Example of Baha'i Defamation on the Online Dating Rights Site in 2009


by Nur-i-Azal

The following was posted by the same individual now posting here as sarbaz on the Online Dating Rights site: a site dedicated to fighting and overturning IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act), a law sponsored and heavily lobbied for by the Baha'i Tahirih (in)Justice Center. I post the link and main defamation. Click the link for the original post and the responses to the original post. See also my final comments below here.

Bahai Defamation on ODR



My purpose here is to expose the fake and fraudulent "truthseeker", also
known as Wahid Azal and Nima and Steve and Hazini and many other names
according to which fraud he is propogating. We know him well in
Australia where he is known as a drug dealer.

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But, his purpose, like many American Christians who have confused
themself with a prophet (Jim Jones), he seeks to gather followers and
prophet from their stupidity. The reason he is antagonistic to the
Baha'i Faith has nothing to do with Tahirih Justice Center, Imbra or
anything else he knows nothing about. It is because he is a follower of
the Bab, an Azali, and the founder of the Baha'i Faith, true or not,
proclaimed himself to be the successor to the Bab. Because there are
still many Babis, like Jews awaiting the Messiah, he has no proclaimed
himself to be that Messiah and wants Babis to follow him. He is
particularly interested in Tahirih, because she is the one who unveiled
herself, who at Badasht, proclaimed the break with Islamic traditions
and proclaimed the equality of women. He wants to return to the Babi
faith before Tahirih, before she broke with Islam and return the Babis
to obedience to the Koran.

This is the dilusional Wahid Azal. Do
you recognize the name Wahid? Where does it come from? Study the matter
oh you Americans who are so easily fooled.

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This entire website is now working for the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Azali is a paid agent of the Islamic Republic. And you cannot understand
it because you do not understand the Persian mind.

And soon you will understand that there is no person named "Frank
Johnson." Frank Johnson is also known as "Sock-Puppet'ullah" and lives
in Germany. He is not an American and he doesn't undrestand anything
about American law or values and he doesn't care. He is an anti-semite,
anti-Baha'i, and here is his email adrress: wahidaza...@gmail.com

you notice "wahid" and "aza"? Do you notice the connection to the
Wahabi? Are you beginning to understand?

Do you understand the
origins of Islamo-Fascism? Study the Wahibis and understand who Wahid is.


End of Post


I have been accused without substantiation of being an agent of the Islamic republic , and even a Wahhabi, when I have a decade long record of being outspoken against the IRI and Islamist fundamentalism in all forms. Recently here and elsewhere I have been accused by the same person working for the same outfit of being a convicted drug smuggler (which I am not) and even a sexual pervert (which I am not). If the Baha'i Internet Agency and its operative in Albuquerque, New Mexico (who is merely pursuing a personal vendetta against me due to a private family matter involving the fact that his brother is morally corrupt and is now trying to deflect attention from the fact) wishes to provide evidence of 1) a court or other legal document (either issued by a court in the United States or in Australia) stipulating and establishing a drug related conviction and/or 2)  a court or legal document (either in the United States or Australia) stipulating and establishing any sexual related offense by me, now is their chance to provide such documentation here publicly to the entire IC community for their perusal. Furthermore, if there is any evidence this person has that I have either now or at any time been an agent of the Islamic republic, now is their opportunity to provide that evidence here publicly as well. Innuendo and allegation is not evidence. If such evidence exists, provide it.

As opposed to the Baha'is who make up allegations and smeer their political enemies with total lies, I however have provided evidence on every single claim I have made against the Haifan Baha'i cult. The ball is now in their court to provide verifiable documentary evidence -- not allegation or innuendo, but document and evidence, i.e. material that will stand up in a credible court room.




more from Nur-i-Azal

No reminders needed, add more to your allegations

by sag koochooloo on

You Client (= you looking in the mirror) has been labelling me and others here as paid Bahai Agents so please go ahead.

I am sure the court will take your client seriously, given his behaviour .



Faryar jan

by sag koochooloo on

Perhaps you and Mr Lobo Siete Truenos should get together and cry on each others shoulders - he sounds like your long suffering soul mate!   :-)


"Baha'i Defamation"!

by Truthseeker9 on

That implies you had a good reputation to start with! And silly fool, you have NO idea who I am. I googled your name on the internet. Goodbye.


There is no point to this discussion

by Nur-i-Azal on

Because you have no evidence. Period! All you do is drudge up old posts making allegations and innuendo, and nothing else. I have offered you people the opportunity to do that, to offer verifiable evidence, but you can't do that becaue there isn't any and, as always, you cultists are just making it up as you go along. QED.



Tit for tat this & the identity of LIB = Badi Villar Cardenas

by Nur-i-Azal on

If you don't want tit for tat discussion discussion, then don't come here. But since you are an Allbelief hack on the payroll, we know you can't do that because your paycheck has wheeled you out here for that specific purpose. And stop drudging up posts of individuals from USENET who have already been discredited. Show the verifiable evidence I ask for. Innuendo, allegation is not evidence. Now where's the beef?

