76% of Iranians want regime change

by Pahlevan

8% want the current regime to remain unchanged

13% want dismissal of Ahmadinejad only

3% want dismissal of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei

76% want regime change


P.S. The section related to the opinion poll starts at 4:30 


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I guess, Mahmood and Khameni have hired same statsition to provide them with AMAR.

My friend jobs are hard to come by these days. Specially for statisticians who worked for ex dictators. Maybe IRR did not hire the best statistician in the world but the guy was cheap and needed a job badly. So the IRR did him a favor and hired him. He has kids to feed :-) Proof that IRR has a heart and employs mentally challenged people.


Sargord, Remember, 98% of Iraqi voted for Sadam

by Kababi on


Your method of popolarity is simlar to Sadam. According to him and his regim, 98% of Iraqi voted for him.

I guess, Mahmood and Khameni have hired same statsition to provide them with AMAR.


To hamsade ghadimi

by Pahlevan on

"as you mentioned even goroohban sefr's article points to the same results.  and this is the best he has to offer!?  let's see, according to the "published methodology" of his preferred poll, 52% refused the interview.  half of the remaining sample (24%) did not vote for ahmadinjead.  52% + 24% = 76%. " 

I did mention that fact didn't I? yet 'sarbaz sefr ' didn't seem to get what I was saying since he went on repeating his BS ...  I suspect this guy is not even Iranian, because apparently he doesn't understand Farsi.


Being here in Tehran

by seannewyork on

I always felt that 70% to 80% of the people wanted regime change. Abou 10% who didnt care and 10% were in full support of the regime.

But now i see that 10% support level hiding and giving up on them.

The feeling is very positive in Tehran we will win.  Us in our 20s will not put up with this crap any more.

hamsade ghadimi

simple answer

by hamsade ghadimi on

they didn't.


Simple Question

by liberation08 on

If 76% of Iranians want regime change, why did so many Iranians (24 million) vote for Ahmadinejad?

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

as you mentioned even goroohban sefr's article points to the same results.  and this is the best he has to offer!?  let's see, according to the "published methodology" of his preferred poll, 52% refused the interview.  half of the remaining sample (24%) did not vote for ahmadinjead.  52% + 24% = 76%.  that's is a lower bound estimate of those dissatisfied with ahmadi (of course i'm assuming all those who refused were anti-ahmadi and/or anti velayat faghih).  add to that those who lied that they voted for ahmadi fearing that the call came from savama, i would suspect the true number is at least 85%.


76% sounds about right

by Bavafa on

This regime as we know it, is on its last leg.  If they had any sense of reality, like Shah, they would just take the bags of $$$ they have stolen and would leave the country quitly.



The methodology of the poll

by AMIR1973 on

 "Sargord" :

The method of the WPO poll (i.e. calling people over the phone) is totally unreliable in a country where people are afraid to talk politics over the phone for fear of punishment by the government. I would think the IRI's 30-year history of executing tens of thousands and imprisoning many more would justify such a fear on the part of Iranians.

BTW, (on a separate note) why do you support and propagandize on behalf of the most violent, repressive, and fanatical government in Iran's recent history?  


Sargord Pirouz

well, the subject was methadology

by Sargord Pirouz on

Has a methodology been published for the video in this post? No.

Is a scientific methodology published for the WPO poll? Yes.

Are personal anecdotes in any way scientific? No.

When I see another poll conducted with a scientific methodology, then we'll have more to discuss. But so far, this is all we have folks.

And I have to say, the couple of polls I've seen like the one on this post, that lack any form of reasonably explained methodology, are quite honestly a discredit to the Greens that advance them. 


Sarmorgh Pee-rooz, you'd be funny

by rpRoshan on

if you weren't such an obnoxious, hillarious fraud. So, according to your Qomi-based Poll, 90% of Iranians want Khamenei and A-jad and the other rapists at the IRI to remain in place -- killing and raping us over and over again for having a democratic opinion.

Dear, fraudulent sir, stop drinking the Qomi cool-aid. You're just embarrassing yourself.

As to the above poll, and specifically, as for those 8% who want the IRI to remain in place, unchanged, I suggest taking these miserable jackals, vulchures and whores on a cruise ship to the Indian Ocean and making sure they never come back... think Titanic, but instead of a massive iceberg, substitute 10,000 tons of TNT.

Criminal codes in western countries routinely dictate that an accessory to murder/torture/rape is just as guilty as the actual rapist/murderer. So, what do you call 8% of the Iranian population (IRI supporters) at the bottom of the Indian ocean?

A good start.


I distrust sazegara but regardless, on face value of this info

by Hovakhshatare on

only, of all he says what stands out to me is Kurds supporting Green. The various populations of Iran finding their local salvation, in the national context, is the last nail in this manfoor regime's coffin.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The WPO Poll

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Opinion polls are at best snapshots of a particular time. They are also heavily influenced by their methodology.

The WPO poll was done some time ago and used questionable methodology. It is both old and based on telephones which would be traceable to who was polled.

Telephone polls in a totalitarian dictatorship are never reliable. You need to do anonymous polling in order for people to be comfortable. So the WPO poll is BS. 


