Losing hope in change


Losing hope in change
by Niloufar Parsi

Obama is increasingly looking like a major advertising scam. The ruling elite proving that they really 'can'. get away with murder.

Torture is exposed but goes unpunished. Yes we all knew it was/is going on. We saw the pictures. It was obviously systemic across all US military detention centres abroad, and the ICRC reports said so. So what is the point of releasing memos and doing nothing else? A puppet show? An illusion of something happening?

Even before he was elected, Obama was shifting the 'blame' to Afghanistan & Pakistan. US imperialism always finds someone to blame. This time, it looks more and more like a crusade. It does not matter how many are engaged in an evangelical crusade, but when there are videos showing that US soldiers are being instructed to bush the Bible in Afghanistan, then holy war looms larger, and all hell is going to break loose.

As for Iraq, well it looks like the largest 'embassy' in the world was built in Baghdad with a longterm vision that is independent of the President.

Obama also shows unforgivable support for Israeli atrocities and Apartheid. Still refusing to talk to Hamas, and giving no hint of a change in US policy despite an ultra-right wing government in Israel. Palestinians are human beings too. With rights.

Obama appoints a dangerous Secretary of State, a woman who freely spoke of obliterating a whole nation, Iran, without provocation, and not only got away with it, but has become the voice of American foreign policy. She will get on with the Israeli foreign minister for sure.

Then Obama put incompetent Wall Street losers in charge of reviving the economy in his administration.

The US government is clearly subservient to finance to the tune of trillions out of taxpayers' pockets. At the same time, they refuse support to the poor and those losing their homes.

Off to the Saudis, and Obama bows to the Saudi king like a devout Catholic to the Pope.

Yes it's only 100 days and patience is needed. But surely we must admit that we are watching with diminishing hope and increasing disappointment so far.

Can he really? Will the system allow it? Beyond great speeches and pleasantries, what change can he bring? Who really is in charge there?


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I agree Niloufar

by Abarmard on

I was overly excited when Obama came to office, but I guess we all expected something that the system is not setup to deliver. So in a sense it's not his fault!

It's like a bottling machine than can only produce bottles and you can't expect it to make other parts. The system, like anywhere else, is not modifiable (but reformable to a degree).

Thanks for the post.



by Kurush (not verified) on

Unfortunately, Obama has been too busy avoiding being a bull in the china shop. He certainly is not decisive, nor bold, nor a strategic thinker.
First, he should have listened to himself when he said before the Iraq invasion that he was against 'dumb wars.' Both occupations, Iraq & Afghanistan, are dumb purile whiteman's colonial wars, and are doomed to fail. Given the US economic crisis & universal oppositions to these dumb bloody occupations, he could have dealt with this most divisive & onerous legacy with a stroke of a pen by announcing a unilateral withdrawl of the US forces. He did no such thing. America is in a classic fix: a long dragged/drugged out guerilla war on two fronts with drain on the US treasury, with no victory in sight, with mounting alienation of the Moslem world, with unpredictible consequences & 'blowbacks', in short, the dumb is getting dumber; an outright withdrawl would signal America's defeat. That is precisely why he should have decisively withdrawn the US forces, and begun a set of policies to stablize the ME through inviting the cooperation of Iran & others in the ME. This move would have brought enormous good will from all players. He thus wasted a golden oppurtinity. As is, he has dumbly commited the US forces of occupation for the remainder of his presidency. Dumb, Dumber, the Dumbest blunder!
Secondly, the ramshackle US infrastructure, and that cynical joke, better known as US Health Care System, have been in desperate need of a total overhaul which would require massive investments. and a concomittant twistinng of the arms of the special interst (insurance companies, the Wall Street, the military-industrial, etc). This massive investment, would have produced millions of good jobs, but would have required, slashing the onerous defence budget & arms limitations negotiation with the Russians. But he was not decisive and he will not be decisive, he is just a martinet of the 'tweedledee tweedleDUMB' plutocratic system. How sad & tragic!


how do you eat an elephant?

by sbglobe on

one bite at the time. Criticizing without offering alternative is only empty critiques. How could one be so judgmental without knowing what it takes to run a country? I think if we look at what he has done objectivity we will be able to see changes he has made to the politics of this country. I am so very happy about where he is and what he has done so far (and clearly I am not alone)