Identity of Truthseeker9 (resident in Phonenix,Arizona)


The identity of LIB/about Badi Villar Cardenas



Badi Villar Cardenas is a Lima, Peru based member
of a dangerous rightwing Stalinist religious cult known as Haifan
. In his capacity as a member of this cult, on the internet
he serves in their Baha'i
Internet Agency
. Throughout Latin and South America, in the past Haifan
has been involved with CIA-funded
rightwing regimes, such as that of Augusto Pinochet in
, and even rightwing death squads in El
Salvador in the 1980s as well as the CIA crack-cocaine funded Contras in Nicaragua in
the 1980s. Members of the Haifan Baha'i National Spirtual Assembly of
Chile served in the cabinets of Augusto Pinochet and so are culpable for
the human rights violations under the Pinochet regime against the
people of Chile. Recently high ranking members of Haifan Baha'ism in
Peru maintained close ties simultaneously to the ousted authoritarian
regime of Alberto
as well as Abimael
's the Maoist Shining Path
terrorist organization. It is a well known fact that uhj
member Farzam
, the father of the Ruhi
, developed his model upon that of Marxist guerilla
indoctrination cells which the Shining Path maintained in the jungles
of Peru, Bolivia and Columbia. With Alberto Fujimori high ranking
members of the NSA of Peru have maintained (and apparently still do)
financial interests. On April 7, 2009, Fujimori was convicted of human
rights violations and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in
killings and kidnappings by the Grupo Colina death
during his government's battle against leftist guerrillas in
the 1990s.

In his various capacities
in the Peruvian Haifan Baha'i community, Badi Villar Cardenas serves as
consultant to several Haifan Baha'i owned agribusiness contractors in
the Amazon, one of which is owned by Costa Rica (cosa nostra) based
Iranian Baha'i Hozhabr Yazdani.
These are (Haifan Baha'i) companies who are responsible for logging and
destruction of the Amazon rainforests and contributing to the genocide
against the native Amerindian peoples living along the river -- monies
which they then send to their cult headquarters in Haifa, occupied
Palestine. As such Badi Villar Cardenas is an accomplice in the war and
genocide against the indigenous Quechua peoples and, along with his
Baha'i cosa nostra
masters, a war criminal who should be hauled before a human rights
commission at the Hague.

also Baha'i CULT FAQ






by Truthseeker9 on

There is no point in further "discussion" with this individual, as all he will do is be defensive and deny. The proof of his behavior is for all to see all over the internet. People can judge for themselves.

There are so many examples littered everywhere and so many bahais and non bahais hurt and libeled by this person. The truth is they have stopped correspondence with him as he brings negativity to their lives.


Nima Hazini

by Truthseeker9 on

I am not into tit for tats discussions, especially with someone as morally corrupt as you. My only aim was to reveal to people that you are not a victim but the instigator of hate towards bahais all over the internet. And non bahais have realised this. You can deny all you want, a NOVICE CAN SEARCH THE INTERNET and see evidence of your behavior. You haev no idea who I am because I am an observer, not a bahai. I know bahais, that is all. If you claim I am a person from the website I quoted then it shows you are desperate.




Re: Wahid Azal Ph.D. = Political commentator

Azal wrote:A lot more probing inquiry than the kind of crap that regularly
emanates regularly from the most august toilet seat on mt carmel,



Regarding Nima, I can only say on the basis of various e-mail discussions with him, the following, based on my 27 years of high school teaching essay writing (and Comparative Civilizations): (1) this person has limited ability for coherent thought and expression; (2) his powers of analysis are weaker than average; (3) his powers of rational synthesis are also very limited;(4) his e-mail correspondence shows little emotional self-control; (5) not surprisingly, his thinking is guided by his emotions and thus he makes tenuous and unreliable connections, i.e. illogical leaps and connections;

(6) he jumps to conclusions and is careless with facts; (7) he cannot stand to have his own ideas carefully examined;

(8) when his work is critiqued, he becomes extremely defensive and resorts to name-calling, i.e. emotional displays.

If he were a student of mine, I would be recommending him for a psychological/psychiatric evaluation. In class, I'd place him right in front of my desk where he would be under constant "close suprvision" as potentially erratic and possibly physically aggressive.


Bahai Tactics: Defend the HR of such animals at your expense

by Nur-i-Azal on

BAHAI Tactics & Techniques

"Slanderous Vilification" = The Baha'i
Technique - Ad Hominem, Libel, Slander, Demonize, Scapegoat, Ostracize,
Shun, Banish, Backbite, Defame, Vilify, Discredit, Smear, Revile,
Suppress, Attack, Bully, Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Blackball,
Deceive, Coerce, Silence, Harass... etc., etc.... CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

1. As far
as possible they hold back from responding

2. Then they claim no knowledge of the given
issue by feigning
3. After the exposer has exposed they will
try to divert to secondary
totally peripheral and irrelevent side-issues

4. The exposer is then painted as someone
with an axe to grind,
deluded (while they, the bahaim, still have not responded to
the main issue exposed)
5. Next they relate mental instability and
insanity to the exposer,
shoot the messenger

6. Then,
the last tactic, is to wheel out several dubious personas on
the scene who claim to be neutral non-bahai observers who then begin attacking the exposer as well as the issue
exposed while supporting
bahais and their issues as so-called non-bahais


Juan Cole, University of
Michigan, June 12, 1998:

"Let me ask you why in the world you think
that I would risk my professional reputation by publicly stating
falsehoods? ...The very technique of the more glaze-eyed among these
people is to unbearably bully a Baha'i whom they don't like, use
unjustified threats of declaring him or her a CB [Covenant Breaker
(heretic)] to silence the individual, and if the person will not be
silenced, then to depend upon the gullibility of the Baha'is in refusing
to listen to any victim's story because, of course, the Baha'i
institutions are infallible and divinely guided and could never do
anything wrong. It is a perfect racket. Of course, this technique of
making liberals go away has been enormously successful, and ex-Baha'i
liberals have no credibility with the remaining Baha'is nor do most of
them have any energy to continue to make a case, either to the Baha'is
or the outside world, for the incredible abuses that go on inside this
organization ostensibly committed to tolerance!"


