Good Premise, Bad Execution


Good Premise, Bad Execution
by Pahlevan

This blog is a response to the Lokht Dar Ayeneh video blog, posted on Firstly I should mention that I agree with the main premise of the video, and that is: exposing existing bigotry, backwardness and in general flaws in our society and parts of our culture. However, in my opinion, the blog’s execution of its goal is very uninformed and immature, in that it immediately dismisses the root cause of the Iranian society's backwardness and Instead focuses on mocking Ferdowsi's thousand-year-old poetry which was intended to fight foreign occupation of Iran during Ferdowsi's time, and is one of the main reasons why Iranians haven't lost their language, culture and identity as a nation, despite being occupied and forced to give up their language and culture multiple times. You can never expose our society’s flaws and solve our problems if you dismiss the root cause and dwell upon ancient history!

Bigotry, hate and backwardness existed in most societies around the world in the beginning of the twentieth century. However, in democratic societies progressive and civil rights movements caused course-correction, and proper education, endorsed by progressive intellectuals and enlightened leaders who took the helm, over time resulted in progress, awareness and enlightenment among the general population. Western societies, for example, didn't become bastions of tolerance and respect overnight; decades of proper education and civil & political activism made possible by democratic systems of governance have resulted in more tolerant and progressive societies, which though on the right path, still have long ways to go.

In Iran, however, instead of course-correction we had a total derailment in 1979, when the most bigoted and backward section of the society came into power. Consequently, teaching of bigotry, hatred and intolerance was institutionalized in Iran's educational system, and backward culture of bigotry (khodi va gheir-e khodi) and hatred spread through the society. Essentially, if our society was a like a glass of water with some trash and backwater at the bottom, the 1979 revolution is analogous to turning the glass upside-down; as a result the whole water became tainted. Consequently, women and religious & ethnic minorities, such as Kurds, Baluchs, Bahais, Jews and Seculars, were severely oppressed and discriminated against.

Therefore, the twentieth century came to an end and our society never corrected its course, never got proper education and enlightenment never spread through the society. And if we want to solve our society’s problems, we have to understand that enlightening and educating a society is not only a bottom-up process but also (and probably more so) a top-down process. So instead of dismissing Iranians general criticism towards the Iranian regime, we should make an effort to not only help educate the Iranian society but also simultaneously fight to change the bigoted and hateful Islamofascist regime of Iran.


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Pahlevan, this is another tactic

by Cost-of-Progress on

you seem to believe that the intentions of that piece and its authors were pure and that it sincerely was trying to explore the roots of backwardness and biogtry in Iranian society.

Well, it wasn't.

Anyone - or any entity - who bothers to look into the issue deeply and without bias does not indict our revered master, Ferdowsi and does not brand him as bigot. Every single Iranian who DOES NOT speak arabic as his/her official language today has Ferdowsi to thank!

These are all the works of the current occupiers of Iran and instigators of the second Ghadesiyeh - pay no attention to these elements as they are the essence of the poison that our people drank 31 years ago which is killing our heritage and identity.

By the way, the root of backwardness and intolerance in Iranian scociety purely lies with islam and nothing else. Or, as Sam puts it, the Ommatie crowd! AND HE IS RIGHT.







Thanks for the blog

by statira on

People who support the most racist, sexist regime in the world history, have no place to criticize our national treasures and figures.



Hoshang jan, I partly agree with you

by Pahlevan on

There are indeed sub-sections and sub-cultures of the society that have resisted IRI's hateful culture and remained untainted. But visiting Iran this summer, I couldn't help but notice that many wrong behaviors that used to be taboo, now have become somewhat normal and commonplace among the general population, including many good people I knew!

I think corruption and wrong ideas are much easier spread through a society from the top than from the bottom. When the best and brightest minds of a society either leave the country or are oppressed, the whole society declines.


Hoshang Targol

correct observation, wrong conclusion

by Hoshang Targol on

The historical fact that since 1979 Iran has been ruled by a theocracy, a theocracy which has been able to project its own ultra-backward culture as the dominant, "official"  hegemonic culture of Iran, shall not lead us to forgetting all other resisting sub-cultures. These are sub-cultures that have been  challenging the religious authority and status-quo since day one. ( as an instance of the above, Women's March 8th 1979 demonstrtation comes to mind) 

From the women's movement to students' movement to artists like Shamlo and Soltanpour, to....for the past 31 years we also have had a consistent, active anti-status quo, anti-hegemonic culture, arts and letters. We shouldn't so easily dismiss all these cultural resources, they all have high utilitarian values.



Roozbeh Jan

by Pahlevan on

You are right. Everyday that this hateful regime remains in power our country gets more divided. What could be more hateful than calling a whole group of people ‘tayefeyeh zalleh’ (false tribes), ‘fergheh manfoor’ (despised cults) or ‘najes’ (unclean)! (all Khomeini's words)


A good blog Pahlavan.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And I agree with your stance on this matter. Currently the main source of intolerance and ethnic tension within our society is the fascistic ideology of the political Islam and Velayate Faghih. This ideology has basically divided our nation into "insiders" and "outsiders".Example:  Our Kurd and Balooch Compatriots, due to their religion alone (being Sunni) are all of the sudden "outsiders", treated with contempt, racial slurs and literally under military occupation of the shia Hojjati cult running Iran. This sad situation has nothing to do with our "culture", nor a laughing matter. This is a serious situation which could ultimately lead to disintegration of our beloved motherland, Iran. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


;:)), Bigotry & Racism in essence are literaly natural

by SamSamIIII on


As a  side note to this blog I state that bigotry & racism are relative forms of one,s focus.  

Racism in its purest form is simple belief that  mankind is separated by different races & ethnicities. nothing more , nothing less. at least for next little while.

It is only after GWW & radically post-WW2 that the elitist Jewish social engineers in centers of power & Media associated the term with "supremacy" & hence without a global vote tagged any entity against the new current as "Racist". The term "anti semite" is yet another invention of these social engineers to confront what they perceived as "Aryan threat" to their survival & identity. (btw, I still respect our Jewish friends as one of our lasting kiaani allies. just stating the facts).

In Iran, in the tradition of our " monkey do monkey say", our Omaru ommatie leftist elites took these quo,s literally to heart ignoring & dismissing Iran's native kiaani concept of Aryanism and hence treating it unfairly as racism . Ignorant indeed. Our own native stateless ommaties have been practicing the same sort of oppressive fascism against Iranian thirst for identity since Qadesiyeh days , tagging it as "jahl al Ajam" or "Fars al majoos".

As for bigotry, it is yet another misunderstood term since every one of us who put his & his groups interest  ahead of others is a bigot. duhhh!!!. Its all about the focus

& to our ommatie philssooof if wish to retort I say that even Quran praised racism as natural;

Yaa ayohal naas enna khalaghnakom men zakaran va.........

Oh folks, I created you from different breeds , different races & different tribes so in variety enjoy..that best among you is... 


Thanks for the blog Pahlevan & many cheers!!!

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