I'm more Iranian Than You (Nani Nani Boo Boo)


by NOT_AK69

I am amazed that the arguments of the IR are echoed by Iranians claiming to be “Green”. What happened to your “Green” calls of “Unity”? Does this hybrid “Green Unity” not transcend artificial and arbitrary boundaries on a map? Why does an Iranian residing in Europe, Africa or the Americas have any less say in the future of Iran than an Iranian residing in Iran?

These are not “normal” circumstances in which our motherland finds itself. It’s not as if Iran is a free democratic country where citizens are free to come and go as they deem fit. Remember that presently, Iran is enslaved by a totalitarian theocratic regime self named the islamic regime. Ergo, many of the Iranians residing outside of Iran have no option, but the exile imposed upon them by the IR; legally or philosophically.

In fact, many of us forced to the outside are the same that have fought to remove this regime from its creation. I for one have not given of my life for more than 30 years to oppose and fight against the islamic regime for Mr. Mousavi. Nor, can any of you make me believe that the brave young children of Iran that demonstrated day after bloody death filled day in the streets gave their young lives for Mr. Mousavi. They gave their lives for freedom and not for an opportunistic islamic regime hack, with a great PR firm behind him, named Mr. Mousavi. Yes, Mr. Mousavi who even after all the bloodshed still proclaimed his desire to keep Iran and Iranians enslaved under an islamic republic.

If we are really to one day be a free, democratic Iran, then, we all need a vote and a voice in the affairs of our beloved Iran’s present and future; irrespective of an individual’s current postal address.



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FR - Cheers

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"The test of democracy is freedom of criticism." ~D. Gurion

P.S. No Worries :-)


Farah Rusta

Mousavi and Co are misleading the Greens

by Farah Rusta on

The green movement or any other movement which opposes the Islamic regime (I am not convonced if the Green movement is one such movement) must have a collective leadership. Mousavi is definitely not for a secular movement.


ps - sorry for my previously sarcastic comment on one of your blogs. No offense was intended.