Juan Cole, February 23, 1999:

is nothing to be puzzled by. Right wing Baha'is only like to hear
the sound of their own voices (which are the only voices they will
admit to being "Baha'i" at all). Obviously, the world is so constructed
that they cannot in fact only hear their own voices. They are
forced to hear other

voices that differ from theirs. This most disturbs them when the
voices come from enrolled Baha'is or when the voices speak of the Baha'i
faith. The way they sometimes deal with the enrolled Baha'is is to
summon them to a heresy inquiry and threaten them with being
shunned if they do not fall silent. With non-Baha'is or with
ex-Baha'is, they deal with their speech about the faith by
backbiting, slandering and libelling the speaker. You will note
that since I've been on this list I have been accused of long-term
heresy, of "claiming authority," of out and out lying
(though that was retracted, twice), of
misrepresentation, of 'playing fast and loose with the facts,' and
even of being 'delusional.' I have been accused of all these
falsehoods by *Baha'is*, by prominent Baha'is. I have been
backbitten by them. This shows that all the talk about the
danger a sharp tongue can do, all the talk
about the need for harmony, for returning poison with honey, for a
sin-covering eye, is just *talk* among right wing Baha'is.
No one
fights dirtier than they when they discover a voice they cannot
silence and cannot refute.


TACTICS according to Henry Tad



Susan Stiles Maneck,
WRITINGS: The Use and meaning
Hikmat in the Baha’i Writings


"In many cases hikmat calls for the apparent suspension of a
Bahá'í principle in order to ensure the protection of the Faith

Comment: In other words Baha'is may lie under any circumstance to ensure
the protection of their organizational cohesiveness

as well,

Haifan Baha'is lied about the late Ayatollah
Montazeri's 2008 fatwa



Frank Johnson of Online Dating rights speaks against Bahais

by Nur-i-Azal on


Ms. Nimasteve, or shall I just call you Nima or Mz. Steve or better yet
shall I call you by your real name Larry or Layli Miller-Muro? Then
again you may be one of those poor unpaid "volunteers" from the Tahirih
Justice Center whose idea of fine dining is the TJC Sunday toilet
buffets, while your Master Layli eats, at taxpayer's expense, at only
the finest restaurants?

Then again you just may be one of the
many Bahai slaves who, under orders from the Bahai Universal House of
Justice, monitors the internet for any unkind mention of the Bahais and
their agenda and tries to stifle the posts, change the discussion,
discredit those who do not agree with you and promote how great the
Bahai New World Order will be to all us infidels.

"This entire
website is now working for the Islamic Republic of Iran."

It is
better to be thought a fool than to make such a statement and remove all

"And soon you will understand that there is no person
named "Frank Johnson." Frank Johnson is also known as
"Sock-Puppet'ullah" and lives in Germany. He is not an American and he
doesn't undrestand anything about American law or values and he doesn't
care. He is an anti-semite, anti-Baha'i, and here is his email adrress: wahidaza...@gmail.com"

mean I and all the other people in the World named Frank Johnson do not
exist? Pinch me please! I must have been dreaming. I live in Germany
and I'm not an American? I don't know anything about American values?

know some Bahais who know NOTHING about American values and their names
have the word Miller in them.

But you are right NimaSteve. I'm
am not an American. In fact, like you and the Millers, I am not even an
Earthling. I am really Xeros from Planet ODR-37 in the Orion
Constellation. 150 years ago some extremely dangerous criminals escaped
from one of our penal colonies and came to Earth in the country you once
called Persia.

They swore vengeance against the people of our
planet and said that after they had taken control of the Earth as their
own and made its people their slaves, they would summon up all the
taxpayers money they could get to send a death ray to our beloved Planet
ODR-37 and destroy it.

They were originally called the Siahab
crime ring but when they reached the Earth, they cleverly reversed their
former name so nobody would suspect who they really were. They are now
called Bahais.

I and the other members of ODR make up the space
patrol that was sent here to save the Earth's people from the Siahab
(Bahais) takeover before it is too late. At first we thought that the
Earthlings were much too smart for them to take control, but when we
observed how an Un-Constitutional and Anti-American law like IMBRA could
be sneaked in without anybody noticing, we had to act quickly as we
knew from their past criminal acts on Planet ODR-37 that this IMBRA
would just be the first step in conquering the Earth as they have
planned for 150 years.

Being a peace loving people, we could not
sit idly by and watch our friends, the Earth people, succumb to the evil
Bahais agenda so we came here and our leader, Tristan, started this
website to let the Earth people know the evil they are facing as well as
flush out the Siahab sympathizers.

Although the Millers and
other Bahais have offered me and the rest of our patrol other people's
money in the 7 figures and power and land in their planned regime, we
are not swayed by their false promises of untold riches if we will just
be silent and allow them to proceed with their agenda. Unlike them, we
know that money and power is not everything.

I'm sure you are all
familiar with the fable of the criminal, er I mean "poet" Tahirih and
how when she removed her veil, men cowered in disgust and horror. That
is because it was the first time Earthlings had ever seen what a Siahab
looks like without the veil as a disguise.

