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by Nkminea

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor released a statement Monday that calls on Mr. Obama to "take a strong public position in the face of violence and human rights abuses." Cantor suggests the lack of a statement from the president cuts against America’s responsibility "to lead the world."

John McCain: The United States should support the Iranian people “in their struggle against an oppressive, repressive regime.” He said Iran “should not be subjected to four more years of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the radical Muslim clerics. President Obama should speak out that this is a corrupt, flawed sham of an election and that the Iranian people have been deprived of their rights”.

Barack Obama: "We respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran," Obama said, adding that in the past, America had become a "political football" in the domestic politics of its arch-foe." “I think that the democratic process, free speech, the ability for folks to peacefully dissent, all those are universal values and need to be respected”.

Here is where to write to them:


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support the protestors in Iran

by Norma (not verified) on

I stand behind the battle for democracy in Iran
and we must not let these people down. We must all write to them and hope that they will know about our hearts and minds and support for their courage. That Government over there must refrain from killing and brutalizing it's own to hold power. That is not the way humans should be treated in the name of holding onto power as it will not change things. Honest elections and dialogue are mandatory.


Thank You

by Nkminea on

I thank you all for your time and comments. Altogether they were quite eye opening for me. As we all are watching anxiously the events unfolding in Iran, it is heartwarming to come together and share our dedication and passion for our country.



History teaches us that the

by Assal_B on

History teaches us that the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. Was it wrong for the US to speak up against apartheid? It is saddening to know that you have lived in and probably reaped benefits from the laws and humanity and resources of this country for the past three decades but still believe that no good has come from American governmental policies. I hate what you have to say, but I believe in democracy; I value to the death your right to say it.


It is a sad day

by farokh2000 on

It is a sad day when, some Iranians, who love their Country could be so blind to the fact that it was the U.S. Government that brought the Mullahs back to Iran in 1979.

Is that not the fact, or did you not know or forget?

I have lived in this Country for more than 32 years now.

I have not seen any evidence that the U.S. Government(not its people), under any of the Administrations, has good intensions, when it comes to Countries with Geography and Resources.

You are asking McCain to help you!?. That would be a very dark day.

No one but the brave people of Iran have the interest of the Iranians in mind. Please don't forget the facts and the lessons from History.


This is the letter I have written and sent to him:

by Assal_B on

Dear President Obama:

I campaigned for you relentlessly, showing no mercy to those who would seek to have you defeated. I wore my blue wristband and my "Hope" t-shirt proudly from the end of 2007 to 2008. I kept the "Audacity of Hope" on my nightstand and read a bit each night. You said that nowhere but in America would your story be possible. You said that you believed that the underdog always had a chance against the Goliaths of the world and that the system would never be changed until those who sought that change stood up and refused to back down, even when the road would be tough and the march long.

As I write this letter, my friend is messaging me and telling me that at 11:00 in Tehran, the night is filled with shouts of "Death to Dictators" and "Allah-o-Akbar". The people of Iran refuse to back down from their struggle for change.

I'm thinking now to those strong words uttered in front of a massive crowd on a jubilant Chicago night in 2008 as you gave your victory speech. You said, "To those — to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope."

The unwavering belief of the American people in the above beliefs is what makes America great. This belief in opportunity, liberty, democracy and above all, unyielding hope; this belief is what made your unlikely story possible, Mr. President.

This morning the House of Representatives stood out in a strong majority vote in favor of the people of Iran and their desire to live in a country that follows the same set of ideals that we, as Americans, hold dear to our hearts. I am not surprised by this bi-partisan show of support. No matter which side of the liberal or conservative fence one sits on, it is undeniable that an entire people, millions of human beings, are campaigning for the very ideals that you renewed here in America: Change, hope, and belief in a system of government that is representative of the desires and progress of its people.

In 1979, Iranian radicals held American embassy personnel hostage for 444 days. In Iran, millions are now marching in peaceful protest against a regime that has been holding it's own people hostage for the past 30 years. They are tired of being beaten and jailed for the way they dress or the people whose hands they hold. They are tired of being censored in what they write and say. They are tired of corruption and the squandering of their nation's oil wealth. They are tired of the mismanagement of their economy. They are tired of oppressive laws that hold women as second class citizens and religious minorities as less than human in the eyes of the law. They are standing for peace, with their green-tinted fingers held proudly in the air. Green, not for religion, but for renewal and rebirth. They are standing against terrorism, against ignorance, against religious fundamentalism.

These aren't a few opposition voices here and there, Mr. President. This is a mass-scale movement. These are people who are awake after being in a sleepy haze for so long, like the Rip Van Winkle of my childhood bedtime stories. These awakened Iranians are finally realizing they hold their future in their own hands and they are hoping to become the change they seek to see in their world.

