Reza Shah

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Saeed Raad (b. 1944) (in Persian: سعید راد) is an Iranian actor and playwright. He started his career in 1967. Rad left Iran in 1986 and lived in Canada but he returned to his homeland in 2000 to continue his career. After a minor role in Conquerors of the Desert (1969, M. Zarrindast) he was invited by Amir Naderi for the leading role of his debut, Adieu Friend (1971). Because of his solemn, stern gaze and to some extent a rough complexion, Rad has played the role of rebel individuals in the margin of society. He is one of the main figures in New Wave of Iranian cinema which rose in the early 1970s and faded in the middle of the decade.




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Reza Shah .....

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Truly a Great Man - Regardless of whether one is a Monarchist, a Republican, or whatever -

A Great Patriot ..... !