One of the terrified
men was an artist who, before blacking out, made a quick sketch of her
face. This sketch went missing for many, many years until an artist came
upon it and used it for the cover of one of your popular magazines.

is a picture of that magazine. WARNING! This is not for the faint of
heart! However, the Bahais have perfected the art of plastic surgery so
that now they almost look human. Almost. As you can easily see, the
Millers surgery was not completely successful.


Innuendo is not evidence

by Nur-i-Azal on

And all of the individuals you people have named here are in one form or another connected to the Haifan Baha'i organization or have been paid by it for this purpose. Ali Sina is a Baha'i living in Canada whose real identity is known to me, and an individual who was connected until recently to rightwing fascist David Ledeen and the Project for a New American Century. Sam Ghandchi is one of the most suspect individuals online, and there are outstanding allegations against him being an agent of the Islamic republic who sent groups of leftists in Europe to Iran in 1979 and to their deaths. Paul Hammond whom you quoted is a dissimulating Baha'i and a longstanding shameless apologist of this cult. None of these people has credibility, and you have not posted a single leaf of evidence proving your allegations. Allegation and innuendo is not evidence. Show the evidence!

The Haifan Bahai organization is a dangerous cult like Scientology, and just as the French banned this organization in France, so too must this organization be seen in the same suspect light everywhere else and banned. You cultists have used human rights for your own self-serving purposes as a smokescreen to create manufactured sympathy and consent for yourselves and in the process to carve yourselves political power while the world is not noticing. But your treatment of dissidents and critics, and especially the way that you cultists will outright lie about your enemies, is telling the world what manner of dangerous animals you people truly are. Thanks for showing your true colors. As such I fully stand behind everything I have said about your cult, and as much as I detest the Islamic republic and the mullocracy, I will say the only sound policy the IRI has pursued in these past 31 years is the policy that has contained your cult in Iran. And any future regime should the same (and I will lobby for it to do so).

Given this, I have no compunction whatsoever to say DEATH TO HAIFAN BAHAISM in the same way I say DEATH TO THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC!

But where is the evidence? Where's the beef?? And why do you cowards hide behind aliases and don't have the manhood to sign your names to your libel and defamation??Is it because you know such lies and libel could actually cost the shirt off your backs?!




You judge for yourselves

by Truthseeker9 on

"As opposed to the Baha'is who make up allegations and smeer their political enemies with total lies, I however have provided evidence on every single claim I have made against the Haifan Baha'i cult."

It is he who brings up accusations against Bahais, spamming their blogs trying to stunt the progress of their Human Rights, on many sites all over the internet. He attacks people. People try to ignore but when it goes too far and makes himself as the innocent, people have no choice but to speak up.


Another example - non-bahai

by Truthseeker9 on


Dear Friends,

It is not in my nature to make such posts, but circumstances now call for me to speak up. For some time I have kept silent, but after considerable thought, and the quickening caused as a result of the death of one of our elders this past June, it is time for people to know the truth.

There is a slanderous and very disturbed individual by the name of Nima Hazini, Aka: Wahid Azal, Aramis, One, Abraxas, & etc...likely the one now posing as "Aurora Nur" in this thread. He also considers himself the "Grand Shaykh, Imám 'Abdu'l-Haqq Wahid Azal Wahdatalishah"

He is a person of Persian birth and descent living in Australia who proclaimed himself a Manifestation of God many years ago, while still a Baha'i. When he was not accepted and refused to recant, he was shunned by the Baha'i community; and so he turned his back on Baha'u'llah and began a systematic effort to attack the reputation of any believer that he deems a threat to his ego-maniacal (and reprehensible) schemes.

He actively targets people and organizations - going so far as maintaining a "kill list" - who believe in Baha'u'llah in order to slander their reputation. He has said some of the vilest, most repugnant things (not worth repeating), and has threatened people with physical violence; anyone interested in independently ascertaining the truth can find hundreds of references online by searching his name and aliases; his exploits are extensive and precede him.

His strategy on the Internet is to start or contribute to a blog/group thread attacking someone under one of his many aliases, and then to post responses supporting his lies under another of his aliases; he does this in order to give the impression that many people share his distorted view. He then picks and chooses snippets of articles from unrelated sources and attempts to lace them into a tale that supports his delusions. Afterwards he posts links to these tall and libelous tales all over the Internet in order to create the further impression of pervasiveness for his lies. Whenever the participants of a thread containing his attacks begins to question his motives for the awful and hateful things he says, or the truth begins to prevail, he abandons the thread. Owing to the persistence of blog/group discussions these garbage threads of his are littered all over the Internet; a testament to the number and scope of his attacks on people throughout the years. The great nemesis in his mind appears to be the Baha'i Faith in Haifa who he associates with anyone that does not agree with his view that he is the Manifestation of God of the day for of all humanity.

Though in the most recent 'version of himself' he fancies to be an Ayahuasquero and medicine man, this is the farthest thing from the truth. He is in fact a complete and total impostor who knows nothing of the indigenous medicine ways and represents the very antithesis of a medicine person. He has no lineage, elders, initiation or training in any of the indigenous traditions of the Americas...and there is not one single reputable elder of the Americas that supports him or his views. He is of the camp of Psychonauts and Neo-Shamans abusing drugs and appropriating traditional indigenous medicines without regard to the protocols of training and initiation.