Dear Pahlevan

by Fair on

I am glad you agree with this scenario, it is for our own good. Mabada we disagree with it, next thing you know we became a "mohareb" without knowing it:)

Yes, I agree with you, Tahgord Dirooz is a stateless terrorist agent, and belongs in Lebanon (or anywhere else that is a)not Iran and b)actually doesn't mind him residing there and can tolerate his "reliably" sourced "analysis".)

Payandeh Iran and Irani, and thank you as always for posting and standing with our people. We shall overcome one of the most backward regimes in our history and a new day will arrive.






Dear Fair

by Pahlevan on

راستی این سناریوای که مطرح کردی رو در نظر نگرفته بودم. با توجه به اینکه این صهیونیست های ناقلا، باعث و بانیه جنگ جهانی اول، جنگ جهانی دوم, و عملیات تروریستی ۱۱ سپتامبر بودن (برطبق آخرین اطلاعات کشف شده توسط سپاه پاسداران، بنلادن اصلیتش یهودیه)، هیچ بعید نیست که این عمل بی شرمانه و ضدانقلابی هم زیر سر خودشون باشه LOL.

راستی، من موندم چرا این "تهگرد دیروز" هیچوقت به نظرات فارسی من جواب نمیده؟؟، فکر کنم که آخرش معلوم شه که این نه سرگرده نه ایرانی ... شایدم لبنانی باشه!!!

Anonymous Observer

If I may also add

by Anonymous Observer on

I just got off the phone with a friend who just returned from Iran three days ago.  His family is from South Tehran.  He said that in the week that he was there he did not see ONE single person who said anything good about Khanenei or Ahmadinejad.  He said that even people who were volunteers for various government "hey'ats" (through mosques, etc.) that are relatives of his, and who were ardent supporters of Ahmadinejad before the elections did not want to be associated with the regime anymore.  He was saying that all the government had left for it were bused in villagers who come for food and money and hard core pasdars, and also foreign--mainly Lebanese--mercenaries.  He said that NO ONE believes anything that comes out of government media (unlike idiots on this site who post, and quote, shit from PressTV and Farnews), and that the government has totally lost credibility and the ability to control its message, and also that the only thing that it relies on for survival is the threat of force.  He also said that everyone is getting ready for 22 Bahman.

That's an informal pole for you.  Good luck on 22 Bahman Sarkar! 




by Fair on

Yes, of course. But do you have any proof that the 52% are not subversive zionist agents who knew beforehand that this house will be called, attacked and tied up the occupants, and answered the phone instead to mislead us?

Until you have confirmation of this from IRNA and IRIB this theory cannot be trusted, and we should all just go home and forget about regime change, because we are just a bunch of exiles and subversives who are out of touch with the 90% :)

I am so glad our country has brave alert soldiers like waffen SS major led by our Great Islamic Fuehrer, the representative of Allah and Imam Zaman on Earth to protect us from such misleading zionists whose only purpose in life is to mislead us:)





by Pahlevan on

"سرگرد"، این نظرسنجی توسط یکسری از متخصصين داخل کشور انجام شده، که اتفاقا با نظرسنجی ای که تو لینک بهش دادی کاملا مطابقت داره، چون در اون نظرسنجی ۵۲٪ از افراد، حاضر به جواب گویی به نظرسنجی نشدند، که اگه اونها هم به مخالفین اضافه کنی، این دو نظرسنجی خیلی به هم نزدیک خواهند شد. ضمنا همون طور که Anonymous Observer بهش اشاره کرد، باید فاکتور ترس مردم از حکومت استبدادی و احتمال اینکه اونها از ترس، جوابی رو که بهش معتقدند نخواهند داد رو هم در نظر گرفت؛ که در اونصورت، رقم از ۷۶٪ هم بالاتر خواهد رفت.

Anonymous Observer

yes sargord

by Anonymous Observer on

telephone polls conducted from out of Iran are really credible.  I can just see the person sitting at home getting a call from someone who says he's calling outside of the country, asking him what he thinks about Ahmadinejad.  I'm sure that he will give an honest answer about what's really on his mind.  

Better luck next time sarkar.   

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Glad you asked!




The first link provides links to a complete methodology and poll findings in pdf format. The second link provides views on the nuclear issue. The third link provides a perspective on any revolutionary attitudes among Mousavi supporters.

The polls and perspective are dated Sept. and Nov. 2009. Even though a number of months has passed, the polls nevertheless provide a complete, published methodology. 

Anonymous Observer

now sargord jan

by Anonymous Observer on

I distinctly recall you claiming that 90% of Iranians wanted the regime to remain.  Where is your source for that claim...you know, just to make sure that you are credible, as you yourself demand.  :-)

Sargord Pirouz

incomplete rendering

by Sargord Pirouz on

Where is the published methodology in its entirety? (very important to a credible poll)


we knew that would happen

by mahmoudg on

but the next steps are - we should be working towards the removal of Islam from Iran.


Personally, I think a much

by Pahlevan on

Personally, I think a much higher percentage of Iranians want regime change but they are afraid to share their opinion with a stranger.