The Islamist Tradition of Fictitious & Malicious Labeling


The Islamist Tradition of Fictitious & Malicious Labeling
by Pahlevan

When anti-Iran Islamists succeeded in establishing an Islamist government in Iran, in 1979, they had many political opponents that they saw as obstacles in their way to absolute power. Early on, Iranians were drunk on Khomeini’s lies but they were quickly sobering up and Islamists felt the urgency to remove these ‘obstacles’ and establish an absolute totalitarian control as soon as possible. In order to do so, they came up with a tactic born from elements of their ideology, namely lying & manipulation (taghieh) and despising non-Islamists (the maghzoob). This tactic was fictitious & malicious labeling; it was used to demonize their opponents and was a precursor to physical removal of political opponents by murder and execution.

The first set of victims of this tactic were those who were labeled ‘taghooti’ (according to dehkhoda, taghoot means deev). Thousands of patriotic members of the Iranian army, former politicians, innocent businessmen and others fell into this category. It didn’t matter if they were monarchists (saltanat-talab), constitutional monarchists (mashrooteh-khah) or simply opposed to the Islamic revolution; according to the Islamists they were all taghootis. What they did or did not do, and what they believed in did not really matter, they were all taghootis and had to be executed.

The second set of victims of this tactic were the leftists, mainly leftist university students. They were labeled ‘mohareb’ (enemy of god) and ‘monafegh’ (pretenders). Their ‘crimes’ ranged from armed resistance against the regime to distributing anti-regime pamphlets to merely owning a banned book; but it didn’t really matter what they did, after all they were all ‘mohareb’ & ‘monafegh’, and had to be tortured, raped and killed. As a result tens of thousands of innocent, mostly young, Iranians were executed.

The third set of victims were religious and ethnic minorities. These minorities were labeled as ‘tayefeyeh zalleh’ (false tribes), ‘fergheh manfoor’ (despised cults), ‘najes’ (unclean), ‘tajzieh-talab’ (separatists) and so on. Tens of thousands of innocent minorities such as Kurds, Balouchs and Bahais were murdered by the Islamist regime and subsequently these minorities were severely oppressed.

Labels that are rooted in reality are used everywhere in the world. For example calling someone like me a Secular, Jomhoori-Khah, Pro-democracy or even negative labels such as infidel (kaafar), capitalist bastard or capitalist scum is at least rooted in reality. But the Islamist tactic of fictitious & malicious labeling is not remotely concerned with facts or reality and it’s totally irrelevant to the individual’s actual beliefs or ideology; its only purpose is to distract and divert attention from reality and reason. This nasty Islamist tradition has been carried over to the new generation of Islamists.

The Islamist cyber army, on and elsewhere on the world wide web, practices this tradition on a regular basis, in order to divert attention from nasty realities of the Islamofascist regime in Iran. This tactic was truly nasty and horrifying when used by the Islamist regime as preparation for murder and genocide; but when it’s used by the cyber Islamists it becomes rather clownish. The newest favorite labels for these new-age cyber-Islamists are “Zionist” & “AIPAC-funded”. As a result, a conversation with an anti-Iran Islamist on looks something like this:

Concerned Iranian: IRI has murdered tens of thousands of innocent Iranians since its inception in 1979 … this is genocide …

Cyber Islamist: Zionist …… Israeli ….. AIPAC …

Concerned Iranian: IRI treats women as second-class citizens. Women are worth 1/4th of a man in marriage and half a man in court …

Cyber Islamist: AIPAC-funded …. Israel …. Gaza …

Concerned Iranian: IRI treats women as second-class citizens. Women are worth 1/4th of a man in marriage and half a man in court …

Cyber Islamist: Zionist …. Zionism …. Zionist …

Concerned Iranian: IRI is extremely incompetent … they have mismanaged Iran’s economy and destroyed it. They have for, the first time in modern Iranian history, lost part of Iran’s territory to foreign countries …

Cyber Islamist: AIPAC … Israeli …. Imperialist …

Concerned Iranian: religious and ethnic minorities are severely oppressed by IRI …

Cyber Islamist: Zionist …. Palestine …. AIPAC-funded ….


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