He published a book of his purported 'revelations' in 2006 which was poorly received; and having failed once again at establishing himself as a Prophet of God he has taken to attacking even more vehemently any believer of Baha'u'llah; of whatever persuasion. One only need to cross-reference his supposed inspired revelations with his vile and slanderous rhetoric to know that this individual is seriously psychologically unstable and pathological - much less an inspired prophet of the Creator.

The truth is that out of naivety and carelessness, I made a great error. Back in 2006, just prior to the publication of his book, Nima and I had a brief communication, where-in he took me into his confidence and asked me to translate a letter sent to him from Spanish into English - which I did. In the letter he was challenged to submit to a psychological examination. After this I did not communicate with him again despite his many efforts to bait me into dialog. It was not until the tribe.com post cited above - started/written by none other than Nima Hazini under his aliases 'Aramis' and 'One' - that he resurfaced and wherein he began his slanderous campaign against me and the Spiritual Society Aurora Baha.

I felt it important to now make these facts known so that sincere individuals who crossed paths with his various threads would have more information at their disposal to investigate and know the truth.

Although I play an integral role in Aurora Baha, particularly as a Curandero (healer), the Society is much broader than myself and includes the participation and membership of many great, sincere and wonderful souls who love God and seek to serve and uplift humanity. I write this now for them as well for they have loyally defended me from these fallacious assaults for some time while I remained silent.

It goes without saying that the Spiritual Society Aurora Baha has nothing to do with any "Operation Condor" (whatever that is) or any activities outside its clearly stated Covenant published on its website; it is a Society exclusively dedicated to the erection and operation of Universal Houses of Worship and its sacred dependencies in order to help bring about the inevitable illumination of humankind.

In response to the anonymous writer who advises (presumably me though responding to Aurora Baha) to not rely upon the Holy writings to support one's views and way of life - and who I might add continues to write anonymously regardless of the injunctions by the late Guardian - I would just say a few things:

Firstly, you speak about things of which you evidently have little deepening, for if you did you would take into account, that even for those things that are considered 'drugs' (from a Baha'i standpoint), they are exempted by the Holy writings when administered as part of medical treatment by a qualified physician.

Though it appears from what you have said that you have a very narrow view of what qualifies as medical treatment or a physician, in the Indigenous conception, Curanderos/Medicine people (traditional healers) - who use amongst other remedies plants in healing - are considered to be qualified natural doctors.

Considering you do not know me personally and have no idea whatsoever of my qualifications and training, you are not in a position to assess my skill as a natural doctor. I will repeat the words of 'Abdu'l-Baha that were written previously, since you may have missed them, and they are worth repeating:

"The skill of the doctor must be first ascertained; but when the skill of the doctor is once established, he does what he wishes."

With all due respect, you demonstrate precisely the occidental mindset that Ruhiyyih was referring to in the above citation and which leads to the erroneous notions that a Psychiatrist with absolutely no quantifiable medical analysis, may prescribe SSRI's, Antidepressants, and Anti-psychotics at their whim based upon a few 'symptoms'; yet, these same are quick to demonize and cast into the camp of 'drugs' those remedies which are natural, but foreign to their western training; and, I might add, rarely considering that the 'medications' they prescribe are extracted and synthesized from some of the very plants they refer to as 'drugs' when used or prescribed outside a Western clinical setting.

You also said, "I know of many Baha'i first nations and I assure you they do not do anything more than maybe a little sweat lodge now and then."...Forgive me, but I am going to respond to this rather bluntly. This is amongst one of the most uneducated, ignorant, and narrow things I have ever heard come from a person regarding our indigenous ways. I am quite certain any other indigenous person reading your comment would, as I, cringe. You clearly are embodying the qualities that Ruhiyyih was referring to in the above citation regarding those Baha'is that only miss buses and should, "not go near the Indians". For your education I will cite a section from that same address given to the National Spiritual Assembly of Canada by Ruhiyyih which is exceedingly appropriate given your statement:

"I remember Shoghi Effendi telling the American pilgrims at the dinner table in the Western Pilgrim House that the American Baha'is were tainted with race prejudice; he said "they do not know that they are, but they are.""

It is clear you are speaking out of turn and from an uninformed place. Furthermore you speak from your own opinions and have not supported any of your positions with the Holy text or with first hand knowledge of the people and events. I think it is worth reconsidering your strategy, ***if your true intention is to educate and be of service***.

Personally, I would rather speak from a place, if even incorrectly interpreted, that relies on the Holy writings, than my own opinions...however, that is me.

Lastly, let me say, that the Fire Altar of which I am the Keeper, the ceremonies I guide, and the healing that I facilitate are not for everyone. It has happened that some people have had a genuinely difficult experience in seeking healing through this process. Some return to continue their healing, others do not. I respect this, and wish those folks well through whatever modality will best assist them to arrive at health, truth and an abiding love for the Creator.

That said, to those who are looking outside themselves for the reasons to their difficulties; know that la Madrecita shows and gives to you exactly what you need...and if it happens that you saw something you did not like, remember to look at the reflection that you came with and not the mirror.

Lobo Siete Truenos


For those interested to review Steve Bayer's Blog directly with my response to his comments please visit:


Ali Sina is not a Bahai, but this is his opinion

by Truthseeker9 on

As for myself, I am not a person who likes to get involved in such matters, but will not permit this individual to implicate bahais in his own issues, including what he alleges to be family feuds. This is not something the Bahais must be responsible, but the  person and his own behavior. He has stated that bahais libel him, but there is much proof throughout internet of non-bahais who have had same problems with Mr Hazini. This is more a problem with personality, he is no victim.


