد او برتر مدیر.

چهری؛ از استاد تاریخ درس دیگر یاد گیر

بابت دلقک وشان، ای جان من، هرگز ممیر.


بیست و یکم آبانماه 1387



اگر چه رایت منصور نو انتخاب رسید

دعا و جهد کوشندگان به خوش جواب رسید

ز شوق فتح  و ظفر در آن شب تار

خنده بر لبان برفت و ز دیده آب رسید

جهان سکوت شکست و جشن تازه گرفت

ز هر کرانه نغمه ساز و رباب رسید؛

دلا؛ کجاست دیده روشن که ببیند باز

از این کویر نه آب، که سراب رسید؟

کجاست عاقله مردم که حال پیران دید

بخواست مژده که: "مردم شباب رسید"؟

کدام ذائقه نوشید عقار و ادعا فرمود:

"ای راهیان میکده شراب ناب رسید"؟

چو قاطعان طریق همه ز یک رنگند

چه جای شعف که ناباب رفت و باب رسید؟


قربان مرامت

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i respect your opionion on Obama's performance. I am clearly not trying to make myself popular here!

but i take issue with your reasoning on judgement. Leaders must be kept in check, always, be it bush or obama. That is just my opinion.