The Yearning Of A Desire – Not Yet Fulfilled


Passing Through
by Passing Through

At the edge of life, endlessly passing
The joy of love, all embracing, yet quite not fulfilled

The wonders of creation, beckoning our very spirit
No tricks, pretenses, yet all encompassing

All heaven and earth, at our beckon call
Yet the fulfillment of that very bliss, quite far away

My way, your way, our way
Seems impossible, yet in my mind, quite achievable

The very foundation of love, resting upon our imagination
Our hearts palpitating, yet at times, quite bursting out

Come my darling, listen to the whisper of your heart
It’s coming through, my sweet, listen to the whisper of your heart

I have no shame, just wistfully following my bliss
It’s all there to see, capture it my darling, listen to the whisper of your heart

Time seems timeless, yet the magic of creation
All under our wings, in total control, yes my darling, listen to the whisper of your heart

There are times, one has to take a step of  faith
Come my angel, take that step, listen to the whisper of your heart

If the burden of decision, too hard to bear
Seek God’s guidance, Yes My Darling, listen to the whisper of your heart

Love is, was, and always will be
At the center of all creation, doubt that not, listen to the whisper of your heart

As I end these words, remember the simplicity of this message
Not hard to comprehend, embrace it, listen to the whisper of your heart

An opportunity missed, may never be gained back
That’s my message my darling, listen to the whisper of your heart

The God Of Creation, has impregnated My very heart
With a wonderful affection for You, yes my darling, listen to the whisper of Your Heart

As time goes by, and the magic of love manifests
Encompass it all, through and through, yes my sweet, listen to the whisper of your heart

The wonder of life, as two become one flesh
The majesty of heaven, manifest on earth, listen to the whisper of your heart

With the vision of glory, manifest here all within
The wheel of destiny, all in your hands, yes my sweet, listen to the whisper of your heart


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Passing Through

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by Passing Through on

I would like to thank everyone. If you are interested in the books, please visit the blog below by clicking on the blue link:

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All the information about the books are gathered there :)

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by R2-D2 on

Dear Passing Through.

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your new book - I have had a chance to look it over, and this poem, which is also in the book, touched me in a very special way -

As you have skilfully outlined in this poem, the challenges that we face in the fulfillment of our desires could become hindrances in all other aspects of our lives -

The issue of not being, or having enough, is something that we have to deal with on a very personal level - Something that the true Buddhists have managed to effectively come to terms with - :)

The red copy that you sent me is beautiful - However, I have decided to order a Purple/Burgundy copy also, as you have shown here -  Your face is much clearer on this copy :)

I have visited your Facebook page, and read your newer poems that you have posted there - However, I hope that you consider posting some of your work here at also - !

Good Luck To You,



P.S. Please let me know if I can be of any help - I believe that the combination of Facebook and YouTube, as you have adopted so far, are very effective ways of reaching out to the younger generation - ! :)



Passing Through

Dear Laleh

by Passing Through on

I have written this piece that you may find helpful:

The Road To Sanity – Through Meditation, And Yes, Contemplation

I hope you enjoy this



Passing Through

Dear Reza

by Passing Through on

Thank you very much for your contribution here .. I do appreciate it very much




The Curse

by LalehGillani on

Reza-San Diego wrote: “Knowing and Feeling the difference between Mind/Ego and Consciousness/ Love is the First step toward Truth, Peace and FREEDOM...”

I have to admit that I haven’t known the difference between the two and may never know. What boils inside me is boundless emotion. The mind attempts to rein it, analyze it, and give it meaning and direction.

This is my curse, my cross to bear: The wanting of the flesh and the denial of the mind…

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Dear Laleh Gillani,

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

With all due respect, what you have been listening to so far has not been your heart, but rather your mind and thoughts!!! Please allow me to explain and I honestly hope you can believe that I am being very humble, honest and friendly here...

In a very quite place, please make yourself comfortable, relax, close your eyes,  breathe, listen very deeply within yourself. I hope that you can hear it!!!

Now, whatever you heard and felt, If she is there only observing you without any Judgment, then She is your true Life and Consciousness! Your Truth , Your Love ...

However, If that same unknown feeling deep inside you , Demands from you, Judges you or even Sympathizes with you, then She is your Thoughts, Mind and Ego imposturing as your True Life, Heart, Consciousness and LOVE !!!

Knowing and Feeling the difference between Mind/Ego and Consciousness/ Love is the First step toward Truth, Peace and FREEDOM...

God knows how imperfect I am as a human, but this is what I genuinly believe and feel within and wanted to share with you and others here...

Good Luck to you and all other Conscious people...

Free Iran, Iranians and the whole world...

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Passing Through,

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Now more than ever before, The whole World and Humanity needs messages like yours and also a radical shift in their level of Awarness and Consciousness in order to survive...

Passing Through, Thank you for sharing your beautiful message and passing through ...



Passing Through

What A Tragedy

by Passing Through on

A heart that is ignored .... means ignoring life itself

There is no sin with the heart

There is nothing unattainable with the heart

Heart is life, and life is heart

Remember That .....




This Heart of Mine

by LalehGillani on

The story of my life: Listening to the whisper of this heart… It is a demanding heart, yearning for the unattainable, for the forbidden, for what isn’t mine. And when he reaches out, I shy away, slamming the door in his face.

Yet again, he tries… and the game goes on. I can do this no more! A foolish heart that knows no bounds must be ignored.