This is one example on the net:

Freethought is also known as Nima and Sashyant


Freethought110 explained the reason why he is so anti Baha’i in Jebhe.org forum. I responded to him there but could not find that thread. It seems that the “search” in that forum does not work. I tried to search it manually, but looks like someone has removed that thread altogether.

As Freethought explained, he wrote to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of the USA and requested his name be removed from the list of the Baha’is. When he went to Australia to visit his relatives, the NSA of USA wrote to the NSA of Australia letting them know that Nima is no more a Baha’i. The NSA of Australia informed the Baha’is of that country about Nima’s status. This angered Nima and he thought that his privacy has been violated.

While in Australia, Nima went to have lunch at the house of one of his aunts. Some of his uncles and his grandfather and grand mother were also present. The husband of his aunt started to brag about his successes. Nima, while sitting at their table, eating their food, thought that his uncle is trying to humiliate him because Nima in thier eyes has been a bum. Nima responsed by ridiculing his uncle (the husband of his aunt). His uncle's pride was hurt. We Iranians have huge egos. Half of that is under the ground. If a person injures our pride, we may kill him or at least make his nose bleed. That is exactly what happened to Nima at the house of his aunt. The husband of his aunt and other relatives there ambushed him and kicked him out of the house and made his nose bleed. Police got involved and things became very nasty. His relatives also told him that they would kill him if he showed up again. Oh well, we Iranians have also big mouths and issue such death threats quite often. But if we had to keep our promises, there would no Iranian alive today. Now Nima goes around saying that the Baha’is have issued death threats to him because he left the Baha’i Faith.

I explained to Nima that there is no reason for him to be angry at the Baha’i institutions because he was the one who resigned from that Faith. The Baha’i Institutions simply announced his resignation. If he did not want his apostasy be known he should not have resigned officially.

I also told him that the death threat was issued by his relatives and it has nothing to do with him leaving the Faith. They in fact let him in to their home and invited him at their table despite the fact that they knew he is no more a Baha’i. The death threats came when he insulted them in their home and it has nothing to do with him leaving the Baha’i Faith. In fact no one should take such threats seriously because words such as mikoshamet, khafat mikonam, pedareto dar miyaram (I'll kill you, I'll strangle you, I'll unearth [the cadavr] of your father) are noraml Iranian talk. Even fathers say these lovely words to their children lovingly.

Anyway Nima, though very respectful at first towards me, was not very pleased at my observations. I found him to be an angry man and thought it is prudent to not engage in further discussions with him as he is prone to insult people who disagree with him just as he insulted his own uncle at his home. After all I am also an Iranian man and have a fragile ego too.

As his claim to be a manifestation of God, that is news to me. This is the term Baha’is use to refer to messengers of God. I personally did not inhale much divine fragrance from Nima’s writings. I found him to be full of pride and haughty. So I will not be one of his followers. With his temper, I doubt he will find many who would like to worship him either. But who knows. The world is full of fools.

The Baha’i Faith, just like all other religions, is not from God. No religion is from God. This concept is absurd. Yet I judge people for hoe they behave and not for what they believe. Baha’is have many teachings that are praiseworthy. Many of their tenets are similar to my ideals. Equality of the rights between men and women, One world government, one world tribunal, one world currency, a universal language, etc are all great teachings. Baha’is also strive to eliminate racial prejudices.

We have to realize that Baha’i Faith like all other religions is a manmade religion. It has many flaws and inconsistencies. The Baha’i administration has become toxic. Although the members of the Baha’i administration are elected with secret ballots, these institutions are far from being democratic. A bunch of incompetent people are ellected and are given absolute authority. This is recepie for disaster.

It is easy to disprove the Baha’i Faith. Along with Islam, Christianity and Judaism, I have studied the Baha’i Faith and would be glad to debate it with any Baha’i. However I do not see the reckless slandering of Nima doing any good. It is important that we attack all false doctrines and prove them wrong. But we should never use slanders to achieve our goal. Truth is powerful enough; why resort to libel and false accusations? Nima is motivated by personal vendetta and not by love of knowledge and truth. Now of course if the story of his becoming a messenger of God is true, it shows that he certainly is a disturbed man and badly needs psychological assistance. It would be foolish to pay attention to a man who suffers from mental delusions and give any credit to what he says.


Mr. Nima,

Glad to hear that you were joking and did not become yet another messenger. We have plenty of them. They are intelligent people who turn nuts. However you better make it clear in the Baha’i forum that Eric mentioned because the Baha’is there actually believe that you are dead serious. That is the fastest and surest way to lose credibility and make oneself look like a fool.

As for Mr. Ghandchi, I read a few lines of his message to me and since it was filled with arrogance and insults I stopped reading it. I do not eat junk food, do not listen to heavy metal and rap and do not read stupid writings. I read also a message, this Mr. Ghandchi had written to Dr. Khavari and I realized this man is not worth reading.

As for me having Baha’i friends, you bet. I have many excellent Baha’i friends and I am proud of them and value their friendship. Frankly I trust them more than I trust the Muslims.

As for being on the payroll of the Baha’is, I suppose they are going to cut me off after I wrote those messages in the Planet Baha’i forum: //forums.delphiforums.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=planetbahai&msg=1196.1
May be I should find other sponsors. Do you think the Jews would be interested?