I understand that you have spent your campaign voicing your opposition to those who would seek to impose democracy and the will of America above the national sovereignty of other states. I understand you are worried about the nuclear issue and want to tread lightly in case you have to deal with Ahmadinejad in the future. I understand that in the end, America will only meddle when it's in his benefit and that there are strong voices within your advisors who are urging you to stay silent. I understand you don't want to "meddle" and be wrong with the US was wrong in Iran of the 1950's.

But, then again, to hell with silence. America has been silent before; on the very issue of the Holocaust, and that is one of the shameful moments in history that we will never make up for. Sometimes, sitting on the fence is worse than taking a stand. Getting off that fence and choosing a team to root for, even in words along, may be what makes or breaks a movement's momentum.

You have the power to give a nation the support of a man who has once been an underdog but who now holds the highest seat of power in the world. Your words have the power to change this insane world. One speech in favor of those people who believe America is good and true may be all it takes to renew their fight. Why are you unable to speak up against a regime who seeks to destroy you, to export terrorism, to harm its own peope?


I voted for you because I believed you were going to bring justice to this world.

Please, don't let me down.

With everlasting love and faith,

Your #1 Fan


American Support for Iranian People

by Carolyn USA (not verified) on

Some Iranian leaders; Khatami and Ahmadinajad are already claiming the US is interfering. All Obama did was try to express support to the students desire for freedom without making beligerent commands toward Iranian government leaders. They're using this as an excuse to justify their suppression of descent from the students. Which is exactly what President Obama said they would do. This sounds omminous. I have no doubt they will use any interference as an excuse to arrest and kill more people.
With all due respect to Senator McCain; he is an old warrior and his way simply doesn't work and probably never did. His and Cantors kind of thinking led to the current situation. The US helped topple Mossadegh and put the Shah in power, his brutality against his own people paved the way for the current repressive Islamic clerical dictatorship. (There is no American Embassy to catapult the revolution and Carter should've given them the Shah). We were wrong then and I suspect we would get the same results if Obama interfered now.
All the American people should do is express our love and respect for the Iranian people and pray for their leaders to do the right thing. Contrary to rhetoric from some quarters in America, we might not agree with or understand the religion, but some of us don't hate Iranians or Muslims.
Also, I have no doubt that Senator McCain and Cantor are mouthing off for the politics; that's okay we respect descent; but they have a vested interest in making President Obama look bad. Republican war monger's are all on TV calling Obama a coward and other hatefull nonsense. Their disdain for Obama is an irrational response that will only serve to get more Iranians killed.
I think blogger Mehrnaz Shahabi is correct all Khatami and Ahmadinajad need is an excuse to label any interference as "American backed" McCain and Cantor are wrong and more people will die. My advice to them is to SHUT UP!


I continue to support the

by Anonymous friday (not verified) on

I continue to support the President in taking no further action beyond verbally supporting the Iranian people. Anything further will only create the excuse for "western interference" or "western thugs". I despise those who fall on that pathetic and weak excuse but there it is. The US stands ready to help Iranians if and when THEY want it, not when McClueless thinks it's time. And the comment "Bush would want to help..."? What the hell are you talking about man? Bush would have like to have sent HIS little football over to Iran. BUSH couldn't have cared less about the people!!!!

Bottom line is that the American people are watching (almost) as anxiously as those Iranians living abroad. And they hope and pray that the PEOPLE are successful in their protests against tyranny.



by Alphabet (not verified) on

He said "BOMB,BOMB,BOMB, IRAN" and at the same Time said "I am happy that as a result of Exported American Cigarets to Iran, People will die without a penny being spent. Good intention.......?????------may be, but you find the answer.


Obama is wise not to interfere


Obama is being extremely wise not to give in to right wing pressure to interfere in the domestic conflict in Iran.  Any interference by Obama would taint the reformist movement with the label of 'American backed' and foreign instigated and be used for a massive clamp down on those people you say you support, IN FAVOUR of Ahmadi-Nedjad.  

Perhaps you should remember, Ahmadi-Nedjad also has a strong popular base and foreign interference is a spark that could ignite a devastating civil war.  For McCain who welcomed the prospect of Iranians dying of cigarettes, this is indeed the ideal solution ...



McCain is closer to my sentiments

by BrandonSLC (not verified) on

I thought Obama gave a weak statement. In my opinion he does not know Iranian politics well enough to deliver a clear message. McCain knows what he's talking about, while Obama gives the impression that he's learning on the job.

Those are my opinions. Unfortunately McCain has little power. Those who do have power (Democratic party, including Obama) are not likely to speak the truth to the IR Regime. All they have to offer is words, many of which are misguided.

IMO this is the time for Iranians to overthrow the government of their own free will. They will not have to worry about US interference. Bush would want to help, which, as I hear, is not what Iranians want.

IMO Obama shouldn't give a damn about Iran using the US as a "Political Football". The Regime does that anyways, whether there is a thread of truth or not.