Now as for the story of the assassination of Seyyed Muhammad Isfahani. This is true. I think any person knowledgeable about the history of the Baha’i faith knows it. This is the problem with excessive faith. People commit all sorts of crimes with total clear conscience. Muhammad Ali Salmani apparently moved by the Tablet of Fire entered into fight with Seyyed Muhammad Isfahani and murdered him. There is no indication that this was an instruction of Baha’u’llah. As Taherzadeh narrates Salmani and a companion of him conspired and agreed to sacrifice their souls and be sent to hell for murdering, just to rid Baha’u’llah from his archenemy. As a matter of fact when Salmani and his companion (his name escapes me) were brought in chains in front of Baha’u’llah they had their heads down not wanting to look in the eyes of Baha'u'llah fearing being reprimended. Apparently Baha’u’llah says, “The lions of God are approaching” (or something to that effect). Salmani and his companion lighten up and realize that they are forgiven. This makes us believe that they acted on their own and out of sheer devotion to Baha’u’llah. However what is disturbing is that Baha’u’llah had such praise for men who had committed such a horrendous crime.

The above is the only documented case of a Baha’i murdering another person due to religious zeal. The rest of the allegations are just that. There is no clear proof or anything to back them up.

We have to realize that the early Baha’is and the Babis were originally Muslims with Islamic mindsets. It is very probable that they engaged in all sorts of Islamic behavior including assassinations. In fact the Babis turned to highway robbery and murder after the execution of Bab. However the point is that there is nothing in the writings of the main figures of this religion that would suggest they instigated or sanctioned any of these crimes.

As for your allegation that Daniel Jordan and Hedi Ma'ani were assassinated by Baha’is, I think you have a very active imagination. Do you really think that the UHJ or the NSA of USA discussed and agreed to murder an ex-Baha’i? How absurd is that? You also said that Baha’is threatened to kill you when in reality after you explained yourself it became clear that you had a fight with your relatives after insulting them in their home and they beat you and said they’ll kill you if you show up again. This is very much different from Baha’is issuing death threats. Such threat was never issued against you and knowing the Baha’is I doubt they even give a tinkers cuss whether you are Baha’i or not. You are not convincing a staunch anti religionist like me let alone a Baha’i.

I am not trying to defend a religion that I believe is false. However I see no reason in fabricating stories, libels and slanders. Once we engage in venomous vituperations and let our passion take a better hold of our reason, we lose any credibility. Interestingly in the forum Planet Baha’i, the moderator Dale called me hatemonger fro speaking against Isalm. I did not react and did not ask for apologies. I simply asked him if he wants to call me a hatemonger in future, he should be kind enough to be more specific and show me where I have incited people to hate. In the next message he apologized. I am quite known for speaking my mind without any fear of being labeled for anything. I defend the good part of any belief and denounce the bad part. I have no concerns for being politically correct, and do not give a hoot if anyone is offended by what I write. Yet even most of my enemies who think I am absolutely wrong attest that I am sincere. They accuse me of being misguided but do not accuse me of being dishonest. I recall once a good friend of mine in Jebhe Melli suggested that Muhammad had pedophilic relationships with Ali when the latter was just a boy. He brought a Hadith that he twisted its meaning to make his point. I strongly scolded this dear friend. He apologized and withdrew the accusation. The point is that one should never stoop to use libels to make his points.

I am afraid I do not see this quality in you. You seem to have no problem insulting, slandering, defaming and fabricating to achieve your objectives.  I suggest if you really want to be taken seriously, avoid using any unreliable document just to win. You don’t win this way. You lose credibility and will not be taken seriously.

Now ideologically, I am more on your side than on the side of any one believing in any religion. However I strongly disagree with your ways. It is interesting that among everyone you picked Ghandchi as friend. I did not detect any scholarly quality in that gentleman. Between Sam Ghandchi and Dr. Khalil Khavari, I certainly will choose the company of the latter despite the fact that ideologically, Ghandchi might be closer to me than Professor Khavari who happens to be a Baha’i and believes that Muhammad was a messenger of God.

I hope you understand my point. It is not what you say but how you say it that matters. Your motives are important. 

You keep saying that we should be careful about the Baha’is because they are potentially dangerous. This is ridiculous because the Baha’i are theoretically just six million (though in reality they are far less) worldwide and they are not growing significantly. In fact the chances are that their numbers are decreasing as the more intellectual Baha’is are leaving this religion, just as the intellectuals of any religion do. Baha’is represent no danger to anyone. Your venom does nothing but to instigate hate against this helpless and harmless minority. You are simply hatemongering and subjecting a group who has been victimized all along to more hate and victimization.

You said that you challenged me to discuss about Baha’i Faith a year ago in Jebhe Melli. Let me be clear. I am discussing this religion with the Baha’is. You can go and read our discussion in the above link. However I choose the people I discuss with. If I see a person lacks proper ethics and like Ghandchi prefers to insult instead of conducting intelligent debates, I will not waste my time with him. I simply do not think everyone in the world is worth discussing with. I value politeness, courtesy, honesty and scholarly behavior. Not anyone who has learned a few English words and can use them is a scholar. Philosopher means one who loves knowledge. I like to discuss with philosophers and not with ruffians and thugs who can command good English but lack human qualities (no reference to you). That is why I am so impressed with Dr. Khavari and so disappointed with Sam Ghandchi. Furthermore I do not see any point in discussing the Baha’i Faith with you if both of us do not agree with this religion. I do not disagree with the fact that the Baha’i Faith is manmade and false. I however, strongly disagree with you picking up with them in Iranian forums and accusing them of all calumnies, defaming and vilifying this wronged people even further.

There is a vast difference between you and I. I love the truth and I love the humanity. I want to defend the truth but at the same time I will do everything in my faculty to not foment hate and mistrust. You on the other hand want to win at all costs. You can use lies to advance your cause and you are oblivion of the hate that you create. I do not disagree with your arguments that religions are false. This is also my thesis. I disagree with your method and your motivations. I see myself as a truthseeker and see you as a hatemonger. I know how big is your ego and how you will start attacking me from now on. I have always stood for the truth and have innumerable enemies. One more makes no difference. However if my words have any effect on you, I hope you will see my point and instead of insulting me thank me for opening your eyes. I doubt that is going to happen though. Your ego is too big for that to happen.


Ali Sina


Is it the bahais who do the smearing or you?

by sag koochooloo on

There is plenty of evidence on the internet of non-bahais who think your behaviour and motives are suspect. One example is Sam Gandchi of SCI and other readers there:


“You are even not comfortable with your own name just like other cultists with the difference that you have become an IRI Hoviati because of your hatred for your past religion. You can
dislike your past religion but why wanting the death of those who are still in it. People who are born in different religions
should not blame themselve for that. It is what you choose on your own that is where you are responsible and see what you are choosing everyday on SCI. fetnegari, spamming, calling people with fourletter words and intimidating and abusing the readers of this NG."


"Don't worry divooneh. I will be at the court in New Zealand when
the Baha'i s you have leveled libel and defamation against bring
you to court and I will testify against you. Bring your imaginary
friends with you, you need them. BTW what happened one
minute we are all IRI agents the next minute we are all CIA
make up your mind. Or perhaps your buddy arash alias
can help you out with some more lines from Hoviat show
martikehe Hoviati."


"Now on the other hand your friend arash right here on SCI has supported the murder of Zahra Kazemi and Akbar Mohammadi and has supported Saeed Mortazavi the killer of both of them and you have fully supported him. Now I hope you show up in Canada along with the arash alias and see how you can answer
the real person who is the son of Zahra Kazemi who has a warrant for your friend Saeed Mortazavil. Now at the end I should say I do not talk about violations of human rights by Baha'i organization, Haifan or others anymore. You do not have the simple decency that when you accuse people and even your imaginary friends tell you that these are all nonsense, you keep making up more stories and making threats rather than being honest and apologize. ... I just hope if any activists who know you in real life and are reading this note to clarify this for us on SCI if they think you are a mad person or if they think you are an intelligence operative of IRI. I know Juan Cole knows you but do not know if he knows the answer to this question. Because I am now wondering what your plans had been at that time wanting my home address. Your friend arash alias had been posting a home address he had found on me on the Internet. What are you people after? What is your job here? These are not normal activities of any anti-war activist. These smell like IRI agents targetting opposition activists of Iran and I am sure the authorities will find out what you people are up to."


"Mr. Nima Hazini aka Wahid Azal aka .. has been making
libel and defamation statements about me on this NG
and I neither have the time to post every day here
to debut his nonsense."


"You are asking me to condemn a letter by Baha'i organization. If anything is a violation of human rights I condemn it and not like
you to be selective and whitewash the violations of human rights againt Baha'is in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I am just so sorry that I did not recognize what you were after when you were attacking Baha'is. I thought you are a genuine dissident wanting human rights and not a kkk bigot who is whitewashing IRI."


It is the opposite, it is you who defames other people

by sag koochooloo on

and now you are crying fowl?

Why do you insist on accusing Paul Hammond of being a Paedophile on talk.religionbahai? You keep calling him "kiddy fiddler". You keep printing this on the web about this man, knowing that this is a different person from a different part of the country with a different age:


"Community order for internet pervert. Biggleswade Chronicle (Biggleswade, England) | February 15, 2008 Former Gravenhurst man used the name Betty to access child porn. An internet paedophile with a history of sex offences going back to 1969 has been given a three-year community order. Paul Hammond, 57, had used the name "Betty" and "Betty Boop" while collecting images from a smart group used by people distributing child pornography. Luton Crown Court heard that, as part of an operation started in 2005, police obtained "Betty's" IP address and traced it to Hammond's then home in Barton Road, Gravenhurst. Prosecutor Simon Ash said officers raided the home in November ... //www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-175132217.html

from Luton Crown Court An internet paedophile with a history of sex offences going back to 1969 has been given a three-year community order. Paul Hammond, 57, had used the name 'Betty' and 'Betty Boop' while collecting images from a smart group used by people distributing child pornography.

Luton Crown Court heard on Friday that, as part of an operation started in 2005, police obtained 'Betty's' IP address and traced it to Hammond's then home in Barton Road, Gravenhurst. Prosecutor Simon Ash said officers raided the home in November 2006
and seized a laptop, ... "


Paul hammond says:


"Although he happily uses the insult "kiddie-fiddler" as if he were
calling me smelly on the playground, he has been quite careful not to definitively assert my identity with a similarly-named older man from Gravenhurst.

He's trying to associate me with this other person, rather than say
that I AM him, in order to allow himself room to backpeddle at a later date.

Indeed, I think I'm right in saying that he has also said that he
DOESN'T think I am the Gravenhurst child-porn user.

As usual, he wants to have it all ways - and point-blank refuses to
answer a straightforward question of what he believe to be my true
name, if he doesn't believe it to be Paul Andrew Hammond. "


Here is another example of your abuse directed this man. People can see how